One of the best additions to The Sims 4 in 2019 was the patch update where we were given the freelancer career. This career lets your sim work from home, or work from a park if they wanted to.

Being a freelancer in the game means that your sim can choose the gigs they want to take and work on them whenever they have time, within deadlines of course.

Getting Start as a Freelancer

Starting your sim’s adventure into being a freelance worker is extremely easy, you just need to join a career like you would any other. You can either click from your phone or click from the career panel.

The select a career menu will open and the freelancer career will be there for you to choose. There is one thing that is different with this career, and that is choosing your type of freelancing.

You’l be prompted to select an agency which corresponds with a skill in the game. The options are going to be Freelance Programmer, Freelance Artist or Freelance Writer.

One thing you are going to need to have in your sim’s household to work through all 3 careers is a computer. However, you’ll also need the digitalistic sketchpad for the freelance artist because that career doesn’t use the easel but does digital art instead.

Freelance Programmer

Being a freelance programmer is of course, going to focus on the programming skill. Some traits that may be helpful could be geek, genius, or ambitious.

These sims are going to have tasks like encrypting thing, working on simstagram servers, and more. It’s all going to be done on your sim’s computer and the pay will correspond with your sim’s skill level and the amount of time it takes to actually complete it.

Freelance Artist

Being a freelance artist in The Sims 4 will focus entirely on the painting skill, however, it won’t be painting on an easel. All tasks you do for this career need to be done on the digitalistic sketchpad.

Some traits that may be helpful for your sim include creative, perfectionist, or art lover.

These sims are going to have tasks like painting a portrait, creating game icons, or doing demonstrations for young artists.

Freelance Writer

A sim who is a freelance writer is going to focus on the writing skill and will spend their time writing on the computer. Some traits that may be helpful can include creative, perfectionist, or book worm.

The kinds of tasks that your sim is going to need to complete are things like creating top 10 lists, ghost writing, or writing a fantasy story.

How to Get a Freelance Gig

The freelance career in The Sims 4 uses the same UI that came with The Sims 4: Get Famous and the acting career which runs really well. So, if you’ve been an actor you’ll know exactly how this works.

To choose a gig for your sim to participate in you’ll go to the career panel in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You’ll see the name of your freelance agency and a small icon that is a clipboard with a check mark in the middle to click on.

This is going to enable a pop up where you’ll be able to select a gig for your sim to participate in. There will be a large list of gigs, some of which will be greyed out because your sim doesn’t have a high enough skill level to take these on.

You’ll see the name of the gig, how much money you are going to earn, the required amount of skill to take the gig, as well as the due date for the gig. You can use all of this information to make an informed decision about which gig to take.

Once you’ve chosen a gig you’ll see the requirements for it directly in your career panel and there will be anywhere from 2-4 things for you to complete before the due date. You can start immediately after choosing your gig.

How to Complete a Freelance Gig

When your sim has finally finishes your gig you’ll find everything you need to know under your sim’s career panel. There will be your overall freelancer performance at the top like other careers.

You’ll then see the name of the gig and when the gig is due. Also, there is a small garbage can on the right hand side so you can cancel the gig if you no longer want to work on it or if it glitches out for some reason.

Then, you’ll see your tasks. It’s hard to go in depth into all of the different tasks you may need to complete because there are dozens that I’d have to explain. Thankfully, you can hover over one of the tasks and the game will let you know how to do them.

The due date is important to focus on so you don’t hand your work in late, however, you don’t need to wait for the due date to hand it in. You can actually hand in the work the second you finish it, even the same day you chose it.

One awesome thing about being a freelancer means that you can take as many gigs as you can finish and do them one after the other to make a seriously high amount of money.

Getting Work Rejected

Sometimes the person who you are going to be working for won’t actually like the work you’ve done. Thankfully, you are able to just click on the work in your inventory and edit them and try to resubmit until they will eventually accept it and give you payment.

How to Rank Up as a Freelancer

Just like with other careers in The Sims 4, the freelance career has an ability for you to get “promoted” but it works a bit differently than other careers.

When you increase your rank as a freelancer your day to day tasks aren’t going to change at all, you’ll still do gigs the same way as before and your career title will be the same.

However, ranking up will result in your getting a 10% increase in your pay for each gig which is awesome.

When you rank up the first time in the game you’ll actually get a Supreme Freelance Award that is worth 500 simoleons and you can hang it on the wall.

Freelancer Career Unlocks

As you work on any career in The Sims 4 you are going to have some cool unlockable furniture or CAS items become available to you. There is a bonus for both the writer and artist freelance career.

When you max out the performance bar in the freelance writing career for the first time, you are going to be given the supreme freelance award as well as the Free Road Portable Computing Device. This is a small laptop that can help you work from anywhere and is super cute.

When you max out the performance bar in the freelance artist career the first time, you’ll be given the supreme freelance award as well as be given the Better as a Pair Paintings. These are some of the cutest pieces of art in the game because they are leaned against the wall instead of just being hung making them extremely unique.

Final Thoughts

Being a freelance worker in The Sims 4 is seriously awesome if you want to have a large family and would like to be home to take care of your kids or if you just don’t like sending your sims away to work all day. It’s one of my favourite ways to play the game. What do you think about the freelance career in The Sims 4? Let me know in the comments!