50+ Items You Need in Your Sims 4 Furniture CC Folder

When you’re trying to build up the best sims 4 furniture cc folder you are going to need a wide variety of beautiful items to add to your game. Thankfully, there are dozens of custom content creators who are releasing absolutely spectacular items each and every day for you to enjoy.

The best way to organize your furniture cc folder is to make sure that you are organizing it by the different rooms so you aren’t overwhelmed by how much stuff you have. This is especially important for when a piece of custom content decides to be broken! Make sure that you keep your sims 4 furniture cc folder organized and full of some of these absolutely spectacular items.

Must Haves for Your Sims 4 Furniture CC Folder

There aren’t many things in the game that I consider must haves but there are definitely a bunch of sims 4 mods that are must-haves and this list has much of my must-have custom content on it now too. These items must be in your sims 4 furniture cc folder if you want to have the best time playing the game.

Kitchen Sets for Your Sims 4 Furniture CC Folder

Kitchens are one of those areas where we definitely need some work in the game. We rarely get tons of cabinets and kitchen decor with new packs as it takes a lot of work for EA to create them so you really do need to turn to custom content for you to be able to have a gorgeous kitchen.

Back to Basics

The big issue with many of the kitchen sets that we have in the game are that they are too stylized but most kitchens IRL are very simple. That’s why with this one we need to go back to basics and have simple kitchen to choose from.

This one is so incredible because it has clean lines, simple handles and comes in nice neutrals like white, grey and black but you can also have fun kitchens like blue, green or purple. They even went so far as to create the matching bar (which EA doesn’t even do much) so you can have a full matching kitchen set.

back to basics kitchen set

Mirr Kitchen

If you aren’t a fan of going back to basics and would prefer to have something extremely modern than you need Mirr Kitchen. This set is great because it is so minimalistic and beautiful that you can make a gorgeous kitchen for a rich family like the Landgraabs and it will totally suit them.

These cabinets are beautiful with a marble texture on the counters and the island counters have that beautiful (and expensive looking) waterfall edge. If you’re looking to create modern kitchens you must add this to your sims 4 furniture cc folder.

mirr kitchen for your sims 4 furniture cc folder

Sol Kitchen

The next set on this list is the Sol Kitchen which has gorgeous wood tones, fun colours and some of my favourite cabinet handles I’ve ever seen on custom content. This set includes all the kitchen cabinets, the counters and the bar counter as well as the matching wall shelf and the bar stool to match.

When looking at kitchens IRL I’m a huge fan of floating shelves to show off your favourite decor objects and having those cute shelves in the same wood tones as the cabinets makes this work extremely well.

sims 4 furniture cc folder items must have

Colour Talk Kitchen

The next kitchen you need in your sims 4 furniture cc folder is the colour talk kitchen. This one is really fun because it has a great mid-century modern vibe that is extremely popular among many simmers. This set mixes up woods and whites or woods and blacks and really adds dimension to the game.

The fun tile you see on the wall is extremely fun and interesting too, it honestly gives the kitchen a very mid century feel. It also comes in a floor tile if you prefer neutral walls but fun flooring!

sims 4 colour talk kitchen

Kitchen Clutter Collection

There is never enough adorable clutter objects in The Sims 4 so this kitchen clutter collection makes me very happy when decorating my sim’s home. With this pack you get a few small items that you can use to decorate your kitchen counters to make them feel more lived in.

You’ll be getting a leaning cutting board, a set of stacked bowls, butter dish, a dutch oven pot, salt and pepper shakers and a thing of soap with a sponge. All of these are really adorable and can add so much personality to your sim’s kitchen.

clutter objects for the sims 4

Beam Kitchen

We don’t get many different textures when it comes to kitchen cabinets, it’s mostly woods and individual colours but this Beam Kitchen looks almost like metal. This kitchen is so much fun and has so many fun details with there even being clutter objects to decorate with.

This set is fun because the kitchen’s fridge and stove are both the exact same colour tones as the counters to they can blend in really nicely. It comes with a microwave piece built into a cabinet too, this set is just so awesome!

beam kitchen

Oak House Part 2

Sometimes custom content creators do small releases of the same style of content over time, this Oak House collection comes in many small packs for different rooms which is awesome. The kitchen set is one of my favourites because it’s so beautiful.

This set has one of my favourite small details which is a piece that allows you to hang paper towel on the wall instead of having it take up space on your sim’s counter which is a game changer for me. Oh, and there’s a toaster which is an object that just doesn’t exist in The Sims 4.

oak house collection

Macaron Kitchen

Sometimes when you’re decorating a kitchen in The Sims 4 you don’t want to have boring white, black or wood counter tops. If that’s you at the moment then this is the set for you. This macaron kitchen is so much fun because the counter tops are black and honestly look like someone splattered fun colours all over them.

The set includes the counters, cabinets, island counter pieces and bar stools that come in every variation you need. You can really create something fun with this, but don’t worry there are more neutral cabinet colours to make the counter tops a little less daunting.

fun kitchen with silly counters for your sims 4 furniture cc folder

Bedroom Options for Your Sims 4 Furniture CC Folder

As humans (and sims) we spend a lot of our time inside of our bedrooms, probably the most time of any room in your home. That’s why your bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary so you can have a good nights sleep and keep your sleep schedule consistent. That’s why these bedrooms are must haves to add to your sims 4 furniture cc folder so you can make the most beautiful bedrooms.

Lottie Bedroom

The first set of bedroom furniture on our list of must-haves for your sims 4 furniture cc folder is the Lottie Bedroom. This bedroom has such an interesting bed frame on it with it being rounded and having fun slats going through it. The blankets on it look super luxe with a decorative one at the bottom too.

In addition to just the must have double bed there are other pieces of furniture like a console bookshelf table, a small vanity and even a small basket of pillows and blankets. You can really create your sim’s dream sanctuary with these items.

sims 4 furniture cc folder items for the lottie bedroom

Just Plain Beds

For whatever reason EA doesn’t like giving us simple, plain beds. Every single double bed we get has wild swatches, weird shapes and crazy blankets that you just can’t match easily with many items.

With this just plain beds option you can have just that, plain beds! These beds have the mattresses separated from the bed frames so you can choose the swatch on both and they come in double, single and toddler sizes for an interesting look.

just plain beds

Freja Nursery

Bedroom items aren’t just for adults, they can be for toddler bedrooms too! This Freja nursery is so gorgeous and starts off with a beautiful wicker crib for your babies that has a fun blanket hanging off the side. There is also a fun toddler bed with a rounded headboard that is so cute.

There is so much decor too, with a beautiful hanging chair, a tapestry that matches, some cute suitcases and a wicker poof to round it all off and finish the look.

freja nursery for babies and toddlers

Cozy Quilted Bedding

Much of the bedding that we get in The Sims 4 is a bit unrealistic and doesn’t look comfortable. Sometimes my must have items in my sims 4 furniture cc folder are just simple items like cozier bedding. This bedding is beautiful with fun colours and simple details for a cozy looking bedroom.

add cozy quilted bedding to your sims 4 furniture cc folder

Cayden Bedroom

Next up on our list of bedroom options is the beautiful Cayden bedroom. This bedroom set features wood furniture with metal detailing around all of the edges with so many pieces to enjoy. One of my favourites is actually the cute puffy chair that can also look great in your sim’s living room.

The best thing about this set is that there isn’t just one option for your bed. There are two different bed types that actually come in three styles each with different lengths on the foot board, headboard and even one with canopy poles.

sims 4 furniture cc folder

Luna Bedroom

The next item on the list is the Luna bedroom that has such fun rounded lines on all of the furniture. The bed is beautiful and feels very serene when matched with the other pieces. The giant armoire is absolutely gorgeous and unlike anything else we have in the game.

My favourite pieces in this set has to be the gorgeous clothing rack because it’s just so unique. It has a marble base with simple wood poles to hold up a few pieces of clothing but a beautiful rounded oval mirror for a multi-purpose item in your sim’s home.

luna bedroom

Cottage Living Bed Recolour

The cottage living bed is one of my favourite double beds in the game but the blanket swatches just aren’t there for me. They skew too old when this would be the perfect bed for a child or teenager so these cottage living bed recolours are a must have for me.

The bedding in these are so fun with patterns like multi-coloured flowers, strawberries, lemons and even a swatch with cute little foxes on it. It really makes this bed way more useable and fun for your sims!

cottage living bed recolour

Bathroom Items for Your Sims 4 Furniture CC Folder

We all gotta poop, even your sims, so why not give them the gorgeous bathroom they deserve. These bathroom sets for your sims 4 furniture cc folder are absolutely gorgeous and can really change how much you enjoy decorating bathrooms. Let’s be honest, bathrooms are the most boring rooms to decorate so it’s vital that we have beautiful bathroom custom content to add!

Serene Bathroom

First up on our list of bathroom items to add to your sims 4 furniture cc folder is this gorgeous Serene Bathroom set. The most important piece, the toilet, has a wood and concrete version so you can truly customize your bathroom. There’s gorgeous rounded edges on many of these items and it really lets you have a good time when decorating.

The fun thing about this set is that there is even a set of lockers so you can use this bathroom set to decorate a spa or a gym bathroom with these too.

serene bathroom

Lux Bathroom

This Lux Bathroom set has just about everything you need in a bathroom and more. You get the basics like a toilet, shower, and sink but there are also items like a beautiful vanity, gorgeous mirrors and even leaning wall art to decorate with.

Bathroom sets are so much fun to have in your game because you get so many objects to decorate with. The best part about this set is that you get so many clutter objects like a diffuser, a hairbrush, a soap dish and even a toilet bowl brush.

sims 4 furniture cc folder

Oak House Part 4

We’ve already discussed the oak house kitchen and this bathroom set just keeps the good times flowing with that same style of furniture. This bathroom set is really beautiful and can help you customize so many beautiful bathrooms.

My favourite item is definitely the two bath options you have with one being marble and the other being a gorgeous claw foot tub. The set even comes with glass walls so you can make gorgeous glass wall showers for a luxurious feeling in your home.

oak house set

Colette Set

Many of the bathroom sets that you can add to your sims 4 furniture cc folder are really modern with clean lines and interesting styles but some players want to have something more traditional. This Colette Set is a really fun option to make it different and have a more rustic style kitchen.

This set starts with a gorgeous claw foot bathtub with a hanging shower curtain which is so much fun, a beautiful wood vanity with a bowl sink that is just gorgeous and a really simple and basic looking toilet. You can really decorate a gorgeous room with these items.

colette set

Hudson Bathroom

The Hudson bathroom is a good one for decorating really simple bathrooms that look awesome. There’s a fun wall shower that you can create with different walls and glass pieces to make an interesting size and shape. There’s a gorgeous leaning shelf with towels and other decor items to make the bathroom really feel lived in.

sims 4 furniture cc folder bathroom set

Living Room Options for Your Sims 4 Furniture CC Folder

Living rooms are right up there with your kitchen as the heart of your home and deserve to be decorated with so much love and beauty. There are so many beautiful living room items to add to your game that are going to change up how your sim’s live and make you love decorating so much more.

Uma Living

Uma living is a really beautiful mid-century furniture set for your sim’s living room that has some really fun pieces. It starts with a set of chairs and couches in gorgeous wood tones that have fun colours on the cushions. There’s a giant plant to take up big corners in your sim’s room with huge leaves that just bring joy.

My favourite piece in this set is definitely the extremely long mid-century console table that you can decorate with all of your favourite clutter items in the game.

uma living room

Oak House Part 3

The next living room is a continuation of the Oak House collection that we’ve discussed in the kitchens and bathroom section. This one starts with a beautiful fireplace with rounded detail to make the living room feel luxurious.

The couches are covered in gorgeous pillows to make the home feel extra lived in and there are so many beautiful decor objects too to really make it fun.

sims 4 furniture cc folder

Hinterlands Living

The hinterlands living room set has sixteen different items for you to decorate your sim’s home with and you can really create beautiful rooms with this. It starts with a beautiful sectional couch that has different pieces with chaise lounges and different edges.

My favourite part is the set of counter tops and shelves that you can use to make gorgeous built in bookcases to surround your television and fill with decorative items to keep the room interesting. Plus, that fireplace is gorgeous too.

hinterlands living room for the sims 4 furniture cc folder

Nora Living

Nora living is a fun set because it has a lot of personality. The personality starts on the couch with the fun colours and different pillows really making it feel lived in and beautiful. There’s a small basket with a blanket inside that feels super cute and realistic and the clutter books are so cute too!

nora living


The next thing you need in your sims 4 furniture cc folder is the Slouch set that has such a unique look to its couch. This couch is extremely deep and would be perfect for snuggling IRL so it’s a great couch to add to your sims home. Since it’s so deep you can also find some custom content pillows and decorate the whole couch with them.

slouch couch

Bosco Sectional

The two types of sectionals we got with dream home decorator just aren’t enough so I love that custom content creators are making their own to keep it interesting. This Bosco sectional is a great choice for this and works just like the DHD sectionals too!

bosco sectional couch

Dawn Living

There are many couch styles that I would never have in my home but it’s so fun to add weird shaped couches to my sim’s homes so I can live through them. This couch is so interesting with individual seats with line detailing and decorative pillows. There’s a large fuzzy rug for you to place beneath the couch for a really cozy look.

My favourite part of this set is definitely the large cabinet and bookshelf because it will allow you to decorate the most beautiful and lived-in spaces for your sims.

dawn living set for your sims 4 furniture cc folder

Living Room Mini-Kit

The last option for living rooms in your sims 4 furniture cc folder is this living room mini-kit. This kit starts with a low-profile couch that is extremely long so its good if you have a large family. The coffee table is adorable and round which is a fun shape that we don’t get super often in the game. You can definitely make a cute room with this one!

living room mini-kit

Kids & Toddler Options

We couldn’t talk about must have items for your sims 4 furniture cc folder without talking about some items for kids and toddlers. These are a very vital life stage in the game if you want to set your sims up for success in the later game, so they deserve beautiful and functional spaces too.

Lenny Kidsroom

There are so many gorgeous kid’s bedroom sets on The Sims Resource and this is one of my favourites. The Lenny kid’s room starts with a fun bed that has a structure around it making it extremely fun to decorate with. It’s got a fun matching couch with pillows, a unique craft table for kids and tons of fun decor.

The best decor object in this set has to be the fun shelf that looks like an airplane which is just such a fun concept.

lenny kidsroom furniture

Functional Toddler Swing Chair

The chair options for toddlers are lacking and none of them are super fun. This functional toddler swing chair is definitely fun for your toddlers and looks really fun in the room. It starts with a rounded base where a long curved pole comes out the top. From the pole hang some rope and from the rope hangs a fun chair.

The chairs come in fun colours and there are small pillows on it with fun patterns to show off your sim’s personality.

toddler swing cc

Twinkle Star Kidsroom

The twinkle star bedroom is a must have for your sims 4 furniture cc folder and is just so cute. There’s a gorgeous desk area for your sims to do their homework, a cute bed with a draping blanket and so much fun decor for you to decorate the room with.

twinkle star kidsroom

Dollhouse Furniture Set

I’m always looking for more fun ways to make my sim’s bedrooms feel more loved and this dollhouse furniture set is amazing because it makes it feel like your sim’s kid is playing house while walking around.

dollhouse furniture

IKEA Toddler Stuff

Sometimes I just want simple furniture for my toddlers. This IKEA Toddler stuff pack is amazing because it has simple lines and bright colours to make sure that your toddlers room is fun without being too overwhelming. There are even bottle and diaper decor objects for added realism.

IKEA toddler stuff

Dakota Kidsroom

Do your kids love bears and mountains? Well, then they need the Dakota kids room. This kids room starts with a bed that has a peaked top to make it look like a mountain which is so cute. There’s a small rocking chair with a blanket, some shelving units and a ton of fun decor items to decorate with.

dakota room for kids sims 4 furniture cc folder

Country Kids

We don’t always want our kid’s rooms to be super childish and covered in bright colours, sometimes we want a country themed bedroom. This kid’s bedroom set is perfect for kids who are living with grandma and grandpa who definitely have an older style.

a country themed bedroom for kids in the sims 4

Small, Functional Dollhouses

The dollhouses in The Sims 4 are way too big and really stress me out trying to place them in the home. Thankfully, Ravasheen has decided to create these gorgeous small dollhouses that your sims can place just about anywhere and play with.

The styles of these are things like a town square, a farm house or even a space ship. Since the sims don’t actually play inside of the dollhouse they’ll just play around these in the cutest way.

functional dollhouses for sims

Clark Toddler Bed

The toddler beds in the base game are lacking much personality so I’m always looking for interesting toddler beds. Thankfully, beds like this clark bed exist because they take the game to a whole new level. This bed starts with a gorgeous frame with sunbursts off on the side for added fun and the blankets are so gorgeous too!

clark bed for sims 4 furniture cc folder

Mini-Chairs and Mini-Tables

If there’s anything that you need in your sims 4 furniture cc folder it’s these mini tables and chairs for your toddlers. For whatever reason there is no system that allows toddlers to actually eat at a table in the game. They eat on couches, on the floor and in random chairs instead.

With these mini tables and chairs you can set up tiny little areas for your sims to eat at and really be able to have a good meal and learn some manners instead of eating on the floor.

mini tables and chairs

Victoria Kidsroom

Victoria’s kids room is a cute room with so much character. You’ve got a gorgeous set of furniture in nice wood tones that has shelves for clutter, a corner desk for a unique style and a staircase to nowhere. This furniture is fun and adds a lot of personality to the bedroom.

victoria bedroom for your sims 4 furniture cc folder

Princess Toddler Potty

The toddler potty options we have in the game are definitely lacking which has always annoyed me. Using a custom potty chair is a really great way to make your bathroom or toddler bedroom more interesting. This princess toddler potty will have your toddlers learning their potty skill in style.

sims 4 toddler potty

Wigwam Armchair

These wigwam chairs are such a fun detail to add to the corner of your sim’s room and act as a regular arm chair so your kids can watch TV while sitting in them, toddlers can eat in them or even take a nap inside of them. They’re such a cute decor option too!

wigwam armchair

Must Have CC Furniture Packs

One of my favourite ways to get custom content in my game is to download custom content packs because they allow you to download so much all at once that matches perfectly. These packs are some of my favourites that are out there at the time of writing, but my favourites change almost weekly since packs like this are consistently being released.

Master Bedroom Pack

This master bedroom stuff pack is such an incredible option because it’s made so beautifully and really covers everything you need for a gorgeous bedroom. It starts with a beautiful fabric headboard on the bed with nice pillow and blanket detail and a matching ottoman for the end of the bed.

You get a dresser, armoire and matching bed side tables that all match the wood tones. There is even a fish tank with the same style underneath. There are many decor items too including a wood photo shelf, a gorgeous plant and even a knitted poof.

sims 4 master bedroom stuff

Roarsome Kids Bedroom

There are so many fun options for decorating kid’s rooms and this roarsome kids room is a really fun custom pack. It has all this furniture themed after animals including the bed, the table and chair set and even the rugs are animal themed.

My favourite piece in this collection has to be the gorgeous bear mirror with the belly of the bear being a mirror for your kids to stare into.

roarsome bedroom furniture for your sims 4 furniture cc folder

Minimalist Bedroom Stuff

When looking for great custom content packs I’m not always looking for insanely stylistic items and patterns. Sometimes I’m looking for simple minimalist bedroom furniture so this pack is great. It covers all the bases you need covered in your game and can decorate many fun, simple bedrooms in your game.

minimalist bedroom stuff

Cozy Backyard Pack

This next custom pack really needs to have a permanent place in your sims 4 furniture cc folder because it’s gorgeous. It starts off with a beautiful set of wicked furniture like a couch, a chair and some tables. These are accented with a gorgeous rug, some lanterns, and even a little bistro set.

My favourite part is the plants and the outdoor fireplace because it lets you really make a beautiful space for your sims to hangout and live their lives.

cozy backyard stuff sims 4

Sleek Slumber

There’s something really beautiful about the bed inside this sleek slumber pack and it’s extremely unique. This bed is a platform bed that has gorgeous large pillows on the back that match the platform and the bed has a fun folded blanket on top. The rest of the pack has other gorgeous items for your sim’s bedroom too!

sleek slumber for the sims 4

The Bafroom

The Bafroom is one of those packs that really just covers all the bases for a great set. This starts with a beautiful deep bathtub, a beautiful toilet and sink and so much decor. My favourite part of this set is all of the gorgeous decor items that you can add to your game.

You’ll find things like a towel rack shelf, a beautiful hanging mirror and even clutter items like soaps, candles and towels.

The bafroom stuff pack

Family Fun Stuff

If you played The Sims 2 and had the Family Fun Stuff Pack you need to download this conversion pack for The Sims 4. This one brings in all the same fun items from the old game to this one and lets you decorate the most intensely stylized bedrooms for your sim’s kids.

There are two themes of stuff in this pack, under water decorations and castle decorations. Every piece is carefully thought out really bringing your sims into those worlds for real.

add family fun stuff to your sims 4 furniture cc folder

Pufferhead Stuff

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a cringey millennial who loves Harry Potter and I’m not ashamed to admit that. This Pufferhead stuff pack is amazing because it brings Harry Potter into The Sims 4 is the best ways. This pack has an entire set of bedroom furniture including beds for both kids and toddlers, a desk and dresser, and even a recolour of the science table.

The decor is really where this pack shines though, there are posters, pictures, owls in cages and even MySims of popular characters. And, of course, you can decorate your sim’s room with a wand box to keep their wand safe.

harry potter cc

Child Dream Pack

Decorating children’s rooms is my favourite part of building in the game because you can add so much personality and fun to your sim’s home. This child dream pack really brings some fun into your game and lets you create adorable kid’s bedrooms.

The furniture set is great with matching wood tones throughout to have a consistent look and different decor items to really make it shine. In this set you’ll find gorgeous things like hanging airplanes, sitting llamas, a fun piggy bank and even a bunny with a crown.

child dream pack

Classic Kitchen

We could always use more kitchen stuff in The Sims 4 because we just never have enough. This classic kitchen set is so beautiful and hits all the buttons for me. It has a gorgeous modern farmhouse look with a farmhouse sink, a bunch of beautiful wood tones and fun decor like fruit bowls and flowers.

sims 4 classic kitchen for sims 4 furniture cc folder

Final Thoughts on Your Sims 4 Furniture CC Folder

Adding quality items to your sims 4 furniture cc folder is very hard, it can take time to really curate a perfect mods folder. You need to find the best sims mods and try to pair them with the absolute best custom content out there which is hard. Hopefully this list helped you to make that process a bit more streamlined. Happy Playing!

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