25+ Sims 4 CC Kids Hair You Need in Your Game

There are so many ways to make your sim’s look more individual and interesting and my favourite way is to give them more interesting hairstyles. These sims 4 cc kids hair options are absolutely some of my favourite sims hair mods because they can make your children look so unique and give them a whole new personality.

These hairs are going to cover just about everything you need for your children and they are so darn cute. They are going to be things like curly hair, long hair and short hair and more. If you’re looking for toddler hair you can find those here too!

Long Sims 4 CC Kids Hair

There are two categories where kid’s hairs can fall with the first one being long options for sims 4 cc kids hair. These cover things like long hair in both straight and curly options, braids and even up-dos. These hairs are so fun and can really make your sims look super cute!

Bangin’ Bangs Hair

The first option on our list of sims 4 cc kids hair is this fun hairstyle with bangs. The hair is fun because it is tucked behind the ear but with a piece in front to frame the face. The bangs are perfectly crafted and look so adorable on your sims.

Overall the hair has a wavy style which is perfect for kids since their hair is not normally perfectly straight or perfectly curly. You can have your sims wear this hairstyle everyday and they will love it!

A sims 4 cc kids hair with bangs and ears out

Candie Sims 4 CC Hair

The Candie hair is a very trendy look with a half-up, half-down look with bangs. This is great because it has so much going on and shows off your sims personality so well. The hair is long with a nice loose curl that goes behind the back with a bit in front of the chest for a great style!

A kid in The Sims 4 with a cc hair that's half up half down and bangs

Trisha Tresses

If you only have the base game for The Sims 4 you know you’re going to be lacking in the natural hair department. This is a great option for your sims to have with curly, natural hair and it look so good in-game.

This hair is so adorable with most of the curl being pushed into a bun on top of the head, with a ribbon to show off the look and a curly bang moment.

Two sims, one a child and one a toddler with a curly up-do hair style

Madison CC Kids Hair

Sometimes hairs in The Sims 4 are doing too much when most of the time kids are wearing their hair in the simplest way possible. Most kids don’t even want to get their hair brushed, let alone do an intricate hairstyle so if you’re going for realism this may be a great hair option for you.

Madison is a slight side part hair that has one side going behind your sims back and the other side in front and has a little bit of a curtain bang. It’s a great look for the little ones!

Two sims giving a half hug with matching hairstyles

So Sweet Braids

Recently I’ve stumbled upon a side of Tiktok where women are spending hours and hours adding these gorgeous braids to their hair and its given me a new appreciation for them. These braids are such a great hairstyle for your sims (and thankfully, sims aren’t going to have to spend hours braiding their hair).

These are great for your kids or for toddler hair with them having a side part, and going down almost to your sims belly button. The braids have great detail and texture and look awesome in game!

 sims 4 cc kids hair option for textured braids with one side being behind the back

Mica Sims 4 CC Hair

One of the simplest and most common looks for many kids is going to be pig tails. These ones are great with a center part and the pig tails being long and behind your sim’s ear. These are fun and even come in ombre colours for added intrigue.

Two sims with the Mica hair that is two pig tails behind the ears down past the chest in The Sims 4 cc hair

Bessie Hair

The next option on our list of sims 4 cc kids hair is this gorgeous Bessie braid. This one has your sims with a center part, and some baby hair detailing. The hair goes into a pony tail at the back of the head and this is a braid that cascades in front of your sim all the way past their waist.

This is a great look for a formal outfit, but can also be worn as an everyday outfit option too!

A sim in The Sims 4 wearing a bright orange dress with their cc hair pulled back into a braided pony tail with a middle part

Kid’s Hair Dump

This kid’s hair dump is amazing because you get a handful of hairs for both kids and toddlers all at once. They’re really fun, with things like half up looks and side pony tails, some curly and some straight. You definitely want this one in your game!

A toddler sim and a child sim with bangs and curly face framing pieces

Girl’s Hair Dump 03

This girl’s hair dump is also a must-have in my game because it has such cute looks for sims who care more about what their hair looks like. My favourite is definitely the curly half up, half down with face framing pieces because it is so dramatic and adorable for your sims to wear to school each day.

Three sims in The Sims 4 with adorable expressions on their face and various hairstyles that are cc hair

Lexi Hair

Next up on the list of sims 4 cc kids hair is this Lexi hairstyle which goes down to right above the shoulder. One side of the hair is pinned back with the other having tons of volume and the entire thing has a slight wave. This hair is great because it seems like something you’d see on many kids IRL.

A  sims 4 cc kids hair option that is pulled back on the one side and wavy

Yumi & Angel Hairs

These two hairs are super unique because they have awesome accessories in them that add extra flair and intrigue to the looks. The first hairstyle has two giant space buns with sticks inside of them and two face framing pieces, the hair comes in fun colours and is such a vibe. The other is a textured option with two pigtails and pony tail accessories which are super cute.

Two kids in The Sims 4 posing in a picture with their cc hair, one with buns and face framing pieces and another sim with braids

Lightweight Hair for Kids

The next hairstyle on our list is a just above the shoulder length wavy hairstyle that’s available for both kids and toddlers. This one has a slight side part with a bit of extra volume on one side and a nice wave with interesting layers. This is a great everyday look!

Two sims wearing a just above shoulder length hairstyle

Winter, Lizzie and Honey Bun

This set of hairs are really fun for slightly curly looks with some intrigue. The first one is a simple center part slightly curly look which is great for an everyday style. The other two hairstyles are half-up, half-down with interesting add-ins.

The first has a bow in the hair with their bangs going to each side instead of straight across, the second has a braid in it with straight across bangs.

Three of the same sim wearing different hairstyles

Emma Sims 4 CC Hair

The Emma hair has a side part that allows the one side of the hair to have a bit more volume. The hairstyle covers both ears and goes down in front of your sims shoulder on one side and behind the back on the other.

This is a great hair because its versatile for curly hair sims, they can wear this everyday or have it be their formal look!

A sim with black rimmed glasses, a yellow striped sweater under overalls and a curly hair

Kid’s Hair Dump 2

Hair dumps are a great way to get tons of looks all at once and this is a good one. You’ll get looks like a nice short bob, or a wavy look with a set of gorgeous bangs.

Getting custom content in sets is amazing so you can get so many items all at once!

Two sims with bright orange hair and a green floral shirt

Haley Hair

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc hairstyles is Haley, which is a straight across bang curly haired look. This is a very common look for younger sims IRL and can be worn with so many different sim’s outfits. The only downside is that the bangs are a little aggressive and thick!

A kid and a toddler in The Sims 4 with bangs and curly hair

Creative Braids

Adding braids to your sim’s hairstyles is a great way to add some dimension and make the looks a bit more interesting. This hairstyle has a center part with two dutch braids going down each side toward the back to add so much fun.

The bulk of the hair is down and curly with tons of volume and a lot of beauty. You can have your sims wear this for their formal or party look and they’ll look so great!

Two sims with matching middle part hair with french braids

Estella Sims 4 CC Kids Hair

When The Sims Resource decided to do an entire gothic themed series I was instantly obsessed. This hairstyle for kids is so great with it being a split colour down the middle which is so fun.

The hairstyle has straight across bangs and goes right above your sim’s shoulders with a slight wave. It’s just such a fun look!

A hairstyle with two tones split down the middle, white on one side and brown on the other

Olympia Hair

The Olympia hair is a really cute look for younger sims too, and is great with super casual outfits. The hair starts with a set of bangs that cascade down each side of your sims face until they are behind their ears. The hair is slightly waved and looking a bit messy in an adorable way.

A sim with a scared expression with curtain bangs and long hair

Azure Hair

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc kids hair is Azure, which is a curly hair look. This has a slightly side part look with one side going across the sims forehead and the other going back behind your sim’s ear. This is a great hairstyle for showing off a custom earring that your sims may have!

A sim wearing an orange sweater with their hair pulled back behind one ear

Short Sims 4 CC Kids Hair

Not all children have long hair, short hair is a great option to add to your sims 4 cc kids hair folder too. These hairs are so beautiful and can be worn by kid’s of any gender, and some even have adult hair versions too so your kid is able to match their parent.

Leon Sims 4 CC Hair

The Leon hair is a great classic look for your sim’s kids. This one has a swooped back look that can be worn everyday and will look great with just about any sims outfit.

A sim in a blue button down with brown shoulders with a pushed back, side swept hair

Angelo Hair

The Angelo hair is a great sweet look for your sims, this hair is a wavy look with much of the hair cascading in front of the sim’s face. It’s honestly so cute, you can wear this everyday but it can look great with a formal look to!

A sim with blonde wavy hair with a pale pink shirt and a pink vest and bow tie

Rizal Hair

This just seems like the perfect not-so-perfect hairstyle for your sims kids. It just looks like something you’d see in any classroom in the world, because most kids don’t want their hair to be too complicated!

A sim wearing a button down and a vest with a side swept hair

Marcel Sims 4 CC Hair

This textured hair option is really beautifully made for your sims. It has a nice fade in the back and on the sides under the dreads that are swooped off to one side. This looks so cool on your sims!

A sim with a dreadlock hairstyle with a fade

Jordan Hair

The curls on this hairstyle are so adorable and beautifully made, and this looks so good in-game. The hair has some really great volume and shaved sides which looks great, and it can be worn every single day for your sims.

A voluminous curly hair style with texture

Get Famous Conversions

This next set of sims 4 cc kids hair is great because it took a bunch of hairs that came with The Sims 4: Get Famous and turned them into useable hairs for kids. These hairs are super cool and your sims just… deserve to wear them!

Three images of kids in The Sims 4 with various hairstyles

Mengi Sims 4 CC Hair

The textured hair options for sims are lacking, and this one is so great for your sims. This one has small dreads that are going from the middle to each side and the detail on the hair is so good, it looks real instead of virtual!

A sim with dread locks as their  sims 4 cc kids hair

Oscar Hair

The Oscar hair has a slightly off center part with the hair going down to each side with straight hair. The front pieces of the hair are swooped off to either side and is a really adorable style.

A short haired option for your  sims 4 cc kids hair  folder

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Kids Hair

Your sim’s hair can really show off their identity and make them look like a more unique character. These sims 4 cc kids hair options are so perfect and can really give some personality and love to your children in the game. We really don’t get enough hairs for kids in the vanilla game, so these are definitely a must have. Happy Playing!

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