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The Sims 4: Tech Guru Career

The tech guru career in The Sims 4 is a really awesome career because it’s so fun to get your sim to focus on two really fun computer-based skills, both programming and video gaming. My favourite part is that your sim has to play video gaming so they always keep their fun up.

This career is really good at the beginning because it pays decently, compared to some other base game careers where you make hardly any money at the beginning.

My favourite part about the tech guru career is your ability to earn money on the side by using any of the programming options like hacking, creating apps, and so much more.

Aspiration for the Tech Guru Career

Computer Whiz

The only aspiration that really works with this career is the computer whiz aspiration. This one is great because it’s focus is entirely on the video gaming skill and the programming skill which are the two skills in this career. Also, the last milestone of this aspiration has you reaching level 5 of the tech guru career so obviously it works together.

Webmaster Reward Trait

If your sim manages to complete the computer whiz aspiration, you’ll be given the webmaster reward trait! My favourite thing you get from this is that you get to unlock the option to make money turking where you can earn cash rather quickly as a supplement to your income.

Traits for the Tech Guru Career


The loner trait is great for a sim in the tech guru career because it makes it so your sim’s social need goes down slower. They are going to be spending tons of time alone on their computer, so this may be the best option. However, if you want your sim to eventually have a big family, you may want to avoid this one as they’ll get tense if there are too many people around.


The genius trait is great because genius sims get random focused moodlets that last hours. The focused emotion are great for doing both video gaming and programming and can help your sim gain the skills quicker.


Sims who have the geek trait enjoy spending time on the computer more and can get focused moodlets from it as well, they will also gain more fun from video gaming than other sims.

Tech Guru Career Levels

“Who needs college with programming skills like yours? Opportunity is out there, ripe for the picking, and you and your big brain are ready to pluck away.”

This career is heavily focused on the programming and video gaming skills, so you’re going to want to purchase a decent computer with a higher reliability or else you’ll find your sim spending a lot of their time fixing their broken computer instead of working towards their promotions.

Job TitleLive Chat Support Agent
Hourly Wage§31/Hour
ScheduleT W T F S 10 am – 6 pm
Daily Pay§248
Promotion TasksPlay Video Games
Promotion Rewards N/A
Job TitleQuality Assurance
Hourly Wage§38/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 10 am – 7 pm
Daily Pay§342
Promotion TasksPlay Video Games, Programming Level 2
Promotion Rewards §375, Stainless Steel Auto-Pot
Job TitleCode Monkey
Hourly Wage§47/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 10 am – 7 pm
Daily Pay§423
Promotion TasksPractice Programming, Level 3 Programming, Level 2 Video Gaming
Promotion Rewards §506, Computer Hard Drive
Job TitleAce Engineer
Hourly Wage§63/Hour
ScheduleT W T F S 9 am – 5 pm
Daily Pay§504
Promotion TasksPractice Programming, Level 4 Programming, Level 3 Video Gaming
Promotion Rewards §633, The Sentinel
Job TitleProject Manager
Hourly Wage§73/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 9 am – 5 pm
Daily Pay§584
Promotion TasksPractice Programming, Level 5 Programming, Level 4 Video Gaming
Promotion Rewards §760, The Hipster Hugger
Job TitleDevelopment Captain
Hourly Wage§78/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 9 am – 5 pm
Daily Pay§624
Promotion TasksPractice Programming, Level 6 Programming, Level 5 Video Gaming
Promotion Rewards §874, Innovators Award for Excellence

Tech Guru Unlocks (Before Branch)

When you progress in any career in The Sims 4, you unlock new build mode items that you can use in your home and the tech guru career has a few really good ones. The first is the new coffee pot that you unlock, this is funny because people who are involved in tech and gaming are always extra caffeinated and rarely sleep, so this is super on brand.

The next is a decorative computer harddrive that you can put on the floor or on a table in your office for a nice piece of decor. Next, we have the hipster hugger which is a cute couch that looks super worn in and extremely comfy.

Finally, you get the innovator’s award for excellence, which you have earned! You deserve some recognition for all your hard work being a tech guru!

eSports Gamer Branch

“You’ve been living and breathing videogames since the moment you could twitch your trigger finger, and as an eSport Gamer, you can cash in on that.”

The best part about the eSports Gamer Branch is that after you choose a branch there isn’t a brand new skill introduced to the career, your sim is still working with just video gaming and programming.

This branch has some of the best unlocks, since you get the Top Secret Computer which is one of the best computers in the game and you’ll be given it for free, so that’s a bonus. You’ll also have enough video gaming skill to win a couple video gaming tournaments which can help your sim make a bit of extra money on the side as well.

eSports Gamer Branch Levels

Job TitleeSports Competitor
Hourly Wage§131/Hour
ScheduleM T F S 2 pm – 11 pm
Daily Pay§1089
Promotion TasksPlay Video Games, Video Gaming Level 6
Promotion Rewards §933, Stack of CDs
Job TitlePro Gamer
Hourly Wage§194/Hour
ScheduleM W T F 5 pm – 12 am
Daily Pay§1358
Promotion TasksPlay Video Games, Programming Level 7, Video Gaming Level 8
Promotion Rewards §2177, New Interaction: Brag About Skills, Revanne Poster
Job TitleAPM King or Queen
Hourly Wage§261/Hour
ScheduleT T F S 4 am – 10 pm
Daily Pay§1566
Promotion TasksPlay Video Games, Programming Level 8, Video Gaming Level 10
Promotion Rewards §2721, Top Secret Computer
Job TitleChampion Gamer
Hourly Wage§328/Hour
ScheduleT T F S 4 pm – 10 pm
Daily Pay§1968
Promotion TasksPlay Video Games
Promotion Rewards §3129, Prio Perfection Motion Sensor Game Mat

eSports Gamer Branch Unlocks

The eSports Gamer Branch has some really fun unlocks that you get as you work your way up the ranks. The first being a stack of CDs that look awesome in any gamer’s home office. It reminds me of the early 2000’s when you’d have all of your sim’s disks somewhere in a giant pile, just bringing back nostalgia.

Next, you’re given the revanne poster which is super gamer looking and can look great above your sim’s computer desk. Then, you get the best part, the top secret computer, which is an awesome gaming computer that is worth a bit of money, and works great for any pro gamer.

Finally, your sim will receive a motion sensor gaming mat, which is a great item for getting your sims fun to go up quickly while also gaining the video gaming skill.

Start Up Entrepreneur Branch

“Turn your Big Ideas into household names as a Start-up Genius. It’ll take savvy and connections, but fortune is within your reach.”

Unlike the eSports Branch, the start up entrepreneur branch does bring in a new skill for your sim to develop, the charisma skill! This makes this branch a bit harder because your sims are more likely to feel tense since part of their job doesn’t include having fun playing video games.

The rewards in this branch aren’t as tech focused and are more fun home decor as well as a giant TV that will be an interesting piece in any living room.

Your daily task is going to be to use the programming skill in any way, so you can choose to do any of the programming interactions. This is awesome because you can earn money by making apps or video games and then still make money from the actual career.

Start Up Entrepreneur Branch Levels

Job TitleThe Next Big Thing?
Hourly Wage§98/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 410 am – 5 pm
Daily Pay§686
Promotion TasksPractice Programming, Level 8 Programming, Level 2 Charisma
Promotion Rewards §933, A Stroke of Genius
Job TitleIndependent Consultant
Hourly Wage§185/Hour
ScheduleM T T S 10 am – 4 pm
Daily Pay§1110
Promotion TasksProgram, Level 9 Programming, Level 4 Charisma
Promotion Rewards §2394, Minimalist Unplant
Job TitleDot Com Pioneer
Hourly Wage§371/Hour
ScheduleM T F 10 am – 4 pm
Daily Pay§2226
Promotion TasksProgram, Programming Level 10, Charisma Level 6
Promotion Rewards §3112, Light of My Life Painting
Job TitleStart Up Genius
Hourly Wage§516/Hour
ScheduleM T F 10 am – 3 pm
Daily Pay§2580
Promotion TasksProgram
Promotion Rewards §5355, New Interaction: Brag About Start Up, Plasmatron 3000 TV

Start Up Entrepreneur Branch Unlocks

The things you unlock as you progress in the tech guru career through the start up entrepreneur branch are way more home decor heavy than the other branch. I’m a big fan of the home decor because it seems like stuff that a rich entrepreneur would have in their home, so I think it’s super on brand for the career.

First, you’ll be given the a stroke of genius rug which feels super modern but also super funky at the same time. It’s a really great rug for any living room. then you’re given the minimalist unplant, which is a super weird looking plant that in my mind is perfect for a super rich single man.

You’re also given the Plasmatron 3000 Television, a really really really large TV that will increase your sims fun quickly and make them happy, so I guess this is a decent trade off for no longer having video gaming as part of the career.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s all for The Sims 4 tech guru career! I’ve always been a big fan of the tech guru career because I spend a ton of time on the computer, so it makes my sims feel most like me. How do you guys feel about this career? Let me know in the comments!

If you don’t feel like the tech guru career is right for your sim, here are a few other career guides for you to check out:

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