The Sims 4: Good Vampire Aspiration

Being a vampire in The Sims 4: Vampires doesn’t have to be about attacking sims and drinking without permission. It can be about being a good vampire and being friendly and nice to others.

The good vampire aspiration is all about making friends and gaining the trust of other sims so you can get their permission to drink instead of being sneaky.

This aspiration focuses on learning about being a vampire and the vampire lore skill as well as making friends.

Traits That Can Help

With every aspiration there are traits that are going to make finishing the aspiration more easily.

There are some traits that may help you work through this aspiration quickly, but there aren’t really any that are absolutely necessary. You may want to choose outgoing since part of it is about making friends.

Reward Trait for the Good Vampire Aspiration

When your sim reaches the end of the good vampire aspiration, you’ll be given the regained humanity trait. This means that other sims will know not to fear you and you’ll be safer and nicer to be around for other sims. Sims are also more likely to give you permission to drink.

Stages of the Aspiration

Level One: The Transformation

  • Use a Computer to Search for Information about Vampires
  • Become a Vampire
  • Reach Level 3 in Vampire Lore

The first step toward finishing this aspiration is to use your computer to learn about vampires. You can do this on a library computer if you don’t currently own one.

When you do this you’ll learn about vampire tomes that you can purchase to learn even more about vampires.

You also are going to need to actually become a vampire which you can do through being born a vampire or getting someone to turn.

We have a youtube channel and a video all about how to become a vampire that can help you through this process.

The final thing you need to do for this first part of the aspiration is to reach level 3 of the vampire lore skill. You can learn this skill by purchasing vampire tomes on the computer under the vampire section. There are 15 levels of this skill and they can be gained quite quickly, so read through the different tomes and learn a ton.

Level Two: Cope with Temptation

  • Drink a Plasma Pack
  • Make 5 Friends
  • Don’t Drink Deeply for 5 Days in a Row
  • Reach Level 4 in Vampire Lore

The first step is to drink a plasma pack, as you gain the vampire lore skill you’ll learn that you can drink plasma packs instead of drinking from other sims. You’ll eventually be able to purchase these from the order > vampire section on the computer.

A huge part of this aspiration is to make friends and be a good person. You’ll need to make 5 friends for this section of the aspiration. Go out and introduce yourself to other sims, and do a ton of friendly and funny interactions with them to grow your friendship.

Finally, you’ll need to not drink deeply from a sim for 5 days in a row. You still have the option to click on other sims and choose compel for a small drink or ask for permission, you just aren’t allowed to choose the drink deeply option.

Level Three: Circle of Trust

  • Make 2 Good Friends
  • Get Permission to Drink from 2 Sims
  • Buy the Tamed Thirst Vampire Power
  • Create 3 Plasma Packs from Fish or Frogs

The first part of this stage is to make two good friends. You’ll just need to keep working on a relationship with sims you’ve already met and are friends with by doing friendly and funny interactions until you get into the good friends level.

Next, you’ll need to ask two sims for permission to drink from them. When clicking on the vampire section while talking to a sim you can choose ask for permission and if they say yes, it will count toward this milestone. People who you have a good relationship with will have a better chance of saying yes.

A huge part of the vampire system is the perk points system. To be able to purchase the tamed thirst vampire power perk, you’ll need to reach the grand master vampire level.

To gain vampire XP to earn points, you need to do vampire tasks like drinking from sims, learning vampire lore, doing vampiric spars, and other powers.

Finally, your sim is going to need to create plasma packs of their own by fish or frogs. To do this, you’ll need to reach level 4 of the vampire lore skill to learn that you are able to do so.

To find a frog you need to search the different worlds for small logs covered in moss and search for frogs. Or you can go fishing at any of the fishing spots.

Once you have the fish or frog in your inventory you can click on it and choose create plasma pack. Do this three times to complete this aspiration.

Level Four: Reject the Beast

  • Make a BFF
  • Harvest from a Plasma Fruit Tree 3 Times in a Row
  • Don’t Drink Without Permission for 14 Days in a Row

This section is what makes this aspiration take a very long time. You’ll need to not drink from anyone without asking for permission for 14 straight days in game. Two weeks of game time can take quite a while to complete, so be prepared to be working on this for a while.

You’ll also need to harvest from plasma fruit tress. You have the option of growing your own by purchasing plasma fruit seeds or by harvesting the ones that are behind Vlad’s house in Forgotten Hollow.

Finally, you’ll need to make a BFF. This isn’t something that happens automatically, like with friends or good friends. You’ll need to grow a relationship with a sim and then ask them to become your BFF.

Final Thoughts

Being a vampire can be fun and you can be a good vampire with friends and a full life. You don’t need to be evil and sad and live alone forever if you work through the good vampire aspiration! Happy Playing!

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