The Sims 4: Pumpkin Carving Station

The pumpkin carving station is the main feature of The Sims 4: Spooky Stuff and lets your sims create beautiful carved pumpkins based on their handiness skill level if they are a teen or older, or on their motor skill if they are a child.

Having pumpkin carving in the game is really fun because tons of families carve pumpkins each year around October and it’s a great activity to do with your child aged sims!

Pumpkin Carving Types

There are 4 colours of pumpkins to choose from, and 10 different variants of carvings to create.

There are four types of pumpkin that can be made by children and older and all four require only handiness level 1 for older sims.

Pumpkin TypeSkill Needed
Dud Pumpkin *fail variant*Motor 1 or Handiness 1
Cockeyed PumpkinMotor 1 or Handiness 1
Classic PumpkinMotor 3 or Handiness 1
Cat PumpkinMotor 5 of Handiness 1

In addition to pumpkins that can be made by anyone child or older there are 6 options for teens or older to create based on their handiness skill.

Pumpkin TypeSkill Needed
Ghost PumpkinHandiness 2
Smiling PumpkinHandiness 2
Owl PumpkinHandiness 3
Scared PumpkinHandiness 3
Puking PumpkinHandiness 4
Wicked PumpkinHandiness 5

Accessing Pumpkins in Debug

If you just want to decorate your home with these pumpkins without having to carve them, you have the option of picking them out of the buy debug catalog.

To access these items in the catalog you can type in ctrl + shift + c on your keyboard to open the cheat box and then type in bb.showhiddenobjects and then if you sort by Spooky Stuff you’ll be able to see the objects in your build catalog.

Final Thoughts

The pumpkin carving station is a really fun object to play with around Halloween, or during harvestfest season if you have The Sims 4: Seasons. It can really add some realism and fun family gameplay to The Sims 4 and make you more connected to your families!

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