The Sims 4: Angling Ace Aspiration

Fishing in The Sims 4 is a really fun way to pass the time and also a great way to earn an income when your sim isn’t working their regular job.

The angling ace aspiration will have your sim focusing their time on fishing and spending time looking for different types of fish.

Traits That May Help

Every aspiration in the game is going to have a few traits that can help you finish it more quickly, and there are two great options for the angling ace aspiration.


A sim who is going to spend a ton of their time fishing is going to be spending a ton of time alone, and may want to be a loner sim so they will have their social need go down more slowly and require less time spent with other sims.

Loves the Outdoors

Of course, loves the outdoors will be a great choice for someone who is spending a ton of their time fishing because they will have more positive emotions when they are spending time in the great outdoors which is the only place to fish!

Angler’s Tranquility Reward Trait

When your sim finishes the angling ace aspiration they are going to be given the angler’s tranquility reward trait. This trait is going to remove all of the sim’s negative emotions that they are experiencing whenever they are fishing.

Stages of the Aspiration

Level One: Fish Out of Water

  • Catch 5 Fish
  • Fish at 3 Different Locations

A fun part about fishing in The Sims 4 is that there are a ton of different locations for you to choose from allowing you to find different fish types in these locations. You’ll need to fish at 3 different locations to finish this first part of the aspiration.

Fishing locations in The Sims 4 are shown by having a small sign in front of a body of water that has a fish on it. You’ll be able to click directly on this sign to start fishing.

You are also going to need to catch 5 fish, these can be of any type and could all be the same type of fish if that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Level Two: Hooked

  • Fish for 10 Total Hours
  • Mount or Bowl 5 Fish
  • Achieve Level 4 of the Fishing Skill

As you progress through the aspiration you’ll need to continue fishing a ton and need to have your sim fish for 10 hours. This can be done in small doses every few days and doesn’t need to be done all at once.

You’ll also need to reach at least level 4 of the fishing skill to get through this step which will be gained through fishing and you should get most of this skill by fishing for 10 total hours.

Finally, you’ll need to mount or bowl 5 fish allowing you to decorate your home with them. To mount a fish you need to click on a fish that is in your inventory and choose to mount.

To bowl a fish you’ll need to go and purchase a fish bowl, you can find this by searching Fit4Fish in the search bar of build mode and it will cost you 60 simoleons. You can then click and choose which fish you want to put int he bowl.

Level Three: Reel Smart

  • Catch 5 Fish Using Bait
  • Achieve Level 6 of the Fishing Skill
  • Make 6 Great Catches

To continue working on this aspiration you’ll need to catch 5 fish while using bait. Bait in The Sims 4 is any type of harvestable or even a fish that you’ve previously caught. You can even use a frog that you find around town as bait.

When you have something in your inventory that can be used as bait you’ll get an option to fish or an option to fish with bait and you can choose any of the options from your inventory.

Your sim needs to also reach level 6 of the fishing skill, which will take quite a few hours of fishing in the game but will come eventually if your sim is fishing a ton.

Finally, you’ll need to make 6 great catches. This is the best of the freshness levels which are foul, pour, average or great. You’ll just need to get 5 of the best quality fish to complete this.

Level Four: Angling Ace

  • Collect 20 Types of Fish
  • Achieve Level 10 of the Fishing Skill

Fish in The Sims 4 are a collectible and have a ton of different types for you to find, to finish this aspiration you’ll need to collect 20 types of fish. This means 20 different fish types, not 20 fish in total.

To catch different types of fish you want to make sure to fish in different locations or in different worlds in the game so the fish are more varying.

Finally, you’ll need to max out your fishing skill to complete the angling ace aspiration. To do this you can read fishing skill books or just go out and fish for a long period of time every day and you’ll get there, easy!

Final Thoughts

Becoming an angling ace is easy as pie, as long as you like pie. You’ll need to spend a ton of sim time fishing to gain the skill, and catch some different types of fish to make sure you have a nice variety. This aspiration is awesome in The Sims 4 and can have your sim spending a ton of time outside, happy playing!

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