The Sims 4: Fabrication Skill and How to Cheat It (Eco Lifestyle)

Anyone who has The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle got two brand new skills to play with. The first skill is juice fizzing where you can make drinks to consume or sell and the fabrication skill that we will be talking about today.

The fabrication skill allows your sims to create candles with their own two hands, and also create beautiful furniture to decorate their homes with. This is a great skill because you can decorate a ton without spending much money, you’ll just need to find some bits and pieces to create items.

“Why buy brand name when you can make it yourself? Recycle old stuff that would be thrown out otherwise use the bits and pieces to make something all your own!”

Parts of the Fabrication Skill

The cool thing about the fabrication skill is that there are two sections to this skill that you can earn at the same time. The first is candle making where you can create gorgeous candles that burn for you to sell or decorate your home with.

The second part of the skill involves the fabrication machine where you can create furniture, rugs, and eco upgrade parts to upgrade items around your home. You can use these to decorate your home, or earn an income by selling these items.

Using the Candle Making Station

Making candles in The Sims 4 is a really fun hobby for your sims and they can even turn it into a small plopsy business. Before you are able to make candles you need to get your hands on soy wax blocks which you can purchase. You also have the option to purchase dye to change the color of your candles as you increase your skill level.

Using the Fabrication Machine

A sim who wants to fabricate items will need to purchase the fabrication machine that can cost a pretty penny. Once you have this on your lot, you’ll need to get bits and pieces. You can get bits and pieces by recycling items on the recycling machine and get bits and pieces from that recycling.

One you have bits and pieces you can click on the fabrication machine and choose which item you’d like to fabricate. As you gain more levels of the skill you will unlock more fabrication items.

Fabrication Skill Levels

There are ten levels to the fabrication skill for your sim to earn throughout their lives and as they gain the skill they are going to unlock new items and variations that they will be able to create on the candle or fabrication items.

Fabrication Skill Level 1

When a sim first starts earning the fabrication skill they are going to be able to make dipped candles on the candle making table, as well as being able to create the rug, eco upgrade part, end table, bookshelf, and table light on the fabrication table.

Fabrication Skill Level 2

At level 2 of the skill your sim is going to unlock the ability to gift their crafted items to other sims as a social interaction. They will also unlock the ability to create the living chair and outdoor chair on the fabrication machine.

Fabrication Skill Level 3

A sim with level 3 of the fabrication skill will be able to craft a dresser on the fabrication machine. They are also going to unlock the cylindrical candles instead of just dipped candles on the candle making station.

Fabrication Skill Level 4

At level 4 of the fabrication skill your sim will be able to craft upgrade parts (plumbing, common and kitchen parts) as well as a new dining table and dining chair.

Fabrication Skill Level 5

At level 5 of the skill your sims will be able to craft a new type of candle, the rectangular candle as well as a new floor light on the fabrication table.

Fabrication Skill Level 6

When a sim reaches level 6 of the skill they are going to have the ability to create a single bed on the fabrication machine.

Fabrication Skill Level 7

At level 7 of the skill your sim can now create carved candles on the candle making station, as well as craft the double bed on the fabricator.

Fabrication Skill Level 8

When a sim reaches level 8 they only unlock the kids bed to create on the fabrication machine.

Fabrication Skill Level 9

When a sim reaches the 9th level of the skill they are going to be able to craft emotional aura candles on the candle making station. They can also craft an outdoor trellis and outdoor couches on the fabrication machine.

Fabrication Skill Level 10

Once a sim is able to max out the skill they are going to get one last recipe to fabricate which is the fine wall decor.

How to Cheat the Fabrication Skill

If you don’t feel like gaining the fabrication skill the slow way, you have the option to of course cheat the skill. To do this you want to first enable cheats by opening the cheat box with ctrl + shift + c and typing in testingcheats true and hitting enter, the game should let you know that cheats are enabled.

Then you’ll want to type in stats.set_skill_level major_fabrication X and fill the x with whatever level of the skill you’d like to have. For example, if you want level 5 of the skill you can type in stats.set_skill_level major_fabrication 5 and you’ll get level 5.

How to Get New Recipes

In addition to getting recipes given to you as you gain the skill, you can actually get new fabrication recipes from other sims that you chat with. There is a great enthuse about fabrication interaction that is added when you have this skill and once in a while when you do this with others sims they will teach you new fabrication recipes.

These other recipes include things like a desk, a couch, a wall light, and more.

How to Find Bits and Pieces

If you want to do anything in the fabrication skill you are going to need bits and pieces. These are a brand new type of “currency” that your sim is going to need. To see how many bits and pieces you currently have you can hover over the area where it shows your household funds and it will show you two small icons with numbers beside them, as well as the amount of money your sims currently have.

There are a few ways for your sims to get their hands on some bits and pieces. The first way is to go dumpster diving. You can find all sorts of goodies, including furniture, and money in dumpsters, but bits and pieces will be easily found by dumpster diving.

The next way to get bits and pieces is to use the recycling machine. You are able to recycle tons of different items that are in your sims personal inventory including collectibles, furniture, and more. This is a good way to get bits and pieces and there are recycling machines at the community lots in Evergreen Harbour.

You are able to also cheat to get bits and pieces by enabling cheats and then holding down shift and clicking on the fabrication machine or recycling machine and choose get bits and pieces and you’ll instantly get some.

Final Thoughts

Being able to fabricate and craft beautiful furniture and candles can be a really fun addition to The Sims 4 and you can make a decent income from the fabrication skill in the game for sure. Happy playing!

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