The Sims 4: Spellcraft & Sorcery Aspiration (Realm of Magic)

With the addition of The Sims 4: Realm of Magic we got two new aspirations, the first being the Purveyor of Potions and the second being Spellcraft and Sorcery.

These aspirations have quite a bit of overlap between the two, and if you want your sim to be a well rounded spellcaster you may as well get them to work through both. This aspiration focuses more on learning spells and growing your rank, than on making potions.

Sims who start out with this aspiration are going to get the quick learner bonus trait. This trait makes it so your sim gains all skills a little bit quicker, making it easier to learn so much!

Stages of the Aspiration

Stage One: First Steps

  • Become a Spellcaster
  • Travel to the Magic Realm
  • Learn a Spell

To get your sim to become a spellcaster you have the option to just create them in CAS with the occult system, or to start out as a sim and be given magic powers from one of the Sages in the magical realm.

If you decide to start with a sim you will have to travel to the magic realm that can be found on the outskirts of Glimmerbrook on the left hand side of the world, you really can’t miss it. You can click on this portal and travel to the magic realm.

Once in the realm you’ll need to find a magic sage, thankfully they have colourful symbols above their heads. You will need to introduce yourself and gain some relationship with a sage before they are willing to turn you into a spellcaster, then you’ll need to go on a mote hunt and once completed you’ll gain magical abilities.

Travelling to the magic realm can be done through the magic portal in Glimmerbrook, or you can use the Glimmer stone located in a spellcaster’s inventory.

Once you’ve been turned into a spellcaster you’ll need to start learning spells. You can ask the sages for magical training, or click on your sim and choose to practice one of the three schools of magic, either practical, mischief, or untamed.As your sim gains spellcaster XP they will unlock new spells to perform.

Stage Two: Learning The Ways

  • Reach Spellcaster Rank 2 (Acolyte)
  • Know 3 Different Spells
  • Cast a Spell on Another Sim

In order to raise your spellcaster rank your sim is going to need to practice magic a lot. You can gain spellcaster XP by practicing magic, doing spells, making potions, or learning from magical sages. There are so many ways to gain XP that it is rather easy to get to the second level.

For this part of the aspiration you are going to need to know 3 spells. You’ll learn spells by practicing magic or by asking Sages to teach you a spell. There are 3 types of magic, so make sure you’re practicing them all so you can learn spells in each.

Since you have to cast a spell on another sim, you’ll need to do something mean (muahaha). Some of the first spells you’ll learn include things like inferniate or zip zap where you can set someone on fire or electrocute them which can lead to some interesting interactions.

Stage Three: Devilish Dueler

  • Reach Spellcaster Rank 3 (Adept)
  • Win 3 Duels Against Other Spellcasters
  • Know 5 Different Spells

To get your sim to level 3 of being a spellcaster you’ll need to continue to practice your magic, learn more spells, and you can start dueling other spellcasters to increase your rank. Just be careful when doing too much magic so you don’t overcharge.

As you gain more spellcaster rank you’ll unlock the ability to start dueling with others. You’ll get better at this the more spellcaster XP your sim has, but you can win a duel or two with a lower XP just don’t go around dueling the sages, start with sims in the magic realm in normal clothes.

The last thing you need to do in this rank is to know 5 different spells. To learn spells you need to practice your magic by clicking on your sim and finding the option under the magic category, or you can ask sages to teach you spells.

Stage Four: Wand-erful Spellcaster

  • Reach Spellcaster Rank 5 (Virtuoso)
  • Know 10 Different Spells

To finish off this aspiration you need to get to spellcaster Rank 5. This may take a bit of time but can be done like the rest. Practice your magic, ask for magical training, do duels, and make potions.

You’ll also need to know 10 different spells which can be learned by practicing magic or by asking a sage.

Slinger of Spells Reward Trait

When a sim manages to finish the spellcraft & sorcery aspiration they are going to be given the slinger of spells reward trait. This reward traits makes it so your sim gains less charge whenever they are doing magic. This is useful because it means you can do way more magic before there is an issue with them overcharging, meaning less chance of death.

Final Thoughts

Being a spellcaster in The Sims 4 is a really fun way to play the game, plus all the spells you learn along the way can really help out making your life easier. Spells can make it easier to clean, for you to fix or break objects and so much more. Happy playing!

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