The Sims 4: Custom Children’s Aspirations

One of my biggest gripes in The Sims 4 is that we have had the same 4 children’s aspirations since the game launched. They have never made new ones, or changed or updated the originals. It gets so repetitive and boring to get your sims to play through these same aspirations over and over.

Thankfully, some simmers have created fun custom aspirations for children. These give you more options for children to work on as they slowly age up and can really change the way your children feel in the game and make them less repetitive.

Custom Aspirations for Children in The Sims 4

Class Clown Aspiration

The class clown aspiration created by scumbumbo allows your sims to become a class clown and learn how to be silly. With this aspiration your sims will be spending time feeling playful and joking around with other sims and other kids. When completed they are going to get the class clown reward trait allowing you to earn comedy and mischief quicker!

First Love Aspiration

Honestly, the first love aspiration by MarlynSims is something I definitely need in my game. I always find that children’s crushes and first relationships are completely forgotten about in The Sims 4.

In this aspiration your child aged sims are going to get to confess their crush to another sim, go on and invite them to different lots, give them hugs, and so much more. It honestly makes you feel great because it helps you feel like your sims are real, and are having these important first experience.

Grow Up Aspiration

The grow up aspiration was created by jackboog21 and is a remake of a thing from The Sims 2 where your child aged sims are just supposed to focus on living their lives and growing up. It has no center focus like the in-game aspirations, but focuses on a little bit of everything getting your sims to try everything they have open to them.

This aspiration’s description says “See to it the other sims around them make the time to teach these young’uns what they need to learn, and you’ll give them a great head start on life.”

Little Entrepreneur Aspiration

The little entrepreneur aspiration by ilkaSimming will have your sims focusing on earning their first of income. This is fun because there really are some kids out there who are extremely focused on earning money and this can easily reflect that and bring them into being an entrepreneur later in life.

Little Explorer Aspiration

The little explorer aspiration created by ilkaSimming will have your sims going outside a ton and exploring the world around them. They’ll get to sleep in tents, collect different items and enjoy themselves.

Rebel Aspiration

The rebel aspiration by MarlynSims is great for a sim who isn’t so happy or so cheerful. This aspiration has a description of “Rebel children do not want to accept authority, discipline or orders. These children will not care about school or manners and will only want to enjoy their childhood and have fun.”

I absolutely love using this aspiration for my sims because it can make a sim feel less happy and silly than most sim children who are just going on and painting pictures, like let’s be a rebel!

School Star Aspiration

The school star aspiration by ilkasimming will have your sims learning a new hobby and doing interesting activities. It’s great to get your sims into something new and learning a ton of skills!

Voidcritters Master Aspiration

The voidcritters master aspiration by ilkasimming and requires The Sims 4: Kids Room Stuff to work. This aspiration focuses on your sim child finding all of the voidcritters out there because they gotta catch ’em all.

Final Thoughts

There really weren’t a ton of custom children’s aspirations that I could find, so if you have some that you’d like featured in this list be sure to let me know about them. I really love using these aspirations because it makes the game so much more fun to play, happy playing!

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