The Sims 4: Leader of the Pack Aspiration

There are a lot of fun aspirations in The Sims 4 and a lot of the expansion packs add some good new ones, The Sims 4: Get Together added clubs to the game and brought with it the Leader of the Pack Aspiration which focuses a ton of clubs and growing a club to be the best in town.

This aspiration will get you out hanging with other sims and using the club system to your advantage!

Render from The Sims 4: Get Together

Traits That May Help

With every aspiration there are certain traits that can help you complete the aspirations more quickly or just have an easier time with them. There are two decent traits that can help with the leader of the pack aspiration.


A sim who has the insider trait is going to have a great time when being in clubs and will have more fun when hanging out with other sims, so this can be really helpful.


Outgoing is another great option because outgoing sims are going to enjoy being around sims way more than a sim who may be a loner. Since this focuses on the club system you want to make sure your sim enjoys being around others.

Bonus Trait for the Aspiration

When your sim finishes the aspiration they are going to be given the natural leader reward trait. This trait will make it so your sim will earn club points easier and more quickly which can be helpful for making a more powerful club. They are also going to have the chance to overthrow other club leaders with ease and make it so much easier to become the leader of clubs around town.

Stages of the Leader of the Pack Aspiration

Level One: Get Accepted

  • Start or Join a Club
  • Buy a Club Perk

The first section of this aspiration is rather self-explanatory and can be done pretty easily. The first part is to start or join a club. You can click the clubs button which is in the bottom right hand corner beside your needs panel.

You can see a bunch of the available clubs that your sim is able to join at this time, or you can choose to create a club.

Next, once you’re in a club you’ll start earning club perk points as you attend club gatherings and do some of the tasks that are the point of the club. You’ll be able to purchase club perks with these points like room for more members, club shirts, and more.

You just need to purchase your first club perk!

Level Two: Private Gathering

  • Perform 10 Club Activities
  • Be in a Club Gathering for 12 Hours

The first part of this aspiration is to perform some club activities. You can earn club perk points by doing these activities.

If you created your club you were able to choose your own club activities, but if you joined a club you can see the activities that are already assigned to your club in the clubs panel.

Next, you need to be in a club gathering for 12 straight hours. This may sound daunting but it’s actually rather easy to have a club gathering last 12 hours if you start early enough in the day.

Just make sure to have bathrooms and food available for your sims to enjoy so they will stay in a good mood and have a good time.

Level Three: Spread the World

  • Achieve Level 5 of the Charisma Skill
  • Talk about Clubs with 5 of your Club Members

The next step of the leader of the pack aspiration is to get your sim’s charisma skill to level 5. This is good because you’ll be spending so much time with other sims that you’ll easily be able to reach this milestone by talking to sims.

You’ll also need to talk about clubs with 5 club members, you’ll want to click on a member of your club and choose to talk about in the club menu and then choose any club that is listed, you don’t just need to talk about your own club.

Level 4: Leader of the Pack

  • Earn 1,000 Club Points
  • Lead a Club That Has 8 Sims

The last section of this aspiration has you needing to earn 1,000 club points which is done by having club gatherings and doing the club tasks as well as by making your sim closer friends with club members.

You can have daily club gatherings so you can rack up those points really quickly and get tons of club perks to help make your club even better.

You’ll also need to lead a club that has 8 members. To do this, you’ll need to recruit other sims to become members of your club. Go out there and make friends and invite some people to join you!

Final Thoughts

If you’re super interested in the club system that was added with The Sims 4: Get Together, you can definitely work through the leader of the pack aspiration and have a great time doing it. Happy Playing!

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