The Sims 4: Renaissance Sim Aspiration

Some sims really want to be exceptional at one thing, but some sims are more likely to be kind-of good at a lot of things. This is why The Sims 4 is so much fun because no matter what you choose, your sim can be whatever you want them to be.

The renaissance sim aspiration is for those players who are going to have their sims doing a whole bunch of skills and even want them to switch jobs often, not for a player who has an exact plan for their sim and one job forever.

Traits That May Help

Most aspirations in the game are going to have a few really awesome traits that will help a sim finish the aspiration faster or have an easier time. However, there aren’t really any that are directly perfect for the renaissance sim aspiration.

However, you may want to choose something like ambitious that will help your sim get promoted easier since they are going to need to get to level 3 in 3 different careers. You’ll want to think about your traits in terms of what skills and careers you want to choose.

For example, if you want to focus on things like painting and musical traits you may want to choose creative to help.

Professorial Reward Trait

When you get your sim to finish an aspiration you’ll be given a reward trait. The reward trait for the renaissance sim aspiration is professorial and is a decent one. This unlocks the ability for your sim to write books on any skill they have a high level in.

These books can be used as skill building books for other sims to read, or as a way to make royalties by selling books to publishers. If you mix this with gaining the writing skill, you’ll be able to make a decent amount of money with it.

Stages of the Aspiration

Level One: Prudent Student

  • Finish Reading 3 Books
  • Achieve Logic Level 3

The first stage of this aspiration is rather easy and can be done before your sim even hits the young adult life stage. You’ll need to get them to finish reading 3 books. To do this you can click on any bookcase and choose read… and then pick a book and don’t tell your sim to do anything else until it is completed.

Next, you’ll need to reach level 3 of the logic skill. There are a few ways to gain this skill in the game, the first is to read logic books, however, this will be the slowest way for you to gain the skill.

You can also play chess to gain the logic skill or use the giant telescope which will both help you gain the skill more quickly.

Level Two: Jack of Some Trades

  • Become an Adult
  • Achieve Level 4 in 4 Skills
  • Reach Level 3 in 1 Career

The next part of the aspiration is to become the jack of some trades, which starts with needing to become an adult. This will be easily checked off when you age up from a teen to a young adult, or when you are created as a young adult or older in create a sim.

Next, you are going to need to start working on your sim’s skills. In this aspiration you’ll need to reach level 8 in at least 6 different skills but for now you just need to reach level 4 in at least 4 different skills.

This part won’t be too hard because you’ll gain things like the cooking skill rather easily, and getting to level 4 won’t take long.

You’ll also need to get to level 3 in any career in the game. This has to be a regular job and can’t be a part time job or freelancing.

Level Three: Pantologist

  • Achieve Level 5 in 5 Skills
  • Reach Level 3 in 2 Careers

The rest of this aspiration gets rather repetitive but this is the part of the aspiration when you’ll need to quit your career and start up a new one. That’s why this isn’t the aspiration for players who love stability and want to have one career forever.

You’ll need to get to level 3 in a second career as well as get to level 5 in 5 different skills in the game.

Level Four: Renaissance Sim

  • Achieve Level 8 in 6 Skills
  • Reach Level 3 in 3 Careers

To finally finish this aspiration you’re going to need to quit your job again and start a a new one. You’ll need to reach level 3 of this career. You’ll also need to reach level 8 in 6 different skills in the game. This sounds like a lot but honestly it can be easily done in the course of a sim’s life.

Final Thoughts

The renaissance sim aspiration is a great choice if you like a little bit of chaos and are willing to change up careers every few days. The sims 4 is what you make of it so go out and have some fun!

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