When Will The Sims 5 Be Released? Everything We Know So Far

As someone who has been playing The Sims franchise since the year 2000 I am extremely excited by the thought of a brand new version of the game. We have officially run the course of The Sims 4 for maybe players, and honestly, The Sims 5 would be welcomed with open arms at this point.

The only problem? We are still unaware of the official release date for The Sims 5 at this time and just have some speculation, job listings, and random tidbits to work on. This article will be updated any time something new comes out about The Sims 5, and we are excited to think about the prospect of this new simulation game.

The Sims 5 Release Date

Since there is no official release date announced as of now, it is extremely unlikely that we are going to see the newest game in The Sims franchise in 2021. The earliest I could imagine we will get The Sims 5 is sometime in fall of 2022 but even that is wishful thinking.

The Sims 5 Recent News and Updates

New Job Listings for Concept Artists

In Fall of 2018, there were new job postings put on the official EA Careers page for a senior concept artist (character) and a senior concept artist (environment) which would be working on The Sims 5 and its initial creation.

There were also listings for other jobs as well including a gameplay software engineer, a software engineer, a character modeler, and an executive producer.

Sim Guru Grant Leaving The Sims 4 Team

In Spring of 2019, Sim Guru Lyndsay had made an announcement that Sim Guru Grant (Grant Rodiek) was no longer going to be working on The Sims 4 but would be “working on a number of important and awesome Maxis things.”

This was the first moment when players realized that The Sims 5 may be starting to be developed, because Senior Producers on previous titles often leave the current title to work on the next iteration.

Grant was also one of the first producers to move from The Sims 3 team to The Sims 4 team showing a pattern in Grant’s work at EA. It only makes sense that Grant Rodiek was moving from The Sims 4 team to The Sims 5 team!

PS5 Magazine Leak

In the exciting lead up to the release of the Playstation 5, there was a playstation magazine article about some upcoming games that would be available for PS5 and one of which caught simmers attention.

The article said that The Sims 5, developed by Maxis had a to be determined release date and the red filled in circle meant it would be at least 12 months before the new game was released, but at least we learned it WILL be released on console.

EA CEO Third Quarter Earnings Call

In a 2020 earnings call for EA, the CEO Andrew Wilson was asked a question about the future of The Sims and if there would be a remake of the popular The Sims Online title allowing players to play together instead of only alone like we are now used to.

In this call Wilson made it obvious that thinking about The Sims as an online experience is definitely in the books and they will be adding some aspect of online play to the game at some point.

Unreal Engine

There were more interesting job listings posted, with information about how EA is looking for employees who can bring the new sims game into the world using C++, Python and Unreal Engine to help create the game.

The Sims 5 Official Trailer

Unfortunately, at this time there has not been an official trailer released for The Sims 5 but there have been many fake trailers released on Youtube over the years since The Sims 4 was released. Below I’ve embedded a few trailers that have gotten people excited, even though they are not released by EA or The Sims in any way.


The Sims 5 Reddit

One awesome place that you can hangout if you want to see more information about the fan reaction to news about The Sims 5 is the sims 5 reddit community where they are quick to update on any new information and have open spaces for discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Sims 5

Will it be on Steam?

At some point in 2020, EA released ALL of The Sims 4 on steam a very popular gaming store that a ton of games are on for purchase. This makes it seem as if The Sims 5 will also be available on steam in addition to origin, but we don’t know this for sure at this time.

Will The Sims 5 Have an Open World?

One huge gripe a lot of simmers have about The Sims 4 is the lack of open world that we had gotten very used to in The Sims 3. This makes it hard for your sims to feel real because you are constantly sitting through loading screens instead of them easily moving with cars or walking to another location.

Because of this an open world is one of the most important wish list items for The Sims 5 but at this point we don’t know if The Sims 5 will have an open world, but we can hope that it will.

How Much Will The Sims 5 Cost?

As of writing this article we do not yet have a confirmed price for The Sims 5, however, we can base a good guess off the price of The Sims 4 when it was released in 2014. There were two versions of The Sims 4 at release, the deluxe edition for 69.99 or the regular edition for 59.99 so we can expect The Sims 5 to probably be around this price range if the game is the same concept as the previous titles.

Will The Sims 5 Have DLC?

One of the biggest ways that EA makes money from The Sims is through expansion packs for the game that add new gameplay. This makes it seem that they would definitely have different types of DLC for The Sims 5, although, we don’t yet have information on future packs for The Sims 5.

Will The Sims 5 Be Available on Console?

It should be! There was a leak about The Sims 5 being available on the PS5 in the Playstation Magazine, so it is likely that it will be available for purchase on both Xbox and Playstation.

Final Thoughts

Although we don’t yet know much information about The Sims 5, we can always speculate based on interesting information released on EA Careers and interviews with the CEO. There is definitely another version of the sims coming at some point in the next few years, we just don’t fully know what that will look like. It may be online, it may be multiplayer, we may not know for a while. Happy playing!

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