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50+ Sims 4 CC Double Beds to Make Your Sim’s Bedroom Beautiful

One of my favourite places to use custom content are sim’s bedrooms because a bedroom can really have a lot of personality for each individual sim, without making the rest of the house look too out there.

One of my favourite things about a bedroom in The Sims 4 is that you can mix and. match different cc beds with in game dressers, chairs and mirrors for an extremely cute and unique look each time.

There are different types of beds you may be looking for, toddler beds or single beds are both options you may also want to search for, but this list is going to focus entirely on double beds that can be used in adults or teen bedrooms as a great option.

1. AC Inspiration Bed by Jomsims

The first bed on this list is a gorgeous four poster bed that comes in a variety of wood swatches and has this adorable pink heart covered bed spread. There is a gorgeous bed skirt on the bottom adding a cute detail to the bottom of the bed. Plus, those pillows look so fluffy and this bed would be an experience to sleep in.

This heart covered four poster bed would be an incredible option for a teen who just aged up from a child’s bedroom as long as they absolutely love pink. You can add some pink walls with a fluffy rug for the cutest room.

2. Acsventsy Bed by Jomsims

Although chevron patterns aren’t really the style for young people any more, I sure know a few older folks who would absolutely love to have this bed spread in their home and it would suit so many different sims.

This bed features a very simple fabric headboard with buttons adding a nice detail to the middle and small legs. The bed would be great for a parent’s room for a trendy look.

3. Agata Bed by Severinka

This bed is absolutely beautiful and has such great detailing. The bed frame is made of wood that comes in black and white as well as two wood tones both light and dark. There is such gorgeous detailing in the headboard and footboard of the bed that really adds some flair to a plain wood headboard.

Using this bed is a great option for older sims who would own a matching dresser and armoire that they bought 20 years ago and never need to replace.

4. Alisha Bed by Severinka

The Alisha bed is honestly one of the most interesting and fun beds on this list and is totally unique. This bed features a simple wooden frame that the mattress sits on and an absolutely stunning half circle headboard.

This bed is a great way to have white or grey walls in your sims home (which can be boring) but have this bed for a statement piece and don’t even need art above the bed.

5. Amola Bed by Ung999

The next bed on this list is the Amola bed that is so gorgeous and would work great for a minimalist, neutral home. This bed features a simple frame with neutral swatches that have two giant cushions at the head of the bed, making a comfy headboard.

My favourite thing about this set of beds is that they are extremely neutral and cozy looking without just having plain white blankets on them. The colours are very light and neutral while still being gorgeous and having such fun patterns.

6. Armageddon Bed by Kardofe

Next on this list, we have a bed that would be absolutely perfect for a Rags to Riches Challenge in The Sims 4 where you start with no money and work your way up. This makes it seem like your sim couldn’t afford a real bed, so they found some small boxes and palettes to create a bed of their own.

These types of beds are the reason why cc furniture is so much fun because you’ll find such creative items that you wouldn’t see in the game as is. Imagine this with a broken or beat down looking dresser and some dirt stains, why does that make me excited?

7. Armelda Bed by Jomsims

The next bed on this list is so much fun and has a circular metal headboard with fun details and really gorgeous blankets. These blankets are awesome because they are all single colours but have fun patterns and would work great in so many bedrooms.

The headboard on this bed is so much fun and honestly would look awesome with some fairy lights behind it, especially the ones from parenthood with the photos on it. So cute!

8. Ashley Bed by Lulu265

This next headboard feels like something you would see on Tik Tok and then go and try and recreate yourself, a definite DIY headboard! This bed has a wooden headboard with boards of different heights giving a very unique look.

The detailing on this bed is really gorgeous with the textures on both the blanket and the bed skirt adding a lot of cozy vibes to the bed. This is a great option for making a really unique bedroom since the headboard is nothing like we’ve ever seen in game.

9. Asolga Bed by Jomsims

The next bed on the list is the Asolga bed that has one of my favourite blanket and pillow sets on this list. There’s just something about those coloured triangles that make me very, very happy.

The headboard is so beautiful with those straight wood slats and a really pretty detail with an angled piece of wood connecting the headboard to the base of the bed.

10. Aurum Bed by Wondymoon

This next bed was created by Wondymoon and has a nice, simple bed frame in some different simple wood textures allowing you too mix and match it with any kind of bedroom furniture.

These have great options for blankets, with the yellow one being the most beautiful and would work awesome for any sim who has yellow as their favourite colour.

11. Azura Bed by Nikadema

Next we have the Azura bed which is a nice, minimalist bed option that has really simple blankets but some amazing detail on the headboard. The legs on this bed has awesome mid-century vibes and would look awesome in any sim’s home.

The headboard detail on this bed is really incredible with small diamond shapes going across two rows of the headboard adding so many flair. Add some fun side tables as well as some cute art and you’d have a gorgeous bedroom.

12. Baepsae Bed by Syboulette

The next bed is extremely simple, but absolutely beautiful and features a nice metal bed frame with skinny legs and straight bars coming down the headboard.

One thing I really like about this bed is that the blankets and pillows are black or white but aren’t completely plain, they have simple grid details which I honestly think would be perfect for a single, straight man’s bedroom.

13. Bojena Bed by Soloriya

This next bed has a bed spread that is a little brighter than the others on this list, so is really fun as an option for teens or older sims who just love bright colours. The headboard is really cute with a small cut out in the middle for added detail.

If you’re interested in the pillows on the left bed, you can find them here with a whole bunch of other items that match perfectly with this set.

14. Chromium Bed by Wondymoon

The next bed on this list has a really unique and interesting headboard that I absolutely love. The legs and frame of the headboard are made of bamboo with the middle of the headboard being a piece of fabric that looks a bit like a kite but in a classy way.

This bed is so much fun and totally different than anything in the game and that leaf patterned blanket is a really beautiful option.

15. Daisy Bed by Severinka

This next bed is a very simple but beautiful bed option for your sims to add to their homes. It has a really tall headboard and footboard that add some height to your sim’s home that can make the bedroom super unique.

The headboard and footboard having those higher up bars is really fun because you can use the move objects cheat to hang things from them like twinkle lights or photos as a cute detail for a younger sim’s bedroom.

16. Dakota Bed by ArtVitalex

The next bed on this list is extremely useable and has a really fun curved headboard that goes all the way to the ground. This is a great bed option for young adults to elders and has very simple blankets that can match in all sorts of beds.

As someone who constantly rolls to the side of the bed, I probably wouldn’t want to sleep in this bed because the wood on the edge would be uncomfy, but we’re in luck because sims aren’t going to roll like me!

17. Escondido Bed by ArtVitalex

This next bed has the same basic structure as the last one, but instead of having a curved wood headboard this one features a headboard that goes down to the ground that is fabric and would be very comfortable to lean against in real life.

One nice thing about this bed is the contrasts between the fabric headboard and wooden bed frame, adding a bit of fun. Pair this with a few cute bed side tables and some gorgeous art work for a perfect, modern bedroom.

18. Europium Bed by Wondymoon

The next bed on the list is the Europium bed created by Wondymoon, this bed has nice simple lines and gorgeous texture on the headboard panels.

One thing I love about this bed set is how it is neutral the blankets are while still being super beautiful, plus that leaf blanket is absolutely beautiful!

19. Gadolinium Bed by Wondymoon

If you are looking for a bed that is much less simple than some of the others on this list, the Gadolinium bed may be for you. This is a great bed for a boho bedroom for a sim who loves meditation and yoga!

This bed has really fun colourful blankets and a beautifully detailed headboard with two flower cut outs that add so much to your sim’s home.

20. Greta Bed by Ung999

The next bed on this list is the Greta Bed that comes in some gorgeous colours that are fun but also work with neutrals for a gorgeous bedroom. This bed features a gorgeous slim base with some tiny metal legs for a clean look.

The blankets and pillows for this bed have great texture and I am absolutely loving the short, soft headboard that your sims will love to have in their home.

21. Hydrargyrum Bed by Wondymoon

This next bed was created by Wondymoon and features a really nice wood bed frame that comes in different wood tones as well as a white swatch. There are blankets with fun patterns as well as options that are just single colours and look awesome.

One thing that is unique on this bed is that little cut out because you can decorate so much with that. Imagine adding a book, a cup of coffee or any other clutter to that little cut out using the move objects cheats. A great little detail!

22. Ibiza Bed by Nikadema

Sometimes when looking for fun cc furniture I want something really simple but still want a little bit of flair added to it and this works perfectly for that. This custom content bed has a very simple wood base and neutral colours for the blanket so it can work for so many homes.

The part I absolutely love about this bed frame is those three pillows as a headboard. It definitely adds a bit of cozy flair and can make a really cute room!

23. Keiji Bed by Kardofe

One of my favourite beds in The Sims 4 is the four poster bed and this one is a really fun option for people who love that bed too. The lines on this bed are so fun and unique and can really add some interest in any bedroom you use this in.

Something I really love about this bed is how it comes in those colours where the entire bed is that gorgeous green or gorgeous pink colour to make a cool monochrome bedroom.

24. Kiester Bed by ArtVitalex

The next bed on this list is the Kiester Bed that was created by Art Vitalex and is a really fun option for your sim’s home. This bed has a really fun and unique bed spread, allowing for some fun personality for your sims.

The bed frame here is very fun with those straight line pieces being so fun and having that cute angled detail adding so much.

25. King Bed by Winner9

All beds in The Sims 4 are double beds and just look tiny in most houses, but this bed here just looks a bit bigger than most and makes for a very luxurious bedroom.

The king bed by Winner9 is so coz looking and has gorgeous wood detail and comes in some really gorgeous and fancy looking swatches that would look awesome in any modern home.

26. Lakefield Bed by Onyxium

The blanket on this bed just constantly makes me wish that it is December for those cozy vibes. The matching cozy pillows are so gorgeous and if you add some fairy lights and candles to the bedroom, you’ll have such wintery fun!

Something that I absolutely love about this bed is that the headboard and footboard aren’t just totally straight and boring, they have a slight curve to them making the bed more beautiful!

27. Lavere Bed by Jomsims

This next bed on the list is the Lavere Bed that would work awesome for your adult sim’s bedroom. This reminds me of many beds I’ve seen in adults beds as I was growing up and feels like something your parents would buy.

It’s nice because this bed comes in wood tones as well as a black and white option so it can match nicely with any bedroom in your game.

28. Mediterraneo Bed by Pilar

This next bed is super fun because the bed frame is pretty simple and neutral but the blanket is absolutely out there and really fun to see. The colours in the bed spread are great because you can bring those colours into other parts of your sim’s room.

I can totally imagine this bed in a teenage sim’s bedroom covered in fun lights and cozy pillows. Honestly, feels like a Disney channel bed to me!

29. Metropolis Saga by Kardofe

The next bed on this list is definitely an interesting one. This bed is completely sunk into the bed frame which looks super cozy and has a really streamlined look.

One fun thing about this cc bed is that there are so many colours and patterns to make sure that the beds are interesting and cute in your sim’s home.

30. Mira Bed by Ung999

Next we have the Mira bed that would be awesome if you are doing a Rags to Riches Challenge or if your sim is just extremely minimalist and doesn’t need a “real” bed frame. This bed features a no-headboard pallet bed frame that is super unique and can look awesome in any home.

This is a great bed option because it has such fun and trendy bed spreads with a cool snake skin one, the striped one being so cute and that dark blue is so beautiful!

31. Moment Bed by Networksims

The bed spread on this is so trendy right now with art work looking like that popping up everywhere online. This line work with coloured spots is so popular and looks awesome on a bed.

Beds that pair a really fun bed spread with a very simple headboard are my favourite because it can really show some personality.

32. Monica Bed by Severinka

The next bed we have is a really popular bed with a tufted cream coloured headboard that gives luxurious princess vibes to your game. The legs are super fun too, being curved instead of being straight which adds some flair.

This is a fun bed because it’s pretty neutral and you can go ahead and add all sorts of dressers or bed side tables with this for a very unique look.

33. Moonlight Bed by Kardofe

Something that is so fun about custom content furniture is the variations you can get, and this bed has such a high up headboard for a very unique look compared to all of the low headboards on this list.

This bed is going to match really, really well with a lot of the Cats & Dogs furniture that is in the game and would look so great!

34. Muldia Bed by Jomsims

The next bed on this list is a great option for fun blankets with a very neutral but beautiful headboard. The base of this bed gives off very mid-century modern aesthetic vibes and looks super cool.

Something I really enjoy about this one is that the bed spreads are black, white. and grey with a pop of one colour allowing you to match it with other fun items in those same tones.

35. Nae Bed by Jomsims

The next bed on this list is the Nae bed created by Jomsims and fits my princess fantasies from my childhood. The details on this headboard are so absolutely gorgeous and for some reason remind me of a princess carriage.

The head board is so beautiful, but so is the blanket with those stripes and the matching pillows! It really is a great option for a very feminine and beautiful room.

36. Palmyra Bed by Severinka

The next bed on this list is really awesome for a teens bedroom for sure and is super simple with such fun blankets! The colours on those blankets are definitely something I’d love to have when I was a teen.

One thing I love about this bed is those drawers underneath because it would work well in smaller rooms with you not needing a dresser (especially since you don’t actually need dressers in The Sims 4).

37. Pauline Bed by Syboubou

The next bed on this list is a low platform bed that would look awesome in any minimalist bedroom that is covered in plants. Something about a platform bed like this one makes me want to bed in a bedroom forest.

The colours on the blankets are extremely neutral and work incredibly well in a neutral bedroom.

38. Poseidon Bed by Kardofe

The next bed on this list is a very interesting one that I’ve never seen before and has a very modern and clean line poster bed that feels more like you’re going to space or to the future.

This Poseidon bed has a roof and walls with cut outs that you can pop your head out of at night which is fun, imagine the kinds of forts you can create with this bed and a ton of blankets.

39. Potassium Bed by Wondymoon

The next bed on this list is absolutely gorgeous and feels like something you’d get at IKEA. The fabric headboard is super simple but really gorgeous and beautifully textured, coming in both neutral colours as well as a few more fun options!

The yellow, white and grey blanket is one of my favourites in this set and would look so great with more yellow accents around the room.

40. Queen Bed by Kardofe

This next bed is a must have in my game because the white bed frame is one I actually had up until a few months ago so its fun to have my sims have a bed that I’ve had in real life.

This one is fun because the bed frame comes in both black and white and has a ton of really fun and colourful blankets so you can add so much personality to your sim’s room.

41. Raizonda Bed by Jomsims

This next bed is a really fun choice that feels super cute and honestly the blanket feels like something your grandma would quilt for you that would be exceptionally cozy.

My only issue with this bed is the practical issues if this were in real life (which its not) but the placement of that cut out makes me think about how easily your pillows would get stuck in that crack each night.

42. Retro Reboot Bed by Winner9

There was a giant series on the sims resource with all sorts of cute retro themed items and this is a great option from that series. This bed has a gorgeous metal bed frame with gold details and a chevron pattern on the base that is super fun and interesting.

The best part about this bed is that absolutely gorgeous blanket with such bright colours that adds so much personality to a sim’s bedroom.

43. Rhodes Bed by Kardofe

The next bed on this list has a nice wooden bed frame that comes in neutral colours as well as a fun green option and has gorgeous X detailing on the headboard and footboard of the bed.

This is a bed that would look really awesome with any of the furniture from The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs and would fit perfectly in a home in Brindelton Bay.

44. Sara Bed by ShinoKCR

The next bed on this list is definitely unique compared to the others on the list and features some gorgeous sheer curtains to keep you safe at night where you’ll feel like you’re in a fort every night.

This bed would make your sim’s nights so cozy and can definitely have you decorating a gorgeous home with simple furniture but having it feel so modern and fancy.

45. Soho Lux Bed by Lulu265

Next we have a bed that has some gorgeous bead detailing on both the headboard and the footboard of the bed that adds some cute aspects, as well as a wood border around both which is gorgeous.

The blankets available for this are really beautiful and neutral so this bed works really well for tons of different sims.

46. Solsticio Bed by Pilar

This next bed feels like something you’d find in a thrift store, go home and clean up and absolutely fall in love with. The lattice detailing on the circular headboard is so beautiful and with the right art work could create a gorgeous bedroom.

The blankets for this custom content bed are all covered in flowers which are absolutely beautiful, especially that yellow swatch.

47. Southwind Beach Bedroom by Neinahpets

Most of the beds on this list are pretty crazy with fun headboards or blankets that are definitely the centre of the design of your bedroom. This bed is much more simple and works awesome in any neutral home design or a room where you maybe have an accent wall.

The wood bed frame is so simple and gorgeous and the white sheets make it feel like its more of a hotel bed than anything.

48. Surfer Girl Bed by Chicklet

Our next option is this surfer girl bed that is the perfect option for a teen sim because the blankets are so beautiful with stripes and gorgeous colours. Plus, the drawers add some beautiful detail to the bottom of the bed.

My favourite thing with this bed is that the headboard allows for you to add some fairy lights of photos to the bed to add some fun personality to your sim’s room.

49. Venice Bed by Kardofe

The next bed on this list is the Venice bed that features a fun headboard with slim pillows as well as metal posts all around with gorgeous curtains on the side.

This bed is super fun because o the metal and wood mixture that totally mix it up and make the bed more interesting, plus the blanket options are super fun and can be great for any bed room.

50. Yslextius Bed by Jomsims

Next, we have a bed that definitely will make your sim’s feel as though they are living in a hotel. In most hotels I’ve stayed in recently, they have these types of beds.

This bed has a really wide headboard which can be a great accent piece in your sim’s home and you can add some fun items to the small tables on each side.

51. Yuna Bed by Severinka

The next bed we have has a nice tufted headboard that comes in grey and is really beautiful and sleek. This is a nice bed because it has nice skinny legs with a wood base and fluffy pillows.

The nice thing about this blanket is that the headboard swatches do not change but the blanket swatches do, allowing you to choose your favourite blanket without having to lose your favourite bed frame colour.

52. Zara Bed by Simcredible

This next bed is pretty similar to one from a few beds ago, with that very long headboard that is a definite accent piece in any bedroom that will make it feel like you’re in a hotel.

The tufted details on this bed are really beautiful and come in whites, grey, greens and even pinks so you can use this in so many different bedrooms for a great look.

53. Zorane Bed by Jomsims

The final bed on our list is the Zorane bed by Jomsims that features a really gorgeous oval headboard with lattice detailing that feels super retro while working incredibly for any modern room.

The best part about this is that all of the blankets are very neutral so you can decorate any room with this bed and add flair with other items.

Final Thoughts

Having custom content beds are a really great way for you to decorate your sim’s homes and make them extremely cozy and fun. Your sim will spend a ton of time in bed over their lifetime, so these cc beds are great for you to change up your homes in The Sims 4. Hopefully you found something you love, happy playing!

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