The Sims 4: Cool Kitchen Stuff

Cool Kitchen was the 3rd stuff pack for The Sims 4 and adds a brand new ice cream machine that your sims can enjoy, that can even add powerful emotional moodlets if you eat the right flavours.

One of the best parts about this stuff pack is the new kitchen cabinets and other kitchen decor because we are seriously lacking in the kitchen decor department in the game. Any pack that brings in cabinets is a win in my book!

I am also convinced that the fridge and stove from Cool Kitchen stuff are the most beautiful in the game, and work well in almost any sims home because they are modern and simple.

In addition to kitchen items we also got some beautiful new clothing for your sims including sweaters and other comfy but cute objects.

Cool Kitchen Stuff Trailer

Ice Cream Maker

The only gameplay object that changes the game in The Sims 4: Cool Kitchen Stuff is the ice cream maker. It allows for hundreds of different combinations of ice creams for your sims to eat. There are 30 flavours in addition to 10 garnishes and 8 toppings.

These aren’t just regular ice creams either, some of these have interesting effects like turning your sims breath into fire, or making it way easier for your sims to get fatter or skinnier.

You can learn more about the ice cream machine here!

Cool Kitchen Screenshots

Cool Kitchen Renders

Final Thoughts

Overall, cool kitchen stuff isn’t going to entirely change the game but it does just what a stuff pack in The Sims 4 should do, give you some good stuff. It’s almost a must have if you want to create beautiful kitchens that will make any sim jealous. Plus, the ice cream machine is a fun addition too!

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