The Sims 4: Wild Animals (Cottage Living)

In addition to the gorgeous farm animals we got with The Sims 4: Cottage Living, we also got three new types of wild animals that your sims can interact with. These animals are wild foxes, wild rabbits and wild birds.

All three of these wild animals have the ability to give and receive gifts from your sims, making them profitable to be friends with, and just downright adorable. The rabbits and birds can even help your sims with their gardening so they are super valuable to befriend so you can place them on your home lot.


The first of these adorable creatures is the wild fox who is a beautiful yet mischievous creature that you need to be careful around because they will steal your eggs and harm your chickens if you don’t protect against them.

These animals are gorgeous and will be running around all over Henford on Bagley, and can be brought to any other world with the Wild Fox lot challenge which is a ton of fun. Make sure you befriend them so you can get all of the gifts the fox can supply.


Our next animal is the adorable wild rabbit, these animals are great because once you manage to befriend one you can add their small rabbit home onto your lot and have rabbits living all around your sim’s home for maximum cuteness.

These rabbits are awesome because once on your lot you can get them to help you with gardening, and any wild rabbit (even off lot) will be a great candidate for your sim to give and receive gifts.


Our final wild animal in The Sims 4: Cottage Living is the wild bird, these can be found at these gorgeous tall tree things (wow great description) around the world. You are able to socialize with the flock of birds, and even get and give gifts with these majestic creatures. Make sure you sing to them at least once, the animations are a bringer of joy.

Once you befriend a flock of birds you can even get these little cuties on your sim’s lot and have them help you with gardening by taking care of any bugs on your crops so you never have to spray again.

Final Thoughts

Each of these adorable wild animals is a fun experience in the new pack and can bring not only in-game joy but incredible screenshot opportunities. The birds and rabbits are some of the best things to have if you have a lot of crops, pair them with Patchy from seasons and you’ll never need to work on your garden again. Happy playing!

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