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The Cutest Sims 4 CC Braids Your Sims Deserve to Wear

There are so many small details you can do in your hair to make it more interesting and braids are a great example of this. You can have these Sims 4 CC Braids in your collection for many reasons, including having sims wearing braided pig tails, having textured hair sims wearing protective styles, or just for a cute and different look in your mods folder.

These braids are absolutely beautiful and you’ll want to add each and every one to your game, so be prepared for your mods folder to be bulky after looking through this list!

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The Best Sims 4 CC Braids for Your Mods Folder

Angelina Hair

The first option on our list of gorgeous braided hairstyles is this super beautiful slicked back side braid. This hairstyle has a middle-part which is super trendy right now and a slicked back look. Then, from the back of the head the braid starts and is sitting on the shoulder and chest on one side.

The best thing about this hairstyle is that there are three versions letting you choose whether or not you want to have face framing pieces on one side, both sides, or not at all. This is so much fun because it adds an extra level of customization and beauty to the look.

The same sim three times with the same black shirt on. They all have the same sims 4 cc braids hairstyle in different versions.

Bluebell V2 Hair

Braids don’t all have to be down and on your sim’s shoulders, you can add french braids to just about any hairstyle which is why they’re fun. This hairstyle starts with a center part with french braids coming from the center of the forehead and going toward the back of the head.

The style doesn’t just have braids, it ends with two large pig tail puffs in a curly texture which is so beautiful and I just love it. There are even fun face framing curly pieces in the front that complete the look.

A sim wearing their hair in two french braids from the front that go into two large puff buns at the back of their head. Sims 4 CC braids

Kieran Sims 4 CC Hair

The next hairstyle we have is a great protective hairstyle for your sims with textured hair. These are some of the hairstyles that we are truly missing in the game so having these as a Sims 4 CC Braids hairstyle is a must-have. Custom content creators are amazing because they add so many amazing details to their hairstyles too!

This sims 4 cc braids hairstyle starts with braided rows on top of the head that are framed with laid edges making it look so styled and gorgeous. These braids go down into these beautiful braids with most of them being behind the back and two being in front, they even have beads at the bottom for a gorgeous accessory.

A sim wearing a yellow and orange shirt with their hair in braids with baby hairs and small beads at the end of the braids.

Byllie Braids

Our next hair is so gorgeous, you’ll love having this one on your sims. The hair starts at the front with the edges laid perfectly which frames the face and makes the hairstyle look finished spectacularly. Then you go into braids against the scalp toward the back of the head and all of the hair ending up in braids down behind your sim’s back.

The best part about this is that all of the hair is pushed back behind the sim’s ears making it so you can add any kind of custom earrings that you want.

A sim wearing a gold shirt and silver jewelry with their hair in braids.

Ambrose Braids

If you want your sims to look like a cottage-core dream from a Disney movie, you’ll want to add the Ambrose braids to your game. This just feels like something a Disney princess would wear before meeting her prince and living happily ever after.

This hairstyle is a simple braid at the back of your sim’s head, but there are so many small details that make it look really beautiful. These details include things like small wispy hairs framing your sim’s face as well as a gorgeous yellow bow holding the entire style together.

A character from The Sims 4 facing away from you in a white dress and their hair in a braid on the back of their head.

Kelani Sims CC Braids Set

The next set of braids that we have are awesome because they are available for both masculine and feminine sims so they’re super wearable. These are awesome for an everyday hairstyle but they can be worn with formal and party looks too.

These start with some braids against the scalp that go down into long braids that end up at the middle of the chest. There are a few braids that lay on the front of the sim, but most are at the back letting you still see most of your sim’s shirt.

A male and female sim standing next to each other in simple black and white shirts. They both have their hair in protective hairstyle braids.

Bethany Sims CC Braids

Our next option for a great braided hairstyle is this set of Bethany braids. These are so beautifully detailed with the edges laid and all of the texture looking great in between the braids to make this look more realistic.

The hair has braids going against the scalp toward one side and going into a pony tail of braids that lays on the shoulder toward the chest. This is such a great style for wearing your favourite tops and adding fun custom accessories so you can really have the best time!

A sim with a white shirt, and vitiligo on their face. Their hair is in a side braid.

Adeline Braids

The next braid set on the list are these awesome shoulder length braids that are super different from anything else on the list. These are great because they come straight out of the head and go down to the shoulders in a beautiful way.

There are gorgeous edges laid that frame the top of the face and the hair bends in at the bottom making it feel like such a natural look. The ears are showing so you can wear earrings and with the right op you can really show off a gorgeous custom necklace too!

A sim wearing a blue and orange shirt with their hair parted at the side with their hair in protective braids.

Avyanna Sims 4 CC Hair

There are two styles of braided pigtails, you have ones that are super tight to the head and clean and ones that are super loose and messy and both are gorgeous. This messy braided pigtail look is so beautiful and will make your sims look effortlessly perfect.

The hair is parted in the center with braids starting below the ear in a lose and fun way. There are certain pieces of hair that didn’t quite make it into the braid which make it feel more realistic and true to life. An absolute must-have!

A sim wearing an off the shoulder top and white necklaces, they have their hair in sims 4 cc braids as pigtails.

Rapunzel Hair

There are tons of simmers who want to play different challenges like the Disney Princess Challenge and would need to have hairstyles that are looking like a hair from a Disney movie. This one is perfect if you want your sims to look like Rapunzel with a long braid.

This hair has two strands on each side that are framing the face and the rest of the hair is in a fun braid going right down to your sim’s bum. It’s not quite as long as Rapunzel’s hair, but it gets close!

A sim with teal skin and a teal dress with bright red hair. Their hair is in a long braid like Rapunzel.

Bonisha Braids

Next up we have a gorgeous protective braid hairstyle with tons of flair. This one is super fun because it has the hair pulled back behind the ear to make the sim look super cool, there are two braids in the front of the face helping to frame it which looks awesome.

You can definitely add a cute hoop earring to this look since you can see the complete ear on this one. The rest of your sim’s hair is behind the back so you can show off the perfect custom outfit.

A sim wearing a pink tank top with hoop earrings and braided hair.

Estelle Sims CC Braid Hair

What do we want? Hair accessories! When do we want them? All the time! There is something so fun about hairstyles that have small accessories because they make them feel more realistic and fun in the game and are something I’d love to wear IRL.

This hairstyle has a center part with two braided pig tails that are a little messy, in the cutest way. The headband on this one is great and comes in contrasting colours for the different hair colours.

A sim wearing a white shirt and yellow overalls. They have red hair in two pigtail cc braids with a white headband. Sims 4.

Heartspice Braids

There is something so beautiful about braids that end and go into straight hair just to add a bit of spice to the look. This hairstyle has a center part with two beautiful braids going to the back of the head where it transports into a regular pony tail.

There are really beautiful face framing pieces that are going to complete the look totally. This feels like the type of hairstyle you’d see in a movie where the character wearing it spends a lot of time in a library.

A sim looking at you with rounded glasses and a yellow shirt. They have their hair in a braid.

Leah Toddler Sims Braids

We can’t just have braids for adults, we need at least one option for toddlers and this one is great. It’s just super adorable and makes your little sims look so sweet, and honestly makes them look loved because their parents made them look so cute.

This hair has a middle part with two french braids down each side of the head into a small little bun with just a tiny little piece of hair. There are small bows that just totally complete the look in making your sim look so sweet.

The back of a toddlers head in The Sims 4. This toddler has their hair in cc french braids with tiny bows on the end.

Braids Collection

Our next option is a beautiful set of dozens of braided hairstyles for sims with textured hair. These are great because they have nice texture detailing as well as some great edges laid. The braids look really great with details that are gorgeous.

The best thing about this hair is that there isn’t just this one style and its variants, this set has so many options to choose from. You’ll find large poof buns, straight braided looks, and even some fun pony tails that just look awesome.

Four of the same character from The Sims 4 and each of them has a different cc braids style on their head.

Sydnie Sims 4 CC Hair

This next hairstyle feels like the perfect option for a sim who is a working mom and needs something simple to keep their hair out of their face while they chase their kids around and then go rock the board room. It feels so put together and pretty while being simple enough to be worn with your sim’s pyjamas too!

This hairstyle has a straight across bang that is swooped to the side a bit showing off a small bit of your sim’s forehead. The hair is pulled to one side with a loose braid going onto your sim’s chest in a really beautiful way.

A sim on a pink and white background wearing a white shirt. They have red hair that is in a side braid with bangs.

Final Thoughts

Did you find your new favourite Sims 4 CC Braids? Why do I even ask? I know the answer is yes. These are all of my absolute favourite, must-have braided hairstyles that make me so happy and are always hanging out in my mods folder. Happy Playing!

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