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25+ Sims 4 Toddler Hair CC You Need in Your Game

Since we didn’t get the addition of toddlers until an update in 2017 we really don’t have enough content for this adorable life stage when it comes to their hair and clothing. You really can’t get far without sims 4 toddler hair cc if you want to create gorgeous sims.

Most of the hairs we get now for toddlers are just conversions from adult hairs that are too mature and don’t really suit toddlers in the way many of us would like to see.

That’s why sims 4 toddler hair cc pieces are an absolute game changer for creating the most adorable little ones in your game because you can make them actually look like toddlers instead of looking like mini-adults!

The Sims 4 Toddler Hair CC Pieces

1. Dahyun Hair

The first hair on our list is the Dahyun Hair that is absolutely beautiful and is a little more mature but still feels like something a toddler would wear.

This hair has a cute bun at the top of your sim’s head with two strands of bangs framing your sim’s face but still has some adorable baby hairs in the front which make it feel much more like a toddler hairstyle.


2. Libi Hair

This is the type of hairstyle that would have made me jealous of another kid in elementary school, this Libi Hair is so adorable!

This hair features an adorable set of bangs that make the hair look super sweet and young and has two adorable space buns on either side of your sim’s head and it works so well with any outfit for your toddlers.


3. Hyemi Hair

There is nothing more adorable than braids on young kids, it’s such a simple hair style that makes every kid look so incredibly adorable.

The Hyemi Hair has two really long braids coming down each side of your sim’s head as pigtails instead of a french braid which gives a cute vibe. It also has some cute braid strands and accessories in the hair to make it even cuter.


4. Marissa Hair

Our next hair is definitely a bit more mature than pig tails or space buns but still can really suit toddlers as well.

The MarissaHair has a set of choppy short bangs that look a bit like the time I cut my own bangs at age four an the rest of the hair tucks behind the ears and is above shoulder length so seems like something a toddler could rock.


5. Cool Braids

There really aren’t enough textured hair styles in the game, especially for younger sims but these Cool Braids really fill that gap for me.

This textured braid style is absolutely adorable and has your sim’s hair in twisted braids all the way back until they sit off the head at the back of the neck. Works with hats too!


6. Bun Hair

This Bun Hair is a fun one that looks so cute on sims, we once again have a set of space buns on either side of your sim’s head but with the buns being a bit bigger than the Libi Hair.

This hair has the buns pulled back super smooth and has a cute bang look that goes right up to your sim’s eyebrow line and looks super sweet.


7. Curly Hawk

Having mohawk hairstyles on children is always very adorable and this one makes the top half of the hair be curly for an even more unique vibe.

The Curly Hawk has the sides of your sim’s hair shaved with a nice plop of wavy hair at the top honestly making the top of their head look very tall.

8. Little Alice Up Do

Our next hair is the Little Alice Up Do and is definitely heavily inspired by some of the Island Living hairs we have in the game.

This hair is beautifully textured and has the sims hair in a high ponytail at the top of their head with a cute accessory holding it back and it honestly makes the toddler look mature and adorable at the same time.


9. Heejin Hair

Some of the custom content hair we get to play around with is a little over board and can have too much going on, this one is so simple but beautiful at the same time.

The Heejin Hair has your sims with a beautiful side bang off to one side with two longer pig tails coming out of the side of your sim’s head above the ear which is an adorable vibe for toddlers with longer hair.


10. Mildred Hair

There is nothing cuter than a kid with a bow in their hair and this sims 4 toddler cc hair is just too sweet.

This Mildred hairstyle is a beautiful textured hairstyle that has the sim’s hair going above their shoulders for a super cute look and even has a bow accessory to look adorable!


11. Josephine Hair

Our next hairstyle is Josephine that has a gorgeous dutch braid coming from both sides of your sim’s hair into a gorgeous pony tail at the back.

This is the type of hairstyle you’d get jealous of in school because you and your mom did not have the time for this stuff in the morning.

The best part about this hairstyle is that the creator has different variations in this with one being a long braid, one being in a bun and one going into a short pony tail so you can really have whatever you’d like to see.


12. Just PonyTail

Sometimes we just want something extremely simple and common like a pony tail and Just PonyTail is that.

This toddler hair has a simple bang that goes longer around the ears and the rest of the hair goes into a nice poof pony tail at the back of your sim’s head. Simple but effective!


13. Briony Bun & Curls

If you’re looking for a beautiful curly hair option for your sim’s toddlers you need to check out Briony!

This has two options where you can have the curl version where your sim will have their curly hair be above their shoulder in a cute cut with the one side tucked behind the ear.

The second option is in a very mature and adorable bun that shows off both ears and lets you really enjoy the baby hairs at the front of the face.


14. Jada Hair

If you were a fan of the Libi Hair that we discussed earlier but wished it worked for textured hair, well Jada will give you everything you ever wanted.

This hair is a beautiful space bun look where the buns almost look like little hearts and make the child look so adorable. It even has cute baby hairs along the sim’s hair’s edges that are so gorgeous.

These types of hairstyles work for any of your sim’s outfits, can look great at a wedding, can look great with their pjs so its extremely versatile.


15. Double Braids

One thing about toddlers is that they usually don’t have a lot of hair and a lot of sims hair has them having thick, luscious locks.

The Double Braids hairstyle is amazing because the braids are nice and thing and don’t make your toddler sim look too mature and more grown up than they need to.

This hair has a cute side bang that swoops back toward the ear and the rest of their hair is braided above the ear into two adorable pigtails with bows as an accessory to make it even more adorable!


16. Sarah Hair

Our next hair is called Sarah and it does not disappoint. This hair has three different variations all starting from a set of two braids coming down the sides of your sim’s head in both directions.

At the back of the head the first hair style goes into a pony tail, the second one works into two buns and the final one works into two very small pig tails.

Having these variations is so amazing because you can get exactly what you want.


17. Belle Hair

The Belle Hair is another great space bun option with these ones looking like they were braided or twisted before going into these adorable buns.

The texture on this hairstyle is absolutely beautiful and shows off the baby hairs in a beautiful way.


18. Vivi Hair

The Vivi Hair has some really thick and chunky bangs that really show your sim’s adorable side.

These bangs go straight across your sim’s eyebrow line and make their forehead look rather large in the most adorable way.

The rest of their hair is in two adorable braids that are hanging out above their ears almost at the top of their head with two balls on each braid, so cute!


19. Alyssa & Chandelier Hair

The Alyssa and Chandelier hairs start off with the same adorable base at the front of the hair where your sims has bangs that are being held back by an adorable twist on either side of their head.

One of the hair options goes back into two pig tails buns and the other one goes into a straight hairstyle, but both of these are adorable toddler hair options!


20. Toddler Hair Dump

If you’re looking to get a grouping of hairs all at once without having to look too hard this toddler hair dump is the answer.

You’ll get a handful of adorable hairs that really cover every single hair you’d like your sims to have in the game.

There are hair styles with bangs, hair styles with braids, some up, some down and literally just about everything you need for your sims 4 toddler cc hair folder.


21. Ina & Gabi Hair

If you’re looking for something super simple but still absolutely beautiful these two hairs are going to be it. The Ina & Gabi hairs don’t have any crazy braids or accessories and just seem like a nice everyday hair for your toddlers.

The first hair has a slight wave to it and goes in at the sims jawline and the other has more of a curl to it and is so cute with most of it one one side.

TODDLER CC ina and gabi hair

22. Sooa Hair

The next hairstyle on the list is the Sooa hair that has your sim’s toddler looking super mature.

This hairstyle has your sim rocking a half up, half down hairstyle where they look like they’re about to do chores and file their taxes.

This is still super adorable on toddlers since its not a super structured or clean looking hairstyle, a messier one!


23. Dutch Braids

Are you looking for the best structured dutch braids for sims toddlers that you’ve ever seen?

Look no further than these dutch braids! These braids give your sim a really cute side part and have the braids going back behind their ears on either side.

The braid goes past their shoulder onto their chest and just looks so cute, plus the edges are laid in such a way that it makes this hairstyle look casual and elegant at the same time.


24. Lisa Hair

Our next hair is the Lisa hair that has your sims with nice long hair that looks awesome, but most toddlers don’t grow hair this thick and long!

This hair has an adorable bang that goes a little above the sim’s eyebrow line and works back into the rest of their hair that is pushed behind their back and goes down past the sims armpits.

SIMS 4 TODDLER lisa hair

25. Ina Pigtails

There is nothing cuter on a toddler than a pair of sims 4 toddler cc pigtails because pigtails make everyone cuter!

These pig tails are so adorable and show off a cute side bang for your sims that frames the face in a beautiful way.

The rest of the hair is parted slightly off tot he side with the hair in two pig tails with different bow colours to make it absolutely adorable.

TODDLER HAIR ina pigtails

26. Kelly Hair

The Kelly hair is great for sims who are just hanging out, not about to go to any fancy event since its extremely simple but so adorable.

This hair has your sims with wavy hair and a nice side part with most of their hair on the one side.

The other side of the hair is tucked behind your sim’s earn and slightly behind their back.


Final Thoughts

When you’re looking for amazing custom content hair for your sim’s it’s important to look for different hairs depending on the age your sims are at the time. You want hair that is specific for toddlers in the game because toddlers deserve to look like toddlers. Happy Playing!

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