15+ Sims 4 Legacy Challenges You Should Try

One of my favourite things to talk about with The Sims 4 is interesting challenges that you can play to make your game more interesting. There are many challenges but there aren’t many that have been around as long as sims 4 legacy challenges.

The game isn’t perfect, so we often need to find these challenges so you can have a guide to follow to make your gameplay more fresh and unique. Sims 4 Legacy challenges are one of the best ways to mix it up because these challenges require you to play for many generations of a single family allowing you to get really attached and just have a great time!

What are Sims 4 Legacy Challenges?

When we talk about what a legacy challenge is we may as well go straight to the source for what it is, the official description of a legacy challenge from the original creator, Pinstar, says the following:

“The Legacy Challenge is a set of self-imposed rules meant to change the way you play the game of The Sims 4. By abiding by the restrictions of the challenge and reaching for the goals of the challenge, you will find yourself getting a very different experience from The Sims 4 that you might have playing casually.

The Legacy Challenge tasks you with creating a single founder Sim moving them in to a giant lot, and starting out in abject poverty. Your founder must build their house, build their wealth, and ultimately bring in the second generation to continue when they die. In this challenge you play a single family for 10 full generations.

With less control over how your children turn out and more challenges thrown your way, the challenge asks the very important question. What kind of Legacy will you leave?

sims 4 legacy challenges

Who Created Sims 4 Legacy Challenges?

What if I told you that the creation of the legacy challenge actually lead to a marriage? How wild is that?

In the early 2000s back in The Sims 2 days Pinstar created the legacy challenge and started selling Legacy Challenge T-Shirts as a way to earn a bit of money from this thing they created.

One of the people who contacted them about the shirt was Mystic and they would eventually become their wife! They talked on AOL Messenger and became fast friends and now have children and a wonderful life. An IRL legacy challenge for sure!

Sims 4 Legacy Challenges You Should Try

You can, of course, go ahead and play the traditional legacy challenge as a great source of fun in The Sims 4 but there are more specific legacy challenges popping up each and every day.

There are legacy challenges about careers, about aliens, about living in tiny homes and so much more so there is definitely something for everyone.

1. Career Legacy

Our first legacy challenge is the career legacy challenge where you’ll get to explore every single career that the game has to offer. For many of us as players we end up playing the same three careers over and over and making the same sims, so having a legacy where each generation is focused on a different career can really mix up your gameplay.

Your challenge is going to begin with you having a young adult aged sim who is going to be starting their life like a rags to riches challenge where they are going to have an empty lot to live on.

However, you do get to start out with the potential of money by using a random number generator to see how much money your sim’s parents gave them when they moved out!

This is an awesome legacy challenge option for you to play through in The Sims 4 because you’ll have the opportunity to play through tons of careers while still getting the option to have your sims raise a family, have friends and find love.

2. Outta This World

It seems like the sims community is super split on occults, you either love them or you hate them. If you’re an occult lover you’re going to absolutely need to try out the outta this world legacy challenge because you’ll get to play with aliens forever.

In this challenge you’re going to start your sims working in the scientist career so they can acquire themselves a satellite dish and have the wonderful experience of being abducted by aliens. During this abduction your sim will get pregnant and your goal is to raise generations of aliens stemming from this abduction.

Each generation will go ahead and have specific aspirations to play through that are laid out in the rules and you’ll get specific traits so you have less control over who your sims are which is fun because you’ll be able to try a new style of gameplay.

3. Star Guardian

Our next awesome challenge option is the star guardian legacy challenge where your sims are going to be dealing with some pretty wild circumstances. There is an in-depth backstory to this one, the creator definitely put some thought into how they wanted it to work out.

The basics of the challenge are that you’ll have a sim who lived on another plant and it was ruined by a spirit of death and horror and this sim now has to come to earth and live. They’ll have unusually coloured skin like green, red or blue and will live somewhere super secluded where other sims aren’t easily going to find them, the Island in Windeburg is an awesome option.

They are going to be dealing with a ton of vampires that you’ll add to the world and you’ll want to learn about vampire lore and try to rid this new world of vampires. It’s definitely an interesting story spanning many generations and will have you enthralled with how in-depth it is.

4. Lifestyle Legacy

If you’re the type of player who needs each generation to be completely different to keep you interested then a lifestyle legacy challenge may be the one for you. In this challenge your sims are going to completely change their life every time you get a new heir.

For example, the first generation of this challenge will have sims living a rustic lifestyle where they are living off the grid, mastering a nature aspiration and planting seeds and really growing a country life.

However, the second generation will completely change it up and lead a more industrial lifestyle preferably in San Myshuno. This sim will rent an apartment, work on the city native aspiration and work in one of the city living careers.

Having your sims next generation completely change how they live can make a legacy challenge feel less stale and really keep you coming back for more each time you open up the game.

5. Greek God Legacy

Greek mythology is one of those eternally fascinating things for me so playing a greek god legacy in The Sims 4 is so much fun. In this challenge each of your generations will be set out based on a different greek god or goddess and their traits will pave the way for your sims.

In your sim’s very first generation they are going to be based on The Goddess of the Hunt and they are going to be working on the angling ace aspiration while having the loves the outdoors trait, dog lover and self-assured.

This sim won’t be able to have a traditional job and will earn their income through fishing, they can have a dog who goes out to hunt if you have Cats & Dogs, they must finish their aspiration and adopt one child.

The other generations are based on other greek mythology characters like Poseidon, Demeter and Aphrodite. You’ll have a lot of fun with this because each generation is different and creates interesting characters.

6. Witch Legacy

Occults make for such interesting legacy challenges and having the witch legacy challenge focus entirely on a spellcaster family is super fun. Realm of Magic gives us a really fun occult to play with, so you can get a lot of gameplay out of a challenge like this one.

The basic story of this challenge is that your great aunt passes away and your sim inherits their home. However, there is a curse on your family that was put there because of this aunt so your sim is set out to figure out what happened and try to work out a life in this home.

This home will have the haunted lot trait, a garden and needs to look old and mystical. Your sim will not be able to start learning anything about magic until they reach level 5 in any career when they can finally start trying to regain the trust of the magical sages in the Magic Realm and start learning more about your family’s past.

7. All That Weather

If a ten generation legacy challenge seems too complicated and long-winded for you, you should try out all that weather. This legacy challenge is only five generations so you don’t need to dedicate the next century of your life to it.

Each generation in this challenge is denoted by a certain type of weather. The first generation is sunny and you’ll have a mermaid sim who lives in Sulani and works on the beach life aspiration.

Your 2nd generation will be focused on blizzard weather where their entire life just a “whirlwind of emotions” and these sims will start with the erratic, hot-headed and evil traits.

They’ll have at least four kids, get married and divorced from the same person twice and so many more chaotic lifestyle choices like joining the criminal career.

This challenge is super fun because each generation is totally different and takes into account how weather makes you feel when designing the life stages.

8. Stereotypes Legacy

Our next challenge will bring you right back to high school with the stereotypes legacy challenge where each of your generations will be laid out with a specific stereotype.

You’ll have generations where your sims are an athlete, a business-minded sim, a fashionista, a nerd, and more and each has specific careers, traits and skills that your sims need to learn.

For example, in the nerd generation your sim is going to complete the computer whiz aspiration and have the geek and loner traits. They’ll be able to get married but they have to be best friends with their spouse, and it’s up to you whether you raise kids.

Your sim will work on their programming skill, of course, and be really good at video gaming. This challenge is fun because it allows you to play with stereotypes and specific types of sims in a structured way!

9. The Bromance Legacy

The bromance legacy challenge is an interesting concept because you’ll be playing out two legacy challenge side by side at the same time. You are going to have two young adult male sims who are best bros and you’ll get to see how their lives workout.

The main rule is that these sims are able to live out their lives however they want, but they must have a weekly bro tradition where they hangout without kids or wives.

To start a new generation your sims must try for baby and give birth on the same day to keep up the generations of bro-babies being the same age and living side by side throughout life.

10. Tiny Living

The Sims 4: Tiny Living is definitely one of my favourite stuff packs and really challenges players to try a different style of home than what they’re used to playing in. The tiny living legacy challenge brings gameplay into that to keep living small interesting!

Your first generation in this challenge is living tiny because they saw cute pictures online and wanted to try it for themselves. They, of course, work in social media and blog and take photos of their life to share with others.

This sim has a garden and is trying to grow their own food to keep their life interesting and very simple. They’ll get married and have kids who also live tiny when they take over the gameplay.

11. Stardew Valley Generations

If I’m gaming and not playing The Sims you’ll definitely find me playing Stardew Valley and the stardew valley generations challenge is a fun mix of both.

This challenge takes your favourite marriage candidate characters from Stardew Valley and turns them into your legacy heirs for a sims legacy challenge allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

For example, in your fourth generation you’ll be playing as Sebastian. This sim will be a loner, geek and bookworm with their traits and will be working through the computer whiz aspiration.

Your sim will need to live in their parent’s basement with a negative relationship with their step-dad and step-sister. While living in the basement they are going to reach the top of the tech guru career and get married and have a single child.

Having a gameplay challenge be so tied to another game that many sims players love is so much fun so it had to make the list for me.

12. Whimsy Stories

The best part about finding interesting challenges that were created by other simmers is that you can get great storylines that you’d never think of. The whimsy stories legacy is great for that because it brings in so many adorable storylines while keeping the gameplay interesting.

A great example of this is the second generation where your sim decides that they don’t need a partner to have a great life and a family so they decide to adopt four children and raise them on your own. You become a super parent and find love in other ways.

When you become an elder you have a surprise romance with another elder and live out the rest of your days together, while using your knitting skill to make beautiful creations for your grandchildren.

This challenge is full of adorable stories like this one and you won’t be disappointed.

13. Vampire Legacy

Of course we couldn’t get through this list without including a vampire legacy challenge, they are the best occult hands down and deserve some praise!

In this legacy challenge you’re really going to get to decide the fate of your family of vampires. Will they be good vampires? Or will they decide to go a little more sinister and become a master vampire at any cost, no matter who they hurt?

Your vampire sim will start in a household with a human sim who they have the option to feast on at any moment if their vampire thirst is low. By the end of this challenge you’ll have an extremely strong bloodline and be able to really take over the world if you want.

14. Alphabet Legacy

One of the hardest things when playing The Sims is coming up with a good name for your kids as you have them. Well, the alphabet legacy challenge will get rid of that struggle entirely.

In this challenge your first sim will have their name start with the letter A and their children will follow suit with the next letters of the alphabet. So, if your sim has 2 children their names could be Betsy and Carter.

Your goal is to play through all of the letters of the alphabet and eventually living through the life of the Z named character. It’s super fun and has you staying organized with these names going in order.

15. Bad to Good

If you like to see growth in your characters as you play your legacy challenges you may want to try the bad to good legacy challenge. In this challenge you are going to start your first generation with a sim who isn’t the best and work toward being better.

Your first generation will have traits like hates children and noncommittal and will have the chief of mischief aspiration. They aren’t going to have a traditional career but will have a retail store filled with items they’ve stolen.

Each generation after this one gets a bit better until you eventually reach generation ten where your sim is going to be a perfect little sim.

This generation is going to have a sim with the cheerful, good and family oriented traits. They’ll work through tons of aspirations in both childhood and adulthood giving them tons of bonus traits.

They are going to be a stay at home parent who works on their cooking, baking, parenting and fitness skills and raises their kids to the best of their ability. A real glow up, one might say!

16. Disney Princess

This next challenge is definitely one of the most popular variations of a legacy challenge and that is the Disney princess challenge. With this challenge each generation is going to have your sims living the life of a different princess in The Sims 4.

For example, generation five is based on Anna from Frozen. This sim will have a sister who they lost contact with until they are both in their young adult life stage.

Anna will find love with a criminal, have a near death experience from this romantic interest and realize that this sim was not for them. They’ll then get to grow that relationship with their sister and go ahead and find someone who is right for them and get married and have children.

Playing these types of challenges really brings you back to childhood and keeps the game so interesting!

17. Astrology Legacy

The astrology legacy challenge is entirely based on planets and astrology for each generation. Your first generation will be based on the sun where your sim will be in the critic career and have the snob, creative and materialistic traits.

This sim will work through the fabulously wealthy aspiration and will have a large house by the end of their life. They always have money and never run low and will have one kid.

Then you move onto Mercury where your sim will have the social media career and will be a social butterfly and make tons of friends. Having these friends makes it super easy for your sim to complete the friend of the world aspiration by the end of their life.

Each generation mixes up the gameplay and keeps it interesting based on different aspects of the universe.

Final Thoughts

As sims players we can often get in ruts with our gameplay and that can cause the game to feel stale and repetitive. I’ve always thought that bringing in legacy challenges that take a long time to complete is the best way for you to have more fun with The Sims 4.

These sims 4 legacy challenges are incredible because they cover so many parts of the game and the story of how the first one was created is pretty adorable too. Happy Playing!

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