A purple background with "beautiful custom crop-tops" on top. There are two sims with cropped denim jackets on top.

Super Cute Sims 4 CC Crop Tops For a Perfect Outfit

There are times when shopping when all you can find is a crop top, not a full length top to be found. These types of shirts are super trendy so you need to add some sims 4 cc crop tops in your game if you want your sims to love you.

On this list you’re going to find things like cropped sweaters, cropped jackets, cropped tank tops and so much more. Hopefully you’ll find all sorts of

Must Have Sims 4 CC Crops Tops

Piper Sims 4 CC Crop Top

Some of the best crop tops out there are the most simple, and this one is awesome for being super simple.

You’ve got all of the goodies, spaghetti straps, a nice plaid pattern and some cute buttons going down the front.

This sims 4 cc crop tops option is great when worn with high-waisted jeans, a pair of joggers for a more relaxed look or a nice skirt to dress it up. It’s super versatile!

A light grey background with the words "Piper Crop Top" at the top of the screen. On the image is the same character from The Sims 4 twice, they are wearing the same outfit which is a light teal skirt with a light plaid crop tank top. This sim has brown hair.

Echo Top

The shape of a simple t-shirt can get boring after a while so why not try something like the Echo Top?

This t-shirt is fun because it has sleeves that are longer than the crop which gives it a unique style to other stuff out there.

There are a bunch of swatches on this one including many basic colours, and tons of patterns including florals, pineapples and camoflague.

A light grey background with the words "echo crop top" written at the top. The sim in the image has a long denim skirt on for their bottoms and a camo crop top on for the shirt.

Vivid Dreams Crop Top

Who doesn’t want to have vivid dreams? These are a great crop top to add to your game that’s simple and adorable.

These t-shirts come in a whole bunch of swatches with striped options, graphic t-shirts, and a bunch that are just a simple single colour swatch.

A simple t-shirt crop top like this is the best top for your teenage sims to wear to school with a nice pair of high-waisted pants.

An image of the same sim twice on a light grey background. This sim has the words "Vivid Crop Top" above their head. They are wearing a plaid skirt with a black crop top with a white collar and a graphic design on the chest.

Aralina Sims CC Crop Top

A simple sweater is a great look, especially in the colder months like September or October. That’s why I love this cropped sweater for my sims.

This sweater has a nice crop level where you aren’t showing too much skin, but still get to see a bit of your sim’s stomach.

The sweater has long sleeves and a nice ribbed texture and comes in 10 different colours, but the green is my favourite.

The same character from The Sims 4 twice on a light grey background. The sim is wearing a plaid light green skirt with a white ribbed sims 4 cc crop top.

Puff Sleeve Crop Top

Our next item on this list of sims 4 cc crop tops is this super fun puffy sleeve crop top that comes in a bunch of super sweet colours.

This is a great top to be worn with a pair of jeans for a more modern look, or with a skirt and hair bow to make your sims look adorable.

The best thing about this top is that you can also download the matching skirt that is separated so you can mix and match or wear them together.

A sim with brown hair wearing a black and red denim skirt with a bright red crop top with elbow length sleeves. The words "puff sleeve top" are at the top.

Celine Sims 4 CC Top

A corset top is genuinely one of the most beautiful things out there, but my feelings about them might be out of jealously since my bust is too intense to wear something like this.

This corset crop top is so beautiful with the thick straps being tied into a cute bow on the shoulder, and some adorable criss-cross patterns keeping the top together in the front.

It comes in twenty-one colours and sixteen patterns, that’s so many options!

A sim twice wearing a light green silk skirt with a cropped corset top with florals.

Lace Sims 4 Crop Top

Lace is a really beautiful texture and being able to make that translate into The Sims 4 is hard, so this lace crop-top is very impressive.

This one has a large scoop neck and a scalloped rim on the end of the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. The scalloping adds so much to the overall style of the shirt and makes your sims look so good.

You can pair this with a pair of jeans for a casual style

The words "lace crop top" at the top of the screen with the same character from the sims 4 twice. This sim is wearing a lightly coloured denim skirt with a red lace crop top with scallops at the edges of the bottom and the sleeves.

Cropped Ruffle Top

Our next top is genuinely the perfect top for summer and will make sure that your sims are looking cute and staying cool.

This one is great with a nice thin strap, a peplum bottom and a crop at the belly button. It looks good on sims with any size bust too!

You can find this one in 34 different swatches with plaid options and simple single colour options too so there’s something for everybody.

The words "Ruffle Crop Top" at the top of the image with the same sim twice wearing a black denim skirt with a purple plaid peplum crop top.

Cut-Out Crop Top

These cut out crop tops are super cool while being in simple swatches so they are incredibly wearable.

There are cut outs on the shoulders of the top as well as one on the chest, which makes these shirts super unique.

These are cool because you can download options for both a tank top option and a long sleeve option, so you can transition this top from summer to fall easily.

The words "cut-out crop" at the top of the image with two of the same character from The Sims 4 underneath. These sims are both wearing a long sleeve cc crop top with a magenta skirt with a scalloped bottom edge.

Cropped T-Shirt Tank

Next up we have a fun layered look for your sims, possibly a perfect shirt for teenagers!

This sims 4 cc crop tops option is great with a simple white t-shirt underneath a tank top with fun patterns that’s fitted to show off your sim’s figure.

The swatches on this include simple ones with just a single colour on the tank top, and others with stripes and other fun patterns.

The same sim twice with the words "tank & t-shirt crop top" above them. They are wearing a skirt and a tank top over a t-shirt.

Rebound Cropped Jacket

Crop tops come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so why not add a nice cropped jacket to this list?

The rebound cropped jacket is gorgeous with it having a nice denim texture but coming in all sorts of bright colours and having fun flowers and stars and all sorts of other designs on it.

The jacket comes with nothing underneath so you can place whatever accessory top you want underneath to make sure that you can customize the look.

An image with the words "rebound jacket" at the top. There are two of the same character from The Sims 4 both wearing a denim skirt and a green crop denim jacket as their top.

Chia Cropped Sweater

The Chia top is super unique with a fun brightly coloured sweater on top of a cropped white tank top.

There is a small logo on the one side of the sweater making it feel like a sim’s version of a nike sweater or something.

The sleeves on this sweater have a nice puffy feel and the neck is high so it feels so unique and cool!

The words Chia Crop Top at the top of the screen with the same character from the sims 4 twice underneath. This sim is wearing a long denim skirt with a white tank top with a cropped green sweater crop top on top.

Final Thoughts

Every sim deserves to show off their stomach in a really beautiful crop top so you definitely need these in your game. These sims 4 cc crop tops are some of the best out there that you’ll love to keep in your mods folder forever. Happy Playing!

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