The Sims 4: Master Vampire Aspiration

One of my favorite occult types in The Sims 4 is vampires because of how well they are created and how many aspects they have to them. The master vampire aspiration is a great way to learn all you need to know about vampires while creating an extremely powerful vampire.

Traits That Can Help

Most aspirations in The Sims 4 have some traits that may help you get into the aspiration and finish it off more quickly. Unfortunately, there really aren’t any great ones that will help get you through master vampire.

A True Master Reward Trait

When your sim finishes the master vampire aspiration they are going to be given the a true master reward trait. This trait is going to have some nice benefits for your vampire like using less vampire energy to do things like mind control, etc. You’ll also be less likely to have any of your power attempts fail in the game.

Stages of the Aspiration

Level One: The Basics

  • Search a Computer for Information about Vampires
  • Become a Vampire
  • Read Encyclopedia Vampirica Vol I

The first step in the aspiration is to search the computer for more information about vampires. You can do this on any computer, including a computer at a library if you don’t own one yourself.

You’ll learn about vampire tomes and learn that you can purchase the encyclopedia vampirica from any bookcase. You’ll need to finish the book completely to get this part of this aspiration done.

Finally, you’ll need to become a vampire. There are a few ways to do this. The first, is to be born a vampire from vampire parents. You can also create a sim who is a vampire from the start by making them in CAS, or you can get someone to turn you into a vampire.

We have an entire video on our youtube channel to teach you how to become a vampire in The Sims 4.

Level Two: Discover Dark Birthrights

  • Become a Minor Vampire
  • Participate in Vampire Training
  • Reach Level 4 Vampire Lore Skill

To get your sim to participate in vampire training you’ll need to find a sim who is a better higher level vampire than you, you can go visit Caleb Vatore or Vlad and ask them to train you but you need to become friends before people are willing to teach you anything.

You’ll also need to reach vampire lore level 4. If you’ve read all of the first vampire encyclopedia you’ll definitely be close to level 4. You can gain this skill while receiving vampire training as well, so if you do that first you’ll easily reach level 4.

Finally, you need to become a minor vampire. There are a ton of ways that you can earn vampire experience to get yourself to a higher vampire level including things like doing vampire training, participating in vampire spars, gaining the vampire lore skill, and more.

Level Three: Strength and Wisdom

  • Reach Level 7 Vampire Lore Skill
  • Defeat 3 Vampires in Combat
  • Become a Prime Vampire

To get your sim to reach level 7 in the vampire lore skill you have a few options. You can participate in combat with other vampire sims, ask for training from a vampire sim who is at a higher level than you or by reading the vampire tomes. There are 15 levels of the vampire lore skill and it will be earned rather easily.

A big part of being a vampire is participating in vampiric spars with other vampires. This is actually a friendly thing and won’t cause your sims to hate the other sim or anything, it will actually also increase their fitness skill, bonus!

You can go up to a vampire and click on then and vampiric spar will be under the vampire menu or under friendly interactions with a small bat symbol beside it. You actually don’t need to fight different vampires and win, you can actually just fight one vampire numerous times.

Finally, your sim is going to need to become a prime vampire to complete this part of the aspiration. In the last part, you needed to become a minor vampire and the prime vampire is just one level about that. To grow your vampire level you just need to gain experience points.

Gaining these points can be done by doing any vampire tasks, this means you can read vampire tomes, get training from better vampires, do a vampiric spar, etc. This will get you to reach a higher level rather easily.

Level Four: The Ancient One

  • Become a Grand Master Vampire
  • Read the Ultimate Vampire Tome
  • Survive for an Additional 20 Days as a Vampire

The first part of this aspiration level is to become a grand master vampire, easy as pie! You just need to continue doing more of the vampire tasks you did to get to the prime vampire level. This includes vampiric spars, reading vampire times, getting vampire training, etc.

The Ultimate Vampire Tome is one of the Vampiric Encyclopedia books that can be purchased by clicking on purchase books on any bookcase. You are going to have to read the entire thing, and actually read the other ones completely before you read this because it’s like a higher level skill book. Finishing this book will help you by most likely getting you to level 15 (max level) of the vampire lore skill.

The survive an additional 20 days is usually confusing for most players because there is confusion about when this starts. Well, you are going to have the clock for this start the second you get to this level of the aspiration. Once you unlock level 4 your 20 days begins. You just need to survive 20 days without dying or without doing the steps to stop being a vampire.

This makes the aspiration actually take a really long time, however, vampires are not on a lifespan clock. They live forever as long as they don’t die from the sun or something, so you can finish all the other aspirations as well.

Final Thoughts

Being a master vampire in The Sims 4 is pretty easy if you’ve dedicated your sim’s life to being the best vampire. Just focusing on finishing the vampire lore skill and hanging out with friends like Caleb or Lilith Vatore, maybe even Vlad if you’re feeling crazy.

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  1. What makes the counter stop resetting for the “Survive 20 days being a Vampire?”

    He’s been a Vamp for almost 2 Sim years.

    I thought it was whenever he left the lot but he still has a job and got it up to 11 days and then it reset.

    Do I have to play another family for awhile or do I quit his job and have him just stay home for 20 days. In any case it’s really annoying.

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