The Sims 4: Death Guide (How to Kill your Sims With and Without Cheats)

Since The Sims 4 is a life simulator, death is a huge part of the game. Your sims and animals will die eventually whether through old age or just a set of bad circumstances that you couldn’t expect, or planned for. Whether you’re the type of simmer to allow every sim to die from old age, or the type who likes to take matters into their own hands, there are interesting death types for everyone.

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Base Game Death Types

There are a ton of ways for your sims to die in The Sims 4, we got a bunch of death types in the base game and continue to get new ways to die in packs as we continue our journey through this game’s lifespan. Let’s discuss each type of death, how to accomplish them, and how to avoid them.

Old Age

The simplest and most common death type in The Sims 4 is to have your sims die of old age. This happens after they’ve lived a long and happy life and are at the end of their elder life stage. At any point when you are playing The Sims 4 you can see how long a sim has before they age up by hovering over their life span bar and it will say X days to whatever life stage.

With the elder life stage they don’t tell you how many days until death they tell you how many days you’ve lived which makes it more of a mystery as to how long they live. However, you will see something change when your sim is about to die which is a sparkling age bar that happens for about a day or two before your sim will pass giving you time to get your last screenshots and making sure their affairs are in order.

When a sim dies of old age they won’t have a wild death animation, it’s actually quite calm. These sims are going to wave their hand in the air and slowly lower themselves to the ground until they are on the ground and pass and wait for grim to come visit them. If these sims are saved from death they won’t get much more time as only a few days will be added to their life spans.


The overexertion death type only actually applies to the elder life stage so it isn’t one that you need to worry too much about before your sims get old. With this one you’ll actually get a warning at the half way stage and this can help you stop before you do anything that may harm your sims.

Overexertion occurs when an elder sim goes ahead and does too much physical activity. This will include any of the fitness activities like jogging, boxing, weight lifting but it also applies to woohoo. An elder sim who participates in woohoo twice in a row will die from overexertion.

After your first round of working out or woohoo you’ll get a buff that says dangerously tired that will warn you that if you participate in another exercise it might be fatal.


Our next death type is death by electrocution and this one is harder to watch than some of the others. There’s something about the wild jolts of energy that come off your sims that just make me feel guilty for letting them die this way.

How this one works is your sim is going to need to get electrocuted from trying to repair an electronic object and having that fail in a different way. After you do this once you’ll get a warning dazed moodlet that will let you know that you maybe shouldn’t try and get your sims to do any more electrical work.

If you do decide to try and get them to work on their electrical objects again while feeling dazed, there’s a high change they are going to die and you’ll get a grim reaper visit.


Dying of starvation has been around since the very first days of The Sims and will be around for the game until it no longer exists, and we’d have it no other way. The game is all about taking care of your characters and there needs to be some consequences for when you are unable to care for them and keep them fed.

Starving sims is very easy. All you need to do to make this happen is to have these sims exist in an area where they can’t get themselves food (maybe lock them in a small room) and wait it out. The game actually lets you know how close to death your sims are by using moodlets that will make your sims uncomfortable and when you hover over them it will say things like “becomes ravenous in 24 hours” or “dies of starvation in 8 hours” and these let you know how close you really are.

It is important to note that if you decide that you want another sim in your household to travel, don’t. If you’re trying to starve a sim at home but travel with another the game will automatically fill the hunger need of the starving sim if you leave the lot so it’s best to just wait it out.


One of the most common death types in the game is the fire death that happens most often to sims who don’t know how to cook. When the game was first launched this happened much more often because we didn’t have firefighters so your sims were pretty much on their own unless they had a pretty expensive sprinkler system in their home.

Some of the ways you can start a fire in your game is by having a sim cook with a lower cooking skill, using low quality stoves or grills, lighting the fireplace with a rug underneath, forgetting to clean the lint tray when doing laundry with Laundry Day, or setting fireworks in your home with City Living.

Once a fire has started and your sim is right in the middle of it you have a few options to try and protect them. You can have another sim run over and start extinguishing them and the fire around them or you can go ahead and click on the sim who is on fire and choose extinguish self to try and save them.

If you don’t want to save them you can just let them burn and enjoy when the grim reaper comes over.

Did you know there’s ways for you to use fire cheats to actually get fires to start randomly or make your sims not be able to start a fire for a few hours? Check out fire cheats here!


One of the silliest live creatures in The Sims franchise is The Cowplant and with that comes a very fun death type for you to enjoy. When you find a cowplant berry when fishing or collecting and plant it on your lot you’ll eventually get your hands on a giant cowplant that you need to feed, and care for.

If you fail to feed the cowplant for an extended period of time you’ll see a beautiful piece of chocolate cake hanging from its month and your sims may be tempted to go ahead and eat this cake. If you want to stay alive, don’t eat it.

The first time a sim eats the cake, they won’t die. They’ll just get spit out and get to go on with their life with an uncomfortable moodlet and the definite need to shower. You can also go ahead and walk over to the cowplant with any sim and milk the cowplant and you’ll get essence that is themed with whatever mood your sim was in when swallowed (i.e., essence of happiness).

Once a sim is swallowed once you may want to keep your eyes on them because if they get swallowed again you may find them getting a quick visit from the grim reaper. If they get eaten they will pass and a sim can milk the cowplant for essence of life which will set back their life stage.

Emotional Deaths

One of the biggest things in The Sims 4’s marketing was the emotions system and how they were going to impact your sim’s lives. They even took it to a level where your sims are able to die from some very intense emotions with hysteria, enragement and mortification being deaths.

Unfortunately, as you add more DLC to your game you’re going to find these deaths harder and harder to accomplish because the emotions system gets pretty muddled and harder to control.


Our first emotion death is enraged which happens when a sim gets a bunch of angry moodlets in a row. The actual death is called Death by Cardiac Explosion, so pretty much your sim gets so angry that they have a heart attack.

Getting these angry moodlets is pretty easy, with the easiest way being having them walk in on their spouse cheating on them then causing the couple to get into a fight. Some other things that can get your sims feeling angry include getting into fights, eating angry flaming spaghetti and yelling at other sims or getting yelled at by other sims.


The second emotional death is hysteria and happens when your sim stacks a bunch of playful moodlets. Your sim will actually laugh until they die with them bending over and trying to catch their breath from laughing so hard.

Some of the things you can do to get more playful moodlets include taking a bubble bath or playing in the bath, making silly faces in the mirror, watching comedy on TV or telling jokes.


Our final emotional death is one of the harder ones to control and that is mortification which is when a bunch of embarrassed moodlets stack. This one is a bit harder to make happen because it requires your sims to have interactions where they’re embarrassed because of another sim.

Some of the things you can do to get embarrassed in the game would be to walk in on someone who is in the bathroom, getting rejected for a marriage proposal, fail when doing romantic interactions, walk in on sim’s woohoo adventures and more.

DLC Death Types

With every good pack we get for The Sims 4, we get at least one way for our sims to die. These are so much fun and some of them are super random. From eating bad fish to being eaten by a giant plant in the secret lab, these can really impact your sim’s experience and are so much fun.

Sauna (Spa Day)

With The Sims 4: Spa Day we got a gorgeous sauna to either have inside of a Spa or to put inside of your sim’s homes. Using this sauna one time will be a nice and relaxing situation, twice can also be a little bit relaxing, however, if your sim uses the sauna too many times your sims may die.

Like with most death types they aren’t going to happen immediately, you’ll see moodlet changes that are kinda warning you that something bad is about to happen. It’ll start with happy moodlets until you get one that warns in it’s text that going in can have dire circumstances and your sim will die.

Puffer Fish (City Living)

Our next death types comes from The Sims 4: City Living and is the pufferfish nigiri death. This is a food that you aren’t even able to cook automatically, and is one of the street foods you need to eat before you can cook it at home. You’ll be able to find this being served sometimes in San Myshuno and once you finish eating you’ll be able to cook it at home.

However, if your sim has a lower cooking skill and makes a poor quality serving of pufferfish nigiri it has deathly consequences. This has a pretty high chance of killing your sims, and if you feed it to your whole family you could have a lot of death on your hands. Imagine a poor quality pufferfish dinner party!

Sunlight (Vampires)

Vampires are definitely not friends of sunlight and in The Sims 4: Vampires they can easily die if they spend too much time out in the sun. They have their vampire energy bar in their needs and you can see this decrease quickly when they are out in the sun, giving you a warning to get them inside.

If you don’t get them inside away from the sun, you’ll get to watch these sims literally burn to death. The animations are a bit creepy and these sims are going to have small pieces of skin burning off of them.

With the vampire powers you can get by increases to your vampire XP you can actually purchase a skill that will make it so your vampire isn’t affected by the sun so your vampire sims can stay alive.

Poison (Jungle Adventure)

Our next death type comes from The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure and is a death by poison that happens when something bad happens in the jungle. This can happen from any of the events that happen including bugs, opening things you maybe shouldn’t and so much more. You’ll know your sims are affected by the poison because they’ll get a moodlet and will also end up with a bunch of green circles on their face, very cute.

To make sure your sims don’t die from poisoning you have two options. The first one is to purchase the antidote from the computer but this will cost you about 1,000 simoleons. The other option is to bring a pile of bones to a local in Selvadorada and ask them for the antidote.

Rabid Rodent Fever (MFPS)

You’d think that having a cute little hamster in your sim’s home would be pretty safe and wonderful, but you can actually die from these tiny critters in The Sims 4. With The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff your sims can die from Rabid Rodent Fever.

This death type happens when a tiny critter is in their cage and being neglected a bit and is in a dirty cage and has a bad relationship with a sim to the point of being enemies. Once this happens you’ll want to have your sim interact with the critter by playing with them and there’s a high chance for your sim to get bit by them.

When they get bit they are going to get a tense moodlet letting you know they’ve been bit and you won’t know immediately if they have RRF. After about 24 in-game hours you may get a notification that says your sim has caught the disease and they should probably research remedies on the computer.

You have two options, go on the computer and find a cure or let your sims continue to get sick. The first day of the disease is no biggie and the sims won’t be too bad. The next day your sim will be feeling poorly and may have stars around their head at random times in the day.

On day 3, these sims actually become contagious and any sim who is around them has a high chance of actually catching the disease too so you should keep them away from others. The moodlets you get during this process are going to be counting down to your sims death, so you’ll know when times almost up.

Freezing (Seasons)

The next few death types all come from The Sims 4: Seasons and are honestly some really fun deaths in the game. The freezing death happens when a sim spends too much time in freezing conditions in the totally wrong clothing. The game will give you a bright orange notification is a sim is starting to freeze to death giving you enough time to get them to safety indoors or to change into their cold weather clothing. You can also have sims warm themselves up with a fireplace.

These sims are going to turn blue when they start to experience freezing and will stay blue until you get them warm. If you decide to let them die outside by freezing they are going to literally freeze and fall to the ground then die and grim will come pay them a visit.

Overheating (Seasons)

Just like with the freezing death, overheating is going to happen a sim is outside in the heat with the wrong clothing for too long. This death comes with The Sims 4: Seasons and teaches you to have your sims in their hot weather clothing when the sun is really shining, especially during heat waves.

With this one some ways you can save these sims include going inside where there is air conditioning on, changing into their hot weather clothes or going into a pool or playing with water toys that came with this pack.

Lightning Strike (Seasons)

One death from The Sims 4: Seasons that is extremely rare is a lightning strike and you really have no control over this one. A sim who is outside when there is a current thunderstorm happening has an extremely small chance of getting hit by lighting and you won’t even see it coming. This death looks a lot like the death by electrocution death. The chance of death isn’t super high, and you may even need to be dazed before getting hit by lighting for it to be successful.

Death Flower Arrangement (Seasons)

One death that just seems mean is the Death Flower Arrangement death for elders. If you create a flower arrangement with the flower arranging skill and then scent it with a death flower you’ll create a pretty deadly creation. If your sim gives this arrangement as a gift to an elderly sim they are just going to die immediately, with the same animations as if they died of old age. It’s just like fast forwarding time and making them die more quickly.

Money Vault Starvation (Get Famous)

Although this death is just technically a starvation death, the concept of dying in a money vault is just too funny. If a sim is inside the money vault from The Sims 4: Get Famous and another sim closes it and locks them in, they have the potential of dying inside of this vault from starvation. Just imagine dying while inside a giant metal box surrounded by a ton of money, how weird!

Mother Pant Defeat (Strangerville)

When you play through The Strangerville Mystery in The Sims 4: Strangerville you’ll eventually discover the wild mother plant that’s in the bottom of the secret lab. If you go into the fight with the mother plant unprepared you’ll probably make her mad by taunting her or being unsuccessful and there’s a chance she may want to eat you and you’ll die from this in the bottom fo the creepy secret lab.

Wishing Well (Romantic Garden)

The wishing well from The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff isn’t all its cracked up to be. Sometimes if you haven’t given it a bit enough offering or its just in a silly, goofy mood it can give you some negative consequences that you may not have expected to happen.

If you have a sim go up to a wishing well and wish for youth at the wishing well when the outcomes are not great can actually have the overwhelmingly negative interaction where the wishing well will immediately turn it into a ghost but they do get to stay inside of the household. Silver lining, right?

Spellcaster Overload (Realm of Magic)

Our next death type is a spellcaster overload that comes to the game with The Sims 4: Realm of Magic. This happens when your spellcaster sims are doing too many spells in a row and filling their overload circle in their sim panels. If you fill it too high they’ll have an overcharge that is a quick warning that you could be getting close to death. If they continue to do spells and it overloads again they will definitely die!

Catastrophic Meltdown (Discover University)

Our next death type applies to Servos from The Sims 4: Discover University and not to sims. Servos are a wonderfully in-depth robot creature that you can build and enjoy in your sims household.

If a servo goes a few days without a sim working on maintaining them they are going to break down and there is a small chance of them actually having a catastrophic meltdown. When this happens they are going to actually become a pile of parts and no longer be alive.

Contributing Too Much Knowledge (Discover University)

With The Sims 4: Discover University we get a new skill called research and debate that can be learned with some of the research machines in the game. Once a sim gets a very high research and debate skill they are going to have the option to contribute knowledge on these research machines which is a quick way to earn an income in the game.

However, a sim who contributes too much knowledge can become dazed and end up not having the best day. If they continue to contribute knowledge they have a huge chance of death, who wants to die from contributing knowledge? Not the most fun way to die.

Murphy Beds (Tiny Living)

With The Sims 4: Tiny Living they added a brand new type of bed that has the potential to be a couch and a bed for maximized space inside of a tiny home. Unfortunately, these beds aren’t completely safe and when your sim is putting them up or down they have a chance to get completely squished by the Murphy Bed and dying from this.

Originally when Tiny Living was released this death type was so common and easy to have happen that the team actually changed the frequency after a bunch of players complained. It’s a bit harder to make this happen now but can still happen!

Beetle Juice (Eco Lifestyle)

This death type is one of the funniest to me because it’s themed after the thought that something bad happens if you say beetle juice three times! This death type comes from The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle and your sims have to drink 3 servings of beetle juice beverages, and when they do they will immediately turn into a ghost.

This drink requires your sims to have beetle nuggets which you can get from farming beetles in those little bug houses. Once you have some beetle nuggets in your inventory and a high mixology skill your sim can make beetle juice and have a sim drink it 3 times.

Flies (Eco Lifestyle)

A very popular death from The Sims 2 makes a return in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle and that is death by flies. This happens if your sims are just disgusting and don’t take care of their trash on their lot. If you are gross with trash on your lot and flies appear and you try to bond with them you have a chance of dying.

Vending Machines (Snowy Escape)

One of the most fun features in Snowy Escape is all of the Japanese themed vending machines but they aren’t just cute they are actually deadly. Once in a while whatever you’re trying to get out of the vending machine may get stuck and your sim is going to shake the machine to try and get the stuck object out.

If a sim gets crushed one time they may not die but they will get a close call moodlet. If they try again and get crushed, they’ll more than likely die.

Rock Climbing Fall (Snowy Escape)

One of the fun things your sims can do in The Sims 4: Snowy Escape is go rock climbing which is a very fun event for adrenaline junkies. However, a sim who falls more than once in their rock climbing adventures close together gets a step closer to passing away on their excursion. If you go rock climbing unprepared (i.e., without equipment or higher skills) you’re more likely to fall.

Killer Rabbit (Cottage Living)

Oh rabbits, they’re supposed to be cute! If you have a bad relationship with a rabbit there is a chance that it will attack you very viciously and cause your sim to pass. Don’t be mean to rabbits, they’re cute and cuddly unless you taunt them.

Killer Chicken (Cottage Living)

Going right along with the killer rabbits the chickens can kill your sims with essentially the same animations as the rabbit death. If you make a chicken angry and have a horrible relationship with them there is a high chance that they will just get angry and decide you no longer deserve to live.

Death Cheats

There are cheat codes for just about everything in The Sims 4 and that applies to death as well with there being a bunch of random death cheats. The first death cheat you need to know is how to toggle death on or off which means you can actually turn off any chance of your sim dying at all.

CheatCheat Code
Toggle Death Ondeath.toggle true
Toggle Death Off death.toggle false

Another death related cheat is the ghostly trait that can be added with the below cheat and will actually turn your sim into a ghost for four hours in the game.

CheatCheat Code
Turn Sim Into Ghostsims.add_buff Ghostly

There are “traits” that get applied to your sims when they die from a specific death type that will affect how their ghosts behaves and what the ghost looks like. You can actually use these cheats to immediately turn your sim into a ghost who will have died from a specific death type.

CheatCheat Code
Death From Beetle Juicetraits.equip_trait trait_Ghost_Beetle
Death From Fliestraits.equip_trait trait_Ghost_Flies
Death From Murphy Beds traits.equip_trait trait_Ghost_MurphyBed
Death From Lightningtraits.equip_trait Ghost_Lightning
Death From Freezingtraits.equip_trait Ghost_Frozen
Death From Overheating traits.equip_trait Ghost_Overheat
Death From Poisontraits.equip_trait poison
Death From Sun Exposure (Vampires)traits.equip_trait Vampire_Sun
Become a Ghost Summoned by Seance trait_Ghost_SeanceTable

Saving Sims from Death & Resurrection

One really fun part of The Sims that you don’t really get to experience in real life is the ability to save sims from death or even resurrect them. There are actually a handful of ways for you to do this both in the base game and some of the awesome DLC. Below you’ll find ways to save sims from death but also be able to bring them back to life after becoming a ghost.

1. Ambrosia

The first way for you to bring a sim back from death is to make a serving of ambrosia which is a very complicated recipe but is awesome. You are going to need three ingredients for this and each of them are pretty hard for your sims to get:

To get a potion of youth you’ll need to purchase it from the reward store for 1500 satisfaction points so it is the easiest one to get.

The death flower is a bit more complicated and you’ll need to graft items together to get one, or you have a chance to fish and get one that way. You’ll first need to graft a lily with a snapdragon to get an orchid, graft a cherry with an apple to get a pomegranate, then graft the orchid with the pomegranate in hopes to get a death flower.

For the angelfish you’ll have to earn that one by fishing a ton it has a very low percentage of appearing so you’ll. need to fish for a long time. Some good places to find this include the Forgotten Grotto secret location or the rivers in Willow Creek.

2. Book of Life

This is something I know most players don’t actually know about because to be able to even write the book you’ll need to finish the best selling author aspiration as well as reaching level 10 of the writing skill. Once you complete these things you’ll want to get your sim to write the book of life and it will appear in their inventory.

To make sure that this will work you’ll then want to capture epic saga of a sim who is still alive! Once they’ve passed away you can use this book in your alive sim’s inventory to summon their ghost at any time to spend time with them, or add them to your household.

A ghost who reads a book of life written about themselves will come back to life immediately which is beautiful!

3. Death Flower

A great way to protect all sims in your household is to have a death flower in each of their inventory so when another sim dies the other sims in their home can do and plead for their life by giving the Grim Reaper the flower from their inventory.

The only downfall of this method of saving sims from death is that it can’t be in the pocket of the sim who is dying so if no one else is home or it’s a single sim household this is not a good way to protect them.

4. Wishing Well

With The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff we got a gorgeous wishing well that has some fun gameplay attached to it. With this a ghost can use the wishing well to wish for life and if the wishing well is in a good mood the sim will immediately be brought back to their sim form.

If the wishing well is in a less than perfect mood but still OK they can get the ambrosia ingredients or a fully cooked ambrosia in their inventory to help bring them back to life. However, an unhappy wishing well can make it so your sim loses its ability to be resurrected for a few hours or the well will mess with you by bringing you back and you immediately turning back into a ghost.

To try and keep the outcomes positive you want to make sure to give the wishing well a large offering, usually around 5,000, to keep them happy and don’t make important wishes when their face isn’t smiling.

5. Dedeathify

If you have The Sims 4: Realm of Magic you have the option of having a spellcaster change a sim from a ghost back into a sim using the Dedeathify Spell. This is an untamed magic spell and will be learned when your sim is in the master spellcaster level and is one of the most valuable spells in the game.

Once again, you’ll need a different sim to be a spellcaster and bring your dead sim back to life so it’s not a great way to protect a single sim household.

Trying to Live Longer

Avoiding death is a valid gameplay style and there are actually a few simple ways that you can keep turning back time in the game so your sims never reach the end of their elder life stage and you never have to say goodbye.

1. Cowplant Essence of Life

The very first way to get your sims to live longer is to drink the cowplant essence of life which is a milk substance that you milk from the cowplant after someone is eaten by it. This does mean that you need to go ahead and sacrifice a sim to the cowplant death but it doesn’t require you to spend any simoleons if you already have a cowplant or use any of your very valuable satisfaction points.

Once you have a sim who has been eaten by a cowplant you’ll want your sim to go up to the cowplant and choose to milk it and then the essence of life will appear in your sim’s inventory. When a sim drinks it they will have their life span set back to the first day of their current life stage. Great to drink on the day when a sim’s life stage bar goes bubbly so they can just keep living at their current age.

2. Potion of Youth

The next and easiest way to set back your sim’s life to the beginning of their current life stage is to drink the potion of youth. This is a reward store item that can be purchased with your sim’s satisfaction points. Once it’s purchased for 1,500 points you’ll find it in your sim’s inventory and it will be drinkable by any sim teen or older.

Once consumed it will bring your sim back to their first day of their current life stage so drink it when you’re close to the end to maximize its use.

If you don’t want to earn your satisfaction points to get the potion of youth, you have the option to cheat to earn satisfaction points too!

3. Wishing Well

Another amazing way to do this is with the Romantic Garden Stuff wishing well but there is always a chance with this object that it can backfire. What you’ll want to do is wish for youthful vigor and if this is successful it will do the same as the cowplant essence of life and potion of youth by bringing you back to the first day of your current life stage.

However, there are six outcomes for the wishing well with the worst one being death where your sim will immediately be turned into a ghost. To make sure that you get at least a decent outcome (like getting a few days added to your life) you want to go ahead and give a large 5,000 simoleon offering and make sure that the face on the wishing well looks happy before making a wish.

All About Ghosts

When a sim dies they aren’t gone forever, if you place their tombstone on your lot you’ll actually get visits from them often at night and get to interact with them as much as you’d like. As we discussed there are ways to bring ghosts back to life if that’s what you want, but you can also add ghosts to your sims household and just have them live a life as a ghost.

When ghosts go ahead and visit your sims household they are going to be exceptionally chaotic. They’ll definitely have different experiences depending on how they died and the mood they’re in which you can see based on the colour of the ghost. A less happy ghost will be breaking your objects often and just playing pranks on your sims.

There are actually unique ghosts depending on how your sims died. For example, a sim who died from a murphy bed will often have a bunch of z’s floating in their chest since they died from something that should help with sleep, a rabid rodent ghost will actually look like a giant hamster.

If you never want to see a ghost again you can click on their tombstone and choose send to netherworld and this ghost will never appear on your lot again. This is not reversible and you need to make sure this is something you want to do before doing it.

Animal Deaths

With The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs we got household pets for our sims to have and they’re absolutely adorable. The saddest part about having a pet is when they eventually die from old age and it’s heartbreaking every time. This happens after a cat or dog has reached their elder stage and they die rather peacefully.

If you want to bring a sim pet back from the dead you can reach level 10 of the veterinarian skill and craft the ambrosia treat and works just like human ambrosia in the game. You can also use the age down treats to keep them at a regular age and never allow them to stay as an elder to keep them alive longer.

With The Sims 4: Cottage Living we have other animals like chickens, rabbits, cows, and more. These animals will also become elder animals and eventually die of old age. You can actually feed these animals a healthy treat to increase their life span.

Final Thoughts

With a game like The Sims 4 death is a part of it and makes the game feel like it has consequences and enables you to move on to new generations and keep the game feeling fresh and new. It’s also a great story telling tool and can make you have a lot of fun when playing. Happy Playing!

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