Sims 4 Master Maker Aspiration Walkthrough (Eco Lifestyle)

With many of the expansion packs we get in the game we get new aspirations and with Eco Lifestyle we got the sims 4 master maker aspiration. This aspiration has your sims wanting to be the best crafter in the neighbourhood.

These sims are going to be crafting candles, fabricating furniture and even having bug houses in their front yard. It’s such a fun aspiration because your sims can start new hobbies and do the majority of it while working a totally different career.

Stages of The Sims 4 Master Maker Aspiration

Every different aspiration in the game has many levels for you to work through and as you do you’ll be awarded with satisfaction points for getting through them. There are four levels of the sims 4 master maker aspiration for your sims to work through in the game.

Level One: Jerry Rigger

  • Achieve level 3 Skill in Fabrication
  • Recycle 5 times
sims 4 master maker aspiration

To finish the first part of this aspiration you are going to need to increase your fabrication skill. To do this you can craft candles or make items on the fabrication machine.

You are also going to need to use the recycling machine five different times. This is good because you’ll get bits and pieces so you can craft different things on the fabrication machine.

Level Two: The Better Builder

  • Achieve level 5 Skill in Fabrication
  • Fabricate 5 times
  • Have 5 Dyes
level two of master maker aspiration

The first two parts of these aspirations are to get to level 5 of the fabrication skill and fabricate 5 times. Your best bet is to keep fabricating items on the fabrication machine and decorate your whole home with your own crafted furniture.

You’ll also need to have 5 dyes which can be found through dumpster diving.

Level Three: Competent Crafter

  • Achieve level 7 Skill in Fabrication
  • Collect insects from an Insect Farm 3 times
  • Create 5 candles
competent crafter level of master maker sims 4

To finish part three of the aspiration you need to reach level 7 of the fabrication skill, and you can do this through crafting candles or using the fabrication machine. You can finish the create 5 candles while gaining this skill, and you can create any type of candle to satisfy this part.

You’ll also need to have an insect house in your yard to be able to finish this aspiration. You can collect these insects and even turn them into food by clicking on the insect house.

Level Four: Master Maker

  • Achieve level 10 Skill in Fabrication
  • Make 20 candles
  • Complete 5 gigs as a Freelance Crafter
sims 4 master maker aspiration

To complete this aspiration you’ll need to have crafted 20 candles total, which will take a bit of time but you can use them to decorate and light your own home, or sell them to other sims using a selling table or if you have nifty knitting you can sell them on plopsy.

You’ll also need to reach level 10 of the fabrication skill, by using the fabrication machine more consistently.

Finally, you’ll need to be in the freelance crafter career and complete 5 gigs in this career. These are work from home gigs where you will be given information on how to complete them in the career panel.

Sims 4 Master Maker Aspiration Reward Trait

Whenever your sims finish an aspiration they are going to be given a reward trait that stays with them for life. These are great because you can finish multiple aspirations and have tons of traits to impact your sims personality.

A sim who manages to finish the sims 4 master maker aspiration is going to be given the muse of the maker reward trait. This trait is going to make it so that it costs less money for your sims to fabricate items and they’ll need less bits and pieces to create items.

Final Thoughts on The Sims 4 Master Maker Aspiration

There was a lot of fun stuff added to The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle and the crafting abilities are a great addition to the game. It really adds new hobby options for your sims and can let them have a whole new task to love. The sims 4 master maker aspiration is really going to give your sims experience with these fun hobby options. Happy Playing!

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