The Sims 4: How to Write Songs (And License Them)

One of the most fun skills you can work on in the The Sims 4 is the different types of music skills. You can learn how to play the guitar, piano, violin, and even the organ.

A great way to make money with these musical skills is to write songs and then license them to earn a bit of a side income. You may be in the entertainer career and want to earn a bit of side income, or just have a sim who has a passion for music. Either way, you can write songs and license songs in the game.

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How to Write Songs

Before you are able to write a song you must read level 8 of the musical skill you are trying to write a song with. So, if you want to write a song on the guitar you’ll need to reach level 8 of the guitar skill.

Once you’ve reached level 8 you can click on the guitar and choose to write song and you’ll have an option or two, as you get to level 9 or 10 you’ll get to have other options available.

It’s going to take you around 12 sim hours total to write a song, so you won’t be able to finish the entire thing in one sitting.

The most important thing I can tell you is that if you start a song and stop in the middle, do not start writing a new one by clicking on the instrument. You will have sheet music in your inventory and you want to continue writing the song by clicking on this object in your sim’s inventory.

How to License Songs

Once you’ve written a song in The Sims 4 you need to license those songs to make money. You are only able to license one song a week per instrument.

If you want to make the most money from licensing songs you’ll want your sims to be talented in more than one instrument, so you can license one song per instrument.

To be able to license a song you are going to need to be at level 9 of the skill you want to license. This is fine because you have to get 8 to write the song and will gain the skill while writing that song anyway so you’ll probably be there anyway.

To license the song you’ll just need to click on a mailbox and choose license and choose the song you wish to sell.

Once you’ve licensed a song you’ll get a royalty payment every morning at 10 am. These payments are going to be anywhere from 100 to 1000 simoleons per day.

Final Thoughts

Musical skills in The Sims 4 are some of my favourites because its fun to watch a sim get better at a certain skill and start playing poorly but eventually be a superstar. You can write songs and make money from them and become RICH, happy playing!

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    1. You get a part written song in the Sim’s inventory. You have to resume writing that, rather than the “write a song” option on the Sim or they’ll end up with many part finished works.

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