A blue background with "the best cc for infants" in text and a sim with their hair in two buns.

Sims 4 Infant CC You Need For The Cutest Little Ones

We are all so excited that we have a brand new life stage in the game but as always, we don’t have enough stuff for them. Adding these incredible sims 4 infant cc items to your game will make them have better hair, more interesting clothes, and so much more.

The Cutest Sims 4 Infant CC

Lindsey Infant CC Hairstyle

The first options for infant cc you’ll want to add to your game is definitely some infant hair.

Adding some custom hair to your game is my favourite way to make my sims way cuter, especially for age groups that don’t have enough options like infants.

This hairstyle is extremely sweet with two center parted pig tails and face framing pieces that are so sweet!

Two infant aged characters from The Sims 4 on a pink background with matching sims 4 cc pigtails.

Bow Headband

Adding accessories to your infants is the cutest ay to make them look extremely adorable and a bow headband is a popular option.

This one is a great option with fifteen swatches to choose from allowing you to match the headband to just about any outfit.

Adding something like this just makes your infants look so precious!

A brown haired sim wearing a hair bow, a pacifier, earrings, and a headband.

Bebe Infant CC Romper

A romper for a little baby is the cutest, especially when there are ruffles on the bum. Whoever was the first person to add bum ruffles deserves a prize!

This one is so precious with buttons on the chest and adorable polka dots that will make your sim’s look so cute that you’ll want to give them so many forehead kisses.

The cutest detail on this one has to be the little bow detail to make it a halter top, its those little details that you need to have.

A grey background witih a white border. there is a infant in a blue romper wearing socks and having red hair.

Lace Sweater

We can’t just dress infants in rompers and onesies all the time, they need things to keep them warm too so this adorable sweater is a must-have.

We start this sweater with a cute rounded neck that has small and adorable stars on the top. It has long sleeves that have ribbing on the edges and bottom.

The cutest part is definitely the lace around the body that just looks so precious and makes your toddlers be the cutest animals of all time.

A red headed infant from the sims 4 who is wearing a yellow sweater with lace.

Rue Sims 4 CC Romper

I can’t even handle the level of cuteness we are seeing with some of the new sims 4 infant cc that has been being created lately. Who designed this? You’re so cute!

This one is absolutely perfect for a cute fall outfit for your sims, just imagine this being worn for a custom poses photoshoot with pumpkins or something!

The gingham pattern on this is precious in a bunch of cute colours and so many cute details around the legs and the tie is so cute too!

An infant from The Sims 4 wearing a long sleeve white shirt with a romper on top.

Teddy Bear Pajama Onesie

A cozy onesie is the best thing you can wear, always. Even as an adult!

This teddy bear onesie is amazing because of all of the small details there are. You have fun bear ears and even little toes for paw prints on the bottom of the foot.

The pattern is super cute with adorable teddy bears and just too much cute for one outfit.

A beige background with two sims 4 infant aged sims on it. They are wearing onesies and sitting at a pillow.

Angel Sims Infant CC Hair

I am always amazing by how talented creators are and this hair is a great option.

This infant hair is awesome because it has so much detail in the texture, you can see individual hairs with their wave patterns and its just so sweet.

They even have their baby hairs styled perfectly making the edges look so good that you’ll definitely want this in your game.

A sim in a yellow shirt, yellow pacifier and their hair in two buns on top of their head.

Infant CC 3D Eyelashes

Just because your sims are young, doesn’t mean they need to keep those nasty EA eyelashes.

These 3D eyelashes are made for both toddlers and infants allowing you to have the absolute best looking sims you ever seen.

An infant with long eyelashes may sound creepy, but these are really simple and just make the infant look like they have long lashes which makes them look more beautiful.

To sims, a toddler, and an infant looking up and to the side with large eyelashes.

Summer Days Infant CC Dress

My favourite way to look put together in the summer is to just throw on a cute sun dress and your infants deserve the right to do this too!

This summer days dress is great with an adorable floral pattern, ruffles on the bottom and adorable bows on either side of the body.

This would be great for a summer wedding, a day at the park and so much more.

A sim standing in some grass, they are wearing a dress.

Simple Bodysuit Set

The most common outfits that infants are going to wear is a onesie because they are convenient and easy for them to wear.

These are such good vibes for a simple body suit because of the more neutral colours and patterns that many people would prefer.

These can be dresses up with fun accessories or worn alone as a simple at home outfit.

A brown background with three infants from The Sims 4 on it. They are all wearing onesies.

Bumblebee Sims CC Pacifier

Using a pacifier is a very common thing for infants to keep them calm and make them feel safe, and you can have your sims wear them too!

This one is great with an adorable little bumblebee in the center with an adorable little simple that you just can’t resist.

It comes in twelve swatches so you can match to almost any outfit you put your infant’s in!

A brown background with an infant from The Sims 4 on top. They are wearing a cc pacifier with a bumblebee in the center.

Sasha CC Hair for Infants

Why does adding bows to a hairstyle for your sims just make them look so cute?

This custom hairstyle is so precious with a center part and the hair being slicked back into two buns on either side of the sim’s head.

The hairstyle is super realistic because of the edges of the hair not being a straight across hairline, giving it dimension and making it look realistic.

A purple background with an infant on top who is wearing a peter pan shirt and their hair in buns.

Poppy Sims CC Pacifier

If you want a pacifier that is a bit more simple than the bumblebee one, the poppy pacifier is a must-have for you!

This one comes in thirty swatches which is wild letting there be just about every colour to match your sim’s outfits!

An infant from the sims 4 who is sitting inside of a pillow in a green outfit with a pacifier.

Olive Infant CC Hair

Oh gosh, this olive hair couldn’t be cuter! This hair has such an adorable style because the little buns look like rounded heart buns!

We have this one with a center part and some swooped bangs on the forehead which is so cute.

A blonde infant from The Sims 4 who is wearing a white sweater, a pacifier, and has their cc hair in two small buns with bangs.

Coloured Pearl Sims Infant CC Earrings

Getting your ears pierced is a cute look for little ones and since there is no pain associated with it in the sims it makes sense to have your ears be pierced.

These custom earrings are extremely simple which lets them stay super subtle compared to a dangly earring or hoop.

The earrings come in twelve colours, with eleven of them being bright and fun, and one being a simple white making them look like pearls! So cute!

A brown background with a brown haired infant on it. This infant is wearing a sims 4 infant cc headband with a bow.

Infants Add-Ons Outfits

If you want two super easy and super adorable outfits for your infants, look no further!

The first outfit has an adorable little t-shirt with cuffed sleeves tucked into a pair of ruffle shorts in a fun colour or pattern.

The other is a long sleeve onesie that comes in a bunch of cute patterns like florals, hearts, and more which gives you tons to choose from.

A white background with two infants standing with their arms out to the side, they have their faces cropped out. They are wearing sims 4 infant cc outfits.

Eyes, Brows, and Skin

There are many players who want their sims to look a bit more realistic and stop with the cartoony style and adding skin details is going to make it better.

Even infants deserve to have the cutest looks with custom eyes, eyebrows and custom skin options.

This just makes your sims look so much more realistic and interesting, and infants look so cute with it!

A darker orangish/redish background with an infant on top with a red shirt with peter pan collar.

Olivia Sims 4 Infant Hair

The most common type of custom content people download is definitely custom hair mods because they’re beautiful and they change how your sims look entirely.

This one is great with their hair in two little fun buns on top of either side of their head.

You should definitely download this hairstyle and add the adorable accessory hair bow that’s also on this list for a perfect look!

A pink background with "olivia hair" on one side and the other side has an infant from the sims 4 with their hair in two cc buns on top of their head sitting in a pink onesie.

Infant Bear Sims 4 CC Playsuit

Next up on our list of sims 4 infant cc is this really fun playsuit that will look awesome on your sims.

This one has an adorable little bear on the upper chest adding just a little bit of flair to the otherwise simple outfit.

There are two options for you with a border around the arms on some, and you can also add an accessory long sleeve shirt to make them look even cuter.

Five toddlers from The Sims 4 who are all sitting inside of a pillow with various onesies on.

Infant Head Wrap With Bow

Protecting your hair is important at any age, so why not have your toddlers wear a head wrap when they’re young?

This is the cutest infant head wrap you can find with a large bow at the front that’s just so adorable.

It comes in twenty-two swatches so you have so many colour options to choose from and they can match wtih just about anything.

An infant from The Sims 4 on a beige background with an infant wearing a cc hair turban and a bow.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Infant CC

Aren’t infants just the cutest? And aren’t these sims 4 infant cc items the cutest too? I already know the answer, yes! Hopefully you found a few items that you’ll love to have in your game and you’ll be excited to play The Sims again. Happy Playing!

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