A green to blue ombre background with the same sim four times on top, this sim is wearing different types of sims 4 cc overalls.

Adorable Sims 4 CC Overalls For Your Mods Folder

There are so many cute things for your sims to wear but nothing beats the items on this list. These Sims 4 CC Overalls are so precious and make me so happy in the game because it makes my characters look so precious.

There are overalls for children, toddlers and even adults to wear on this and they just all make me so happy.

The Cutest Sims 4 CC Overalls

Riley Overalls

This list, of course, needs to start with toddler overalls because they’re just the cutest.

These Riley overalls are great for your sims because they’re already in-game, they’re just a recolour of an adult outfit that should’ve been added with cottage living for toddlers anyway.

You’ll get a nice long sleeve with some adorable overall shorts with cute things like tiny foxes on the chest, absolutely perfect.

The words Riley Overalls on a grey background. There are two of the same sim wearing classic overall shorts over top of a green striped sweater.

Hologram Sims 4 CC Overall Dress

Overalls don’t just need to be pants or shorts, overall dresses are adorable too!

This option starts with a simple t-shirt in a nice pastel colour like a light pink, and they’re paired with a nice pair of overalls with a skirt in a colour that matches.

These are so much fun and seem perfect for teenagers or young adults who are currently attending school.

The words "hologram overall dress" at the top in light brown. Underneath there are the same sim twice wearing a light t-shirt underneath a brown overalls dress.

Today Is Overall Set

This next set of sims 4 cc overalls are fun because they have small details added to them that many other pairs don’t have.

These are awesome as a pair of overall pants with the bottom of the pants cuffed and one strap open to make them a bit more interesting.

The creator even added a small purse to the sim’s waist to keep the outfit looking even more interesting.

An image of the same sim twice. They are wearing a striped t-shirt underneath a pair of teal overalls with only one strap done up. They are wearing a light purple belt bag around their waist.

Akiho Overall Outfit

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of overalls for autumn, look no further.

This outfit starts with a beautiful sweater with a knit texture and ribbing around the edges in a beautiful fall colour.

On top you’ll find corded overalls with a fun heart on the chest for such a fun detail. Pair this with some fun custom shoes and you’ll find a great outfit.

A light grey background with the same sim twice wearing teal overalls with a white heart on the chest and a pink sweater underneath.

Clover Sims CC Overalls

Summer is a perfect time to wear overalls, as long as they are shorts!

These overalls are great and start you off with a simple rounded neck t-shirt with cuffed arms that would be a staple piece on its own.

On top you’ll find a nice pastel coloured pair of overalls with silver buckles and buttons. These are gorgeous!

A light grey background with the words "Clover Overals V2" at the top. Underneath is the same sims 4 character wearing a white t-shirt with cuffed sleeves with adorable light purple overalls shorts.

Clover Sims 4 CC Overalls Outfit

Our next option for sims 4 cc overalls is these super fun denim overalls with a bright colour t-shirt underneath.

These are great because they’re super simple but can truly have your sims looking so adorable.

The best part about these is the black belt that is breaking up the look a little and giving it more dimension.

A light grey background with the words "clover overalls" at the top. Underneath is the same sim twice with a light pink t-shirt with the sleeves cuffed, on top is a pair of overalls shorts with a black belt.

Hologram Overalls and Sweater

The thing I really like about this option for overalls is that there is a skirt that is showing off the legs with something completely covering your sim’s arms.

It looks like the sweater is the most cozy thing in the entire world and would keep a sim super warm.

Plus, the colours on the overall dress are bright and fun for sims who love to wear more colour.

The words "hologram Overalls V2" at the top of the screen in red. Underneath is the same sim twice wearing a red long sleeve sweater underneath an overall dress.

Honey Overalls

We can’t talk about overalls without talking about the most common age group to wear them, children!

These custom overalls are incredible because of how adorable the striped sweater under the overalls is.

These are an awesome long pair of overalls with a cuffed bottom letting you show off the children’s shoes. Just a great pair of overalls for kids that you need!

A light grey background with the words Honey Overalls in light brown. Underneath those words is the same child aged sim twice wearing a white and black striped sweater underneath a pair of brown sims 4 cc overalls.

Zara Sims 4 CC Dungaree

Toddlers are so lucky because they can go out in custom clothing with fun prints and colours without turning heads like adults would.

Sometimes I just want to wear overalls with a yellow and pink dinosaur shirt too!

These are great with long legs with a cuff and fun t-shirts underneath with super fun patterns and styles.

A light grey background with the words "Zara Dungaree" in magenta. Underneath is the same toddler sim twice wearing an adorable pair of cc overalls over top of a patterned yellow and magenta t-shirt.

Buzzed Off Sims 4 CC Dress

I really want to add a million overall dresses to my closet after working on this list, they are just so cute.

These sims 4 cc overalls are a great option with an adorable cropped shirt underneath a corded pair of overalls.

The colours are great for summer and fall and will look amazing on just about any sim.

A light grey background with the words "buzzed-off overalls" at the top. Underneath there is the same character from The Sims 4 twice. They are wearing a royal blue overalls dress with no shirt underneath.

Utility Overalls

Next up we have something that would be perfect if you have a sim who works with their hands and needs overalls because of their utility.

These are fun with different colours like blue and yellow but also an adorable blue and white striped option.

These look like a pair of Dickies overalls that you’d want to have IRL!

A light grey background with the words "Utility Overalls" at the top. Underneath there are two sims underneath who are identical wearing the same pair of cc overalls with a long black shirt.

Alex Sims 4 Overalls

Out of the whole list, these next overalls are the absolute cutest.

We start with a simple t-shirt that has fun colours and patterns that correspond with the overalls over top.

Then, you have adorable patterned overalls with things like bears or dinosaurs, who wouldn’t want that?

The words Alex Overalls on a light grey background. Under the words are two sims that are identical wearing the same outfit. It's a pair of patterned overalls with a red t-shirt underneath.

Sannie Overalls

Are you looking to play with a farmer? Someone who loves to garden? If so, these are for you.

These overalls are great with a small fray at the bottom making them look super lived in and worn.

The t-shirt is cuffed up showing off your sim’s arms and it just looks super awesome.

A light grey background with the same character from The Sims 4 twice. This character is wearing a pair of green overall shorts with a light pink t-shirt underneath.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you managed to find your next favourite pair of sims 4 cc overalls, I’m sure you did!

These are great outfits for your sims to wear everyday and they’ll look so cute doing it. Happy Playing!

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