Where to Find THE BEST Maxis Match CC for The Sims 4

There is so much custom content out there for a player to find and enjoy that comes from various creators, websites and players. You can find things like custom content clothes and hairs to even custom content furniture and decor objects for your sims homes. Since there’s so much out there to discover, where are the best places to find it?

Well, we’ve compiled a list of all of the best websites to find a variety of custom content but also a list of creators that make very specific types of custom content and are extremely talented. These creators are all so great at making this content for the game and you’ll absolutely love what you find.

What is Maxis Match Custom Content?

For The Sims 4 there are two different types of custom content you can download for the game, the first is alpha cc which is more of the look of The Sims 3 and looks more realistic but looks a little out of place in The Sims 4. Maxis match custom content is the type of content that fits perfectly and blends well into The Sims 4. These items can be worn perfectly with any items from EA and won’t look out of place.

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Custom Content Websites

If you’re looking for more of a curated experience when looking for custom content you may want to go find a website that has the types of stuff you enjoy. These include websites like The Sims Resource where people upload their own creations, but also tumblr pages where people will reblog and curate a bunch of different content they enjoy.

1. Maxis Match CC World

Our first amazing place to find maxis match custom content is, of course, on Maxis Match CC World. This is one of the most popular places to find curated custom content. They most share a bunch of build custom content but will once in a while share some create a sim stuff that is sure to impress.

2. The Sims Resource

Perhaps the largest and most popular custom content website for The Sims 4 is The Sims Resource and this site features both maxis match content and alpha content. The absolute best thing about this website is that you can genuinely find anything on this website from simpler hair styles or cc glasses to a very specific item like elf ears or fairy wings.

One thing to understand about TSR is that the website is extremely heavy on ads because they try to push you toward joining their membership program. Doing this will remove all ads that you have to watch, make it so you can start a basket of items you want to download all at once, and give you other features that you can’t get without paying. You can easily use the website without paying but you’ll be smacked with ads.

3. MM Finds

Of course a tumblr page with maxis match right there in the title is going to have some great maxis match content for you to explore. MMFinds is a curated page with all sorts of different content from across tumblr posts and explores a variety of different types of custom content.

On this page you’ll find things from vampire eyes and custom gravestones to regular hair that can be used on just about any sim. The owner Lulu is from Australia and seems to still be quite active at the time of writing.

4. MM Outfitters

MM Outfitters is a really amazing option if you’re looking for super trendy pieces posted consistently. This page likes to share people’s very gen z fashion items and this definitely keeps their content super fun and interesting.

5. The Plumbob Tea Society

One of my old favourites for finding great custom content was The Plumbob Tea Society, a page that had a bunch of contributors who were other incredible creators who all contributed to packs and shared their content on this page.

Unfortunately, The Plumbob Tea Society has gone on an “indefinite hiatus” and it is currently unclear when or if they’ll ever return to making beautiful items but they did great work for many years.

6. Maxis Match CC

Our next page is another curator on Tumblr named Maxis Match CC. On this page you’ll find gorgeous clothing items that are mixed in with eyebrows, wedding dresses and honestly so much more.

A great thing about Maxis Match CC is that they aren’t just going to reblog everything for the sake of reblogging it. They have in their bio that they are a tester and love to check to see if these items actually look good in the game before sharing them with others.

7. Maxis Match Finds

Next on the list is a tumblr page called Maxis Match Finds who is a wonderful curator of beautiful items that they’ve found on tumblr. The types of items they reblog include gorgeous items like running shoes, hairs, clothing items and so much more.

Using a curator page like this is great because you can see more than one creator of cc at a time instead of going to a specific creator so you can try different people.

8. Pinterest

You may not immediately think to check or use Pinterest for sims custom content but you can actually create organized boards that hold links to all of your favourite custom content so you can keep them forever. There is nothing worse than having a moment where you need to clear your CC folder and then never being able to find your favourite items again.

There are so many awesome Pinterest boards that are dedicated to awesome Maxis Match Custom Content, here are a few you can check out:

Custom Content Creators (CAS)

As time as gone on and the custom content creator community has continued to grow the focus has really shifted from being entirely about websites and curated pages to being more about individual creators and what we can do to support them. Below you’ll find some of the most talented maxis match creators for the game and ways to support them!

1. Greenllamas

Our first create a sim creator is GreenLlamas and I promise you won’t regret checking his stuff out. One of my favourite things to get from this creator is their hair creations because they are absolutely beautiful and incredibly versatile in the game.

Something I never knew I needed before I saw it on greenllamas page was a custom content eye brow. I didn’t realize how cartoony the eyebrows in the game are currently and these changed that.

2. SimPlistic

If you’re looking for a creator who isn’t afraid of pattern, then Simplistic is a great option. They create beautiful pieces that use florals, camo and so many other fun patterns that you’d love to have on your sims. They aren’t afraid to branch out with types of pieces too with these patterns being used on dressed, pants, robes and more.

They also don’t just create CAS items and are often putting items out for build mode and buy mode including some beautiful rugs and wall art. Definitely one of the best creators if you’re looking for some beautifully designed rugs in your game.

3. AHarris00Britney

Finding high quality and interesting hair for The Sims 4 is hard but Austin at AHarris00Britney has done it repeatedly for years and never lets me down.

They have an incredible back log of long and short hairs including gorgeous up-dos that work so well in the game. Austin also sometimes does AxA custom content packs where there are clothes involved too, but mostly focus on creating hair.

4. Grimcookies

Our next creator of custom content is Grimcookies who also makes youtube videos! Grim is often making really on-trend pieces that you’d love to see on your sims with a big emphasis on form-fitting clothing that really flatter your sims.

The craziest thing? Grimcookies even had a chance to partner with GUCCI for a collab where they created a bunch of Gucci items as custom content for the game. What a cool opportunity!

5. Standardheld

Some of my favourite custom content creators are those who don’t stick to one type of clothing or make up and Standardheld really branches out and will try anything. Not only do they make CAS cc they sometimes bring in build stuff too.

One of my favourite items they’ve created is a sweared that has the design from a DHD rug that I’m obsessed with and they even took the two cottage living rugs that are rectangles and made round versions for more versatility.

6. Nolan Sims

Nolan Sims is one of those creators that you go to if you’re looking for stuff that is on-trend and super high quality and it really just doesn’t disappoint. On their page you’ll find things like a dress with mushroom-like or beautiful plaid shorts that are just so gorgeously created.

Their custom content is always well designed and you can tell they put a lot of love into their work. Definitely someone to watch out for.

7. Crazy Cupcake

Our next CAS custom content creator is Crazy Cupcake, although as of writing this they aren’t extremely active in the community anymore which is a real bummer because they created some fun make up looks and even more fun clothing items.

On their page you can find some gorgeous make up including some really great lip gloss options, a mandala under-boob tattoo which is super popular lately and a bunch of fun clothing pieces.

8. Urban Sims

Our next create a sim creator is a super popular Youtube Let’s Play creator named Urban Sims. Urban started creating custom content just a few short years ago and has really made some great stuff in a short time.

The types of custom content you’ll find here include things like nails for your sims since the spa day update and beautiful make up. I honestly think that Urban’s custom content make up is some of the best in the business!

9. Katverse

Katverse is one of my absolute favourite places to go to find pose packs for The Sims 4, and they’ve created over 30 of them for you to use in your game. That’s not all Katverse is known for though, they’ve got dozens of creations for you to discover.

On their website you’ll find things like default and non-default eye replacements for your game, custom tattoos and even some really fun CAS backgrounds and loading screens to mix up your game.

10. Fantayzia

If you’re into sims youtube, you’ve proabably heard of Fantayzia, she creates awesome videos with news, mods and gameplay that you don’t wanna miss. Many players don’t know that she also creates some fun custom content pieces.

The types of create a sim custom content you’ll find includes make up items like lip kits, different nail polish styles, and they even venture into creating beautiful clothing items from time to time. A great person to support!

Custom Content Creators (Build)

When most players think about custom content they are going to first think about hairs, clothes and make up and only then will they consider build custom content. The build creators are honestly so talented and can completely help to change the vibe of your sim’s homes. The following are some of my favourite and the most talented custom content creators out there.

1. Ravasheen

Ravasheen is my absolute favourite creator to turn to for functional items that make the game better and make it easier to do certain tasks. For example, we all hate how huge the cupcake machine is so Ravasheen took it and changed it to a small object that looks like sprinkles or a piping bag.

Another incredible thing they were able to do is turn your in-game photos into things like polaroids, calendars and even put them on canvas which makes your homes feel so extremely personal.

2. Harrie

Our next two creators are both extremely talented in their own right but also do a lot of incredible collabs together. First we have Harrie who creates gorgeous home furniture that you’ll seriously be impressed with.

They recently started doing something called shop the look where they turn a photo of a real life room and make it into a custom content pack for you to download all at once, absolutely genius.

3. Felixandre

Our next in the House of Harlix pairing is Felixandre who makes a bunch of awesome stuff with Harrie and has even done shop the look too! One of my favourite sets they’ve done is the Berlin Set P3 that features awesome office furniture that’s out of this world!

Together Harrie and Felix are able to create some of the most iconic sims collab custom content packs and are seriously known for their amazing quality and intense attention to detail.

4. LittleDica

Our next creator is LittleDica who makes some really beautiful stuff with some of my favourites being the Rise & Grind Coffee House and the Delicious Kitchen pack where they partnered with Deligracy.

It’s been extremely fun to watch LittleDica improve their quality and ideas over the past few years and really see them grow into an extremely talented CC creator.

5. Around The Sims

Around The Sims has been around for a while and creates fun custom content pieces that you won’t see anywhere else. They have a huge variety of objects on their website that are super functional and definitely fun for gameplay.

One awesome thing they created around the holidays was an advent calendar which was actually functional in both The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 which is really impressive and lets so many players enjoy it.

6. Sixam CC

Looking for a creator that doesn’t stick to one type of content? Well, Sixam CC may be for you. They aren’t going to just make kitchens or living rooms, they’re going to make packs for everyone. From a Charming Chalet to an entire pack for barn doors, there’s something for everyone.

One recent item I just can’t get enough of is Sixam CC’s Modern Teen Room Pack because it brings in everything you’d want for a colourful and messy teen room of your dreams.

7. Peacemaker

If you’re a fan of the Maxis Match but bordering on Alpha looking furniture than Peacemaker is the best creator for you. They are an extremely creative and unique creator and love adding pillows to couches to make them feel super cozy.

Most of the creations by Peacemaker come in packs with over 10 items so its easy to create beautiful areas with these items and you seriously will love how it all comes together.

8. Myshunosun

Myshunosun is a maxis match creator who has released some very unique and fun items over the years. They are great at working with curved lines and wood textures and will seriously impress you.

Possibly one of the most gorgeous items myshunosun has genuinely ever created comes in the Freja Nursery collection and is the hanging chair. It’s a gorgeous egg chair with a cushion and a open back hanging from a gorgeous rope from the ceiling, in all wall heights of course!

9. Pierisim

Our next wonderful creator is Pierism who makes beautiful furniture to create cozy spaces and is really impressive. Their most well-known item is the Oak House series that really is gorgeous.

One fun thing that Pierism does is that they don’t just release something and never think about it again. They have a tendency to go ahead and update things a few times and add new items to it. For example, as of writing this their Oak House Custom Content has a 6th update!

10. Maxsus

Our next build creator is Maxsus who is a very talented creator who makes items that fit right in with the Maxis Match aesthetic. Some of their best work includes the Cozy Backyard Pack, a Dining Room Pack and more.

Possibly my favourite thing Maxsus has ever created is the Child Dream Kit because it makes it so much more fun decorate a kids’ bedroom or a nursery with this adorable furniture, including a not-functional changing table.

11. Illogical Sims

There is a huge problem when custom content just looks off in the game. This happens when wood tones don’t match, or when colours are just too much. A great way to combat this is to find Add-On Custom Content Packs which is what you’ll find with Illogical Sims.

For example, there is a Dream Home Decorator Mini Add-On Pack that includes different versions of both sectional sofas, but making them regular sofas because they’re super cute but a sectional isn’t always functional. Or separating giant plants into smaller sections!

12. Simsi45

Our next creator is Simsi45 who creates because stuff packs and very beautiful furniture. Not only do they create awesome furniture they also do random mods too like Reworked & Improved EA Lights or a mod that recolours The Sims 3 CAS Room.

The absolute best stuff you can find from Simsi45 is any of the old game to The Sims 4 creations. For example, my absolute favourite is the Family Fun Stuff pack that originally came with The Sims 2 and was just one of those packs that brought in an immense amount of joy.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you found a few new places to find that beautiful Maxis Match custom content for your game because these are genuinely some of the best creators out there. If I missed one of your favourites, be sure to comment who you love and I’ll definitely add to this list in the future as things change! Happy Playing!

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