The Sims 4: Mt Komorebi Sightseer Aspiration

Whenever we get a new expansion pack for The Sims 4 we usually get a new aspiration to play with adding some new fun to the game. With The Sims 4: Snowy Escape your sim can now work through the Mt Komorebi Sightseer aspiration that has a description that states “This sim wants to explore Mt Komorebi’s culture and experience everything it has to offer.”

This aspiration is pretty much just a walk-through of everything you can do in the new pack (not involving the extreme sports) but that doesn’t make it a bad aspiration, it’s still fun!

However, the bonus trait when you choose the aspiration and the reward trait you get when you finish it aren’t the best and may not even be worth your time.

Aspiration Bonus Trait

When you give your sim this aspiration in create a sim or when they age up to a teen they are going to be given the home turf bonus trait. This is a trait that your sim will keep forever, even if you change their aspiration.

This trait will make it so your sim gets positive moodlets when they are in their home neighbourhood which can be helpful in the moment, but maybe isn’t the best bonus trait in the long run.

Stages of the Aspiration

There are only three stages of this aspiration to work through and none of them are overly complicated. You’ll be able to finish the entire aspiration in Mt. Komorebi (of course) so you don’t have to travel a ton of do anything crazy.


  • Eat Food at the Festival of Light, Snow, or Youth
  • Take a Selfie with the Mt Komorebi Mascot
  • Collect a Simmi by Popping Open a Simmi Capsule
  • Swim for 1 Hour in Wakaba’s River

The first step of this stage is to eat food at a festival in Mt Komorebi. There are 3 festivals for you to attend, and at each of these festivals you will see food stalls where you can purchase delicious meals for your sims to enjoy. All you need to do is click on the food stall and choose something for your sim to eat, just make sure they finish it to complete the part of the aspiration.

Yamachan is the mascot for the entire world of Mt Komorebi and will be at all of the festivals and just around the world on other days. He’s large and in charge, and you’ll know him when you see him. You can click on him and choose to take a selfie with him, even toddlers can!

Simmi’s are a brand new collectible in the game that come in small surprise capsules that can be purchased at vending machines that are spread around the world. They cost you 50 simoleons and will appear in your sims inventory as a coloured circle, you can then click on that circle and it will open.

The final step in this stage is to swim in the Wakaba river, which is a swimmable river! Yay! We love swimming! Wakaba is a neighbourhood in Mt Komorebi located at the bottom and your sim will be able to go swimming, after one hour you’ll be able to complete this stage.


  • Soak for a Long Time in a Hot Spring
  • Wear a Festival Costume from a Vending Machine
  • Go Sledding 3 Times
  • Eat Food Using Chopsticks

To do the first step of this aspiration stage you can do at the Onsen located in the top neighbourhood, just make sure that you shower before entering the hot spring or you’ll be breaking the rules!

At the festivals around town you can click on a vending machine and purchase a special festival outfit. For example, at the festival of snow you can purchase a snow suit for your sim! You have the option to purchase and wear your outfit so you don’t have to bother going to create a sim.

Sledding is one of my favourite activities that was added to the game with this pack. You can head to the mountain and go sledding on the bunny slope with any sim who is toddler aged or older. You’ll just need to go down the hill at least 3 times.

Using chopsticks has never been easier in the game, you can actually now click on your sim and choose your sims utensil preferences and have it so they eat with chop sticks all the time!


  • Socialize at Onsen Bathhouse
  • Make a Wish on or Collect a Forest Spirit
  • Take it Slow and Become Emotionally Mindful

The Onsen Bathhouse is an important place in Mt Komorebi and is at the base of the mountain for your sims to enjoy. You can go hangout in the hot spring when there and talk to other sims to complete this part.

Sometimes when going on a hike you’ll see these small coloured spirits flying around. You are able to click on them and either choose to make a wish or to collect one and it will end up in your inventory.

The final step of this aspiration is to take it slow and become emotionally mindful. This is a +4 Fine Moodlet that your sims can get through certain tasks that will relax them and make them feel good. There are a few ways that you can do this (I think) but I have found that the easiest way to do it is to go on a meditative walk a couple times in a row.

Mt Komorebi Sightseer Aspiration Reward Trait

When your sim finishes this aspiration they are going to be given the worldly knowledge reward trait. This reward trait has a description that says “These sims are better at socializing during social events and enjoy ordering food from market stalls. They also can negotiate a discount at market stalls, which gives them an advantage over other bargaining techniques.”

This may be one of my least favourite reward traits in the game, it doesn’t have much of a use outside of buying food at market stalls, which is okay but won’t be used too often. I guess having a better chance at socializing during social events may be helpful if you want to be a friend of the world or something similar.

Final Thoughts

Getting new aspirations in The Sims 4 is really great, I just wish the team would make them more exciting like they were in The Sims 4. This is a nice aspiration to play through once, but I know most players won’t play with it more than one time and it won’t shape the way the game is played for anyone really, so it is a bit of a bummer.

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