The BEST Sims 4 More Traits Mods (Plus Trait Mods You Need)

Your sims personalities are very important to how they behave and the things they are good at and enjoying doing and without sims 4 more traits mods you can’t do much. We only get the option of having three traits for adults and some of those might get wasted on things like dietary choices like Lactose Intolerant or Vegetarian so it’s hard to really give your sims a personality.

Thankfully, there are ways to add more traits to the game with mods to get interesting traits you’d never see in the game and even a mod to be able to add more than 3 traits for your adults. Let’s chat about our favourite mods for traits to be added to the game and how to get more trait slots!

The BEST Sims 4 More Traits Mod

We really don’t have enough trait slots in the game for any sim’s life stage and this annoys me to a level I can’t even describe. Since games like The Sims 3 had 5 traits slots it really feels like a step back having only 3 for adult-aged sims in The Sims 4.

Thankfully, modders can fix just about everything in the game at this point and a mod called More Traits in CAS exists to save us all from these woes. With this mod you’ll be able to add more traits to your sims no matter the life stage. There really isn’t anything better for solving the sims 4 more traits problem!

This creator didn’t just stop at adult or elder sims, they even added more trait slots for toddlers so your toddlers can have more personality than just a single trait. The number of traits we can now get with this mod is as follows:

  • Elders, Adults and Young Adults: 5 Traits
  • Teenagers: 4 Traits
  • Children: 3 Traits
  • Toddlers: 2 Traits

It is important to note with these mods that there is some conflicts in The Sims 4 with certain traits when you add too many. You may not see a lot of interactions from one trait when you have 5 and the game may focus on a couple instead of all of them.

40 Trait Mods You Need To Try

Trait mods are a really great way to keep your sims feeling different and more interesting since players can often end up making the exact same sim over and over with the lack of traits in the game. Since you now have a sims 4 more traits mod you can use more of these than ever before.

Below you’ll find so many custom traits you can add to your game to really get interesting sims that you’d love to play with.

1. Agoraphobia Trait

Our first mod on the list is the agoraphobia trait that makes it so your sims aren’t a huge fan of being in public places. The description of the trait states “An anxiety disorder characterized by an extreme or irrational fear of entering open or crowded places, of leaving one’s own home or of being in places from which escape is difficult.”

sims 4 more traits mod

With this trait your sim is going to take the loner trait to a whole new level and will get negative moods when they are leaving their home. They’ll feel more comfortable in their home and won’t like going to places where there are a lot of people like bars or parks.

2. Anti-Social Mastermind Trait

The anti-social mastermind trait is an interesting one and makes it so your sims aren’t fans of being friends with others but absolutely love the mischief skill. The description of this trait states “These sims are extremely anti-social and have no conscience. They are prideful, aggressive and live a selfish and lonely life.”

anti-social mastermind trait for sims 4

These sims are going to have their social need decaying pretty slowly since they really don’t care about being friends with others. They are going to be more likely to do autonomous mean interactions and will love pulling pranks and using the mischief skill.

3. Attractive Personality Trait

Our next trait is the attractive personality trait that has a description that reads “If love is labor then these sims have it easy!” This trait will make the sims way more likely to have successful romantic interactions, will build their romantic relationships way faster and can even gain the charisma skill more quickly than normal. These sims won’t even feel embarrassed from their failed romantic interactions because they just don’t care!

4. Beach Lover

Our next trait is the beach lover trait and these sims are going to want to spend all of their time in Sulani at the beautiful beach. The description of this trait states “These sims love the sound of the ocean and spending time at the beach.”

beach lover traits

These sims are going to be able to talk about the beach with other sims and even chat about beach views so they can always chat about the beach. They’ll get positive moodlets from going to the beach, sunbathing at the beach and pretty much doing any interactions with the water or the sand.

5. Bibliophile Trait

There is no greater joy than picking up a good book and reading for hours and for many players the book worm trait just isn’t enough. A sim with the bibliophile trait is going to love reading more than ever before and will get happy moodlets when they are reading or when they’ve finished a good book.


6. Bossy Trait

The next trait on the list is the bossy trait which has a description that reads “This sim loves telling people around them what to do and when to do it. They are always confident and are never embarrassed. Even though gaining relationships with people is slower due to unfriendly first impressions, their existing friendships decay slower. Other are way too frightened to go against them. They are the boss, and everyone knows it.”

bossy trait for sims

You’ll be able to find this trait in CAS under the social category and these sims are going to be feeling confident all the time. They aren’t going to feel embarrassed very often and will have their relationships decrease at a slow rate because they’re a good friend just hard to start friendships with.

7. Brave Trait

We got a awesome Brave trait in The Sims 3: Ambitions but it has yet to make a true return to the game as a CAS trait. The brave trait has a description that reads “Brave sims are fearless individuals that will fight fires, wrangle burglars and work to protect those around them.”

sims 4 more traits mod

These sims are going to get career boosts in careers like detective, military, and detective and can brag about being brave to other sims. They will get positive moodlets when they do things like repair an object, extinguish a fire and visit space.

8. Calm Trait

The calm trait is a good one for sims who just take life super chill. The trait description reads “These sims are normally happier than others and they are hardly ever energized. It may take them a bit longer to gain skills but their results are perfect.”


9. Career-Oriented Trait

Your sims career can be a big part of their life and this career oriented trait has a description that reads “These sims are talented in every way when it comes to things involving careers. These sims take their career easily and become inspired very often. They love having side jobs in order to make extra money.”

career oriented

These sim are going to have their fun decrease slower because they love to work and will get whims for things like earning money from side gigs like paintings, publishing books and licensing songs. They love feel inspired by their work and can gain skills quickly.

10. Deaf Trait

There isn’t any representation for disability in The Sims 4 which is super disappointing so modders are constantly making there be ways for you to have sims that feel more like you. The deaf trait allows your sims to have an experience where they don’t hear the same way as the rest.

rewards store traits

This trait has a description that says “Deaf sims, or hard of hearing sims, cannot hear the rest of the world. This can either slowly happen to them over time or be something they were born with.” One nice thing about this trait is that its in the reward store so you can add it to any sim without sacrificing a regular trait slot so their deafness doesn’t squander their personality.

11. Faithful Trait

When in relationships you want people to be faithful and you can even make that a pillar of your sim’s personality. The faithful trait has a description of “Faithful sims are loyal to the sim they are dating or married to. The idea of being with someone else is one of their worst fears and they want to spend more quality time with their family.”

faithful sims

This trait will make your sims love spending time with their romantic partner both in romantic ways like woohoo or kissing and in loving friendly ways like asking about their day and just chatting. They’ll get new social interactions like you’re my forever and express faithful love.

12. Farmer Trait

Our next trait is awesome if you love your sims being more self sufficient and maybe even living off the grid. The description of the farmer trait says “These sims live on a farm, love to grow food, fish by the water and take care of animals. They also learning gardening and fishing faster than others.”

farmer for sims

These sims are going to really enjoy being outdoors and absolutely love to fish, craft items on the woodworking table and doing anything related to the gardening skill. They are definitely self-sufficient sims and will learning gardening and fishing more quickly than others.

13. Feminist Trait

The next trait on the list is the feminist trait and the description reads “A feminist is a sim who supports feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights. A feminist strongly believes that females and males deserve the same rights and strives for equality of the sexes.”


This lifestyle trait is going to have new custom interactions including researching feminism on the computer and over ten new mood buffs for your sims to experience. These often have to do with the location your sim is at, like getting buffs at the nightclub or at the gym.

14. Gold Digger Trait & Aspiration

Being a gold digger in The Sims 4 is one of the best ways to make money since you don’t even really have to work. A gold digger trait will have a description that reads “What’s better than money? This sim yearns to be romantically involved with a sim richer than themselves, live a lavish life and see the death of their wealthy spouse.”

sims 4 more traits mod

This isn’t just a trait either, it comes with a wonderful gold digger aspiration that will have your sim searching for that perfect spouse to have die and leave them all of their money. These sims even get new interactions like ask about cash balance and ask for money toward richer sims.

15. Hates Outdoors Trait

We have a loves the outdoors trait in the game, so why don’t we have a hates the outdoors trait? This hates outdoors trait has a description that reads “Sims that hate the outdoors despise being outside and will always remain indoors whenever possible.”

hates the outdoors trait

These sims are going to hate doing outdoor skills and these skills will even be gained slower since you know the sims don’t want to be participating in them. They are going to never autonomously do things outdoors and will often have a plagued by nature uncomfortable moodlet.

16. Industrialist

The whole purpose of The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle is to make the world more green but what about those sims who want to go the opposite way? The Industrialist trait will have a description that says “This sim loves everything about industrial living – the smoggy air, the pollution, the industrial decor.”

industrialist trait

These sims are going to have a better time when in a horribly polluted area and will enjoy having industrial items in their home. They will get negative buffs when they interact with any sim who is a green fiend or freegan and just don’t get along with these sims.

17. Insomniac Trait

Not all sims have a great time sleeping and some may be an insomniac. The insomniac trait has a description that reads “These sims barely sleep. They are usually up in the wee hours of the morning playing video games or randomly writing something.”

insomniac trait

These sims are going to get whims for playing video games and will gain the video gaming skill so much quicker. They are going to have their energy need decay rate changed to zero so they’ll literally never need to sleep, giving them more time to do fun things.

18. Introvert Trait

As an introvert myself, this trait is a must have in my game. The introvert trait has a description that reads “Outside… what’s that? These sims are shy and hate being outside their house and will get uncomfortable when out of their house for too long. These sims social need decays much slower and building lasting relationships is more difficult.”

sims 4 more traits mod

These sims are going to have a harder time maintaining their relationships but their social need will decay more slowly than other needs since they don’t need people as often as an outgoing sim. They’ll gain skills more quickly and will lose their fun need more slowly because they can have fun alone.

19. Lonely Intellectual

If you want to have a sim who doesn’t spend much time with others but is extremely smart, a lonely intellectual trait is perfect for you. This trait’s description says “These sims hate socialising, excel in mental activities and are also fairly talented in the arts. They often find themselves down.”

lonely intellectual

The lonely intellectual sim is going to see a slower decrease in their social need and will be better as a detective or scientist from The Sims 4: Get to Work. You’ll find these sims gaining social skills slower but gaining other skills more quickly which is awesome to have a really intelligent sim.

20. Loser Trait

We usually want our sims to be winners, but not everyone can be a winner. The loser trait is a great option for this sims who just aren’t going to do the best in life. The description on this one says “These sims have a harder time succeeding in life than other sims, be it at work or in school. Losers also gain experience more slowly and have a harder time establishing relationships.”

loser traits

With this trait your sims are going to have a harder time making friendships, aren’t as good at work or at school and just really want a win. They’ll get whims for things like winning chess, winning cards and more.

21. Mega 16 Personalities Trait Pack

If you’ve ever taken a personality test, you’ve probably taken the Myers Briggs 16 Personalities, and you can get this added to your sims game with the mega 16 personalities trait pack. This pack comes with, of course, 16 traits that match up with the possible outcomes of this personality test.

12 personalities traits

22. Misery Traits

Are you trying to make your sims more miserable? If so, the Misery Traits Pack is definitely for you. We don’t all want our sims to love the outdoors and be cheerful all the time, if you want The Sims to be a real life simulator you need to have some negativity in your sims lives.

misery trait

The traits that you’ll get to see in this trait pack include the following:

  • Alien Hater
  • Hay Fever
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Allergic to Cats
  • Allergic to Dogs
  • Hates Heat
  • Can’t Stand Cold
  • Fame Jealous
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Dry Skin
  • Allergic to Magic
  • Asthmatic
  • Hates Vampires

All of these traits are hilarious and will open up some new gameplay like having sims unhappy around a dog if they’re allergic or just extra annoyed by vampires when they appear at your door.

23. Modest Trait

Our next trait is the modest trait which is a great trait to have, the description of this one states “These sims are not prideful nor are they egotistic. They take great pride in dressing nicely and are kind, helpful, but do not allow people to walk over them.”

sims 4 more traits mod

The sims who get the modest trait are going to have an increase in their rate of gaining mental skills and do better at work with their work ethic increasing. They’ll get whims for things like donating to charity, getting to know sims, finishing a book, and more.

24. New Emotional Traits

Having groupings of traits to add to your game makes it so much easier to get a bunch of good ones into your game. These new emotional traits are awesome because you get a whole bunch of traits that make your sims more interesting all at once.

sims 4 traits

The traits that you’ll get to see in this pack include things like insecure, oblivious, perky, stoic and more and these are awesome for making more interesting characters. These traits are even translated into a dozen other languages for many players to enjoy!

25. New Hobby Traits

Sometimes it feels like EA has started ignoring the hobby traits category and this is a big disappointment for me and I’m always looking for some new hobby traits. We get things like bookworm and art lover in the game already, but this pack includes things like movie buff, tinker and artisan and these are so fun.

traits for sims

This grouping of traits also brings back an old favourite from The Sims 3, technophobe, which makes it so your sims absolutely hate using technology like computers or televisions and is great for elder sims who wouldn’t feel super comfortable with using this stuff.

26. Pastry Lover Trait

The next trait is the pastry lover trait and is great for sims who love baking and want to supply their family members with baked goods whenever they can. This will give your sims whims like baking cake, watching TV and sharing baking tips.

pastry lover trait

Not only does this add the pastry lover trait to your game but it also adds hte ability for your sims to take a baking class which will cost a bit of money but they’ll gain the baking skill, and they can even watch cakeflix on the computer which is so fun.

27. People Oriented

The people oriented trait will give your sims a very quick social need refill when talking to other sims because they’re having the best time. They will even see their fun need increase when chatting with others. These sims are going to gain the charisma skill more quickly than other sims which can be super useful with many careers!

Our next trait is the popular trait and is a great one to have if you’re working through the friend of the world aspiration in the game. This trait is going to have a description that reads “Popular sims take being social to a whole new level. They make friends really easily and they skill up quickly in social skills. They thrive for social interaction and it strives for them.”

popular trait

This trait may also be beneficial if you’re working through the serial romantic aspiration since those sims will need to make friends quickly with romantic partners. These sims are going to have their social need decay more quickly than normal but also fill in more quickly than before.

29. Pyromaniac Trait

As simmers, we love fire and we can’t get enough. Why not make your sims have the pyromaniac trait? This trait’s description says “Pyromaniacs enjoy fires a little more than others do. They can create fires and are immune to them.”

pyromaniac trait sims 4

The absolute best part of this trait is that your sims will no longer have the potential of death from fire as they will now be immune to them which is incredible. They’ll have a new interaction where they can click somewhere and start fire the same way it works when a sim dies from fire and their ghost can start fires everywhere.

30. Rebel Trait

If you’re trying to make a sim that will be a public enemy or work in the criminal career you may wnat to go ahead and give them the rebel trait. These sims are going to have an interesting life where they get further faster in the criminal career, will have their emotions be a little out of control ranging from confidence to anger, and will excel in gaining the mischief skill.

31. Sarcastic Trait

Sarcasm is a way of life, and those of us who are extremely sarcastic are a different breed. This trait is just for fun and will give your sims a little bit of sass when speaking to others.

sims 4 more traits mod

32. Seducer Trait

Our next trait is the seducer trait with a description that reads “These sims are often flirty, alluring and love to get their way in terms of romance.” This trait is pretty similar to the flirty trait but takes it to another level and adds a few new social interactions like i’ll never get over you, i love everything about you, and do you know how amazing you are?

seducing trait

These sims will get whims for doing romantic things like watching television, giving romantic gifts, being flirty and sending a flirty text. Honestly the perfect trait for sims like Don Lothario.

33. Shutterbug Trait

If you have a sim who loves photography the shutterbug trait is a great option. The trait has a description that says “These sims thoroughly enjoy taking photographs and the emotional impact they can have on others. They learn photography quicker than other Sims and will earn more Simoleons for the photos they take.”

shutterbug more traits for sims who love photography

This is an amazing trait for sims who are in the freelance photography career and will help you earn more money from your photos which is so much fun. Sims are going to get positive buffs when doing photography tasks too, so they’ll just have the most fun.

34. Shy Trait

Our next trait is the shy trait and the description says “This sim finds it hard to get to know new people and feels uncomfortable in social situations. Until they get to know sims better, they tend to stay quiet and timid!”

shy sims trait

These sims are going to get their social skills (i.e., charisma and comedy) developed at a much lower rate, their relationships will grow less quickly since they’re super shy and will find it hard to grow those relationships. They are going to grow relationships more quickly with pets though!

35. Sleepy Trait

There’s a big difference between a lazy sim and a sleepy sim and I’d say I’m a sleepy sim. Every sim is going to have to sleep, but sims who have the sleepy trait are going to absolutely want to sleep all the time. They’ll have whims for naps and have their energy need go down more quickly.

sleepy trait option

36. Sweet Trait

Our next trait is sweet and this trait has sims love being friendly with others and giving speeches to other sims. If they have a positive experience with other sims they are going to get happy moodlets and just love others.

sweet trait for sims

37. Toddler Trait Bundle

There just aren’t enough traits for toddlers in the game and we’re always looking for new traits, pair this with the more traits mod you can add so many traits to your kids. This mod adds 7 new traits just for toddlers!

sims 4 more traits mod

These traits include:

  • Always Happy
  • Bookworm
  • Bossy
  • Creative
  • Fast Learner
  • Naive
  • Stranger Danger

38. Vain Trait

There have been so many traits over the many versions of The Sims and with The Sims Medieval we got a vain trait for your sims and this mod brings that back. This trait’s description reads “Sims with the vain trait are the most beautiful sims in the world, at least in their own eyes. Now why can’t other sims appreciate how gorgeous they are?”

vain sims trait

These sims are going to gain the charisma skill twice as quick as other sims and will get whims for things like freshening up in the mirror, admiring themselves in the mirror and practicing their pick-up lines.

39. Vegan Trait

As it stands now with DLC we have both a vegetarian and lactose intolerant trait that allow your sim to choose what kinds of food they’re willing to eat. However, we don’t have a vegan trait and at least this can be added with modding.

sims 4 more ideas for good traits

The vegan trait’s description says “Sims who are vegans do not eat meat or use animal products.” This makes it so your sims won’t enjoy eating meat or consuming any dairy products either!

40. Warm-Hearted

The next trait is warm-hearted that has a description that says “Who doesn’t love warm-hearted sims? These sims tend to put the needs of others over their own needs. They feel strong sense of responsibility and duty. They are extremely energetic and loving. Thus, being hurt by unforgiveness and unkindness, they strongly dislike people with low standards and conduct.”

sims 4 trait

When a sim has this trait they are going to gain their friendships and romantic relationships a whole heck of a lot quicker and will gain social skills like charisma more quickly. They are never going to get sad or uncomfortable moodlets because they just don’t, it’s not who they are.

Final Thoughts

These sims 4 more traits mods are going to seriously change how you use traits in the game and let you have so many more interesting traits to add to your more trait slots mod as well. Your sims are going to feel so much more interesting and fun and make you enjoy playing with them so much more. Happy Playing!

If you enjoy this article you may want to see more information about traits in the game including how to cheat traits, all about traits and even a list of over 100 custom traits to add to your game.

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