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How to Use Plopsy to Buy and Sell in The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting

Well, it is time for the release of the second community voted stuff pack, The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting. We have voted on a ton of items for this stuff pack but one thing that the team threw in that we weren’t voting on is Plopsy. A new selling platform that is very similar to Etsy in real life.

This system allows your sims to purchase and sell craftable items to other sims with hilarious usernames and can make your sim a decent side income. I think selling on plopsy is incredible for any stay at home parent, or sim who just wants to celebrate the more fun things in life.

How to Buy on Plopsy

The best part about plopsy is that you have both the ability to sell items on plopsy but you can also browse plopsy and purchase different items. Anything that you can list on plopsy has a chance to be sold on plopsy for you to purchase.

You can find the browse plopsy option on your sim’s phone and you’ll be able to scroll a few options that actually refresh every hour so it is never stagnant and you can get different colours and items every hour. Once you purchase something it will immediately appear in your sim’s inventory and you’ll be able to enjoy it.

How to Sell on Plopsy

Selling on plopsy is pretty straight forward and all of the interface happens in your sim’s inventory instead of on another system like regular retail stores in the sims, making it simple to use.

What Can You List on Plopsy?

Pretty much every simmer asked the same question when we found out about plopsy and that was, what can be sold on plopsy? Thankfully, the team did a pretty awesome job in making sure that there was cross pack compatibility so we could sell all sorts of items on plospy.

These are all of the types of items that I’ve discovered you can sell on plospy:

  • Knitted Items (Nifty Knitting)
  • Paintings
  • Candles (Eco Lifestyle)
  • Woodworking Sculptures
  • Potions (Realm of Magic)
  • Flower Arrangements (Seasons)

Unfortunately you can’t sell anything that has an expiry date on plopsy, this includes things like fizzy juice from Eco Lifestyle. You also can’t sell large pieces of furniture like fabricated items from Eco Lifestyle.

How to List on Plopsy

Once you have a completed item you can click on it and choose list on plospy this is going to cost your sim 10 simoleons each time you list. Once you do this the item will go into your inventory if it wasn’t before and will change to have a pink plopsy background so that you will know it’s currently for sale on plopsy.

When you scroll over the listing in plopsy you are going to see a few things. The first, is the quality of the item. This is going to influence how much money you can get for that item since people will pay way more for excellent items and a ridiculous amount for a legendary knittable item.

Then in your listing you’ll see the selling price if there have been any offers, as well as the expiration time for your listing. Unfortunately, plopsy listings may expire before any sim is willing to buy meaning that you’ll either just need to list it again for another 10 simoleons, or just keep it for yourself or give it to a friend.

How to Send Out Purchased Items

Once a sim has purchased an item, the item in your inventory will turn from pink to blue. When you scroll over that item you’ll be able to see the user name of the buyer and also the amount they are willing to pay.

If you believe that this amount of money is good enough for you, you can click on the item in your inventory and choose ship on plopsy and your sim will head over to their mailbox and send the item. You’ll immediately be given the amount of money that was agreed upon.

Rejecting an Offer

If your sim gets an offer for an item but you don’t feel like it’s for enough money, you do have the option to relist for 10 simoleons. This is going to reset any current offers and then allow you to hold out and wait for someone else to buy hopefully for more money.

Getting Feedback from Customers

Anytime that you decide to send out an item you are going to get a message from the buyer, usually the next day. These range from being weird, to being overly critical to being extremely positive. Some examples of feedback I’ve receieved have include:

  • “This is awesome, thank you! I’d give you a good review, but it’s way too much effort to do so.”
  • “I got the thing. Thx”
  • “I got your purple striped baby onesie, it looks even more beautiful in person than the vague online listing implied.”
  • “Your package arived, this is everything I wanted and more! Thank you!”

Expired Listings

A listing on plospy only lasts around 3 days. If no one decides that they want to purchase your item in those couple of days the listing will expire and you’ll need to either list the item again or you can choose to give it away to a friend or donate it to charity if you don’t want to give it a second chance. However, you are going to need to pay the 10 simoleons again.

Legendary Knittables

The absolute best thing to sell on plopsy is going to be a legendary knittable. These items will sell for 500+ simoleons and it only cost you a few simoleons to list. These items will sell more quickly than most as well.

Final Thoughts

Using plopsy is surprisingly easy and a decent way to make money, however, it really is a grind and won’t make your sims millionaires overnight if that is what you’re after. Honestly, I really like plopsy overall and think the sims team did an awesome job creating this and really made it simple to use. Happy Playing!

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  1. My Sim sold a painting on Plopsy. Yet, they cannot find or browse plopsy on their cell or computer. How do I find it? I do have the KN pack and I swore some of my Sims had this option. So do sims have to have a knitting basket to get plopsy?

  2. I would like to be able to “Manage Plopsy Account” so that my Sim can see what they’ve sold, how much they’ve made, and read a list of the feedback she’s gotten.

  3. I’m only being charged $5 to list. I wonder if it’s because my sims is new to Plopsy or if they changed the base charge in an update.

  4. I have sold a few items on plopsy for the lady of the knits aspiration but it is not completing the task for sell a knitted item on plopsy. I have googled and there was a suggestion to delete the mail box and try again. I have done this and still will not complete the task. Any suggestions?

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