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All The Sims 4 PC Controls You Need To Know

There are so many fun things to discover about the game like custom content, new packs, and even these awesome sims 4 PC controls. Knowing this list of buttons to press are going to make your experience so much more smooth by letting you skip through using your mouse and letting you do things so much quicker.

A person playing The Sims 4 on their PC trying to move their sim's home.

Taking Screenshots and Recording Video

When you’re playing the game you’re always going to want beautiful images of your favourite sims. This is super easy to do, just hit these hot keys on your keyboard and it’ll take a perfect image for you!

Hot KeyResult
CTakes a Screenshot
VStarts/Ends a Video Recording

Basic Sims 4 PC Controls

There are so many controls that you just need to understand for the game, like you need this first set of controls just to function. These are must knows and you’ll absolutely love to have these memorized, or go ahead and bookmark this page!

Hot KeyResult
HomeWalls Up
EndWalls Down
Page UpGo Up One Floor
Page DownGo Down One Floor
Shift + EnterCentres You On Lot
Click on Sim’s Picture When ControllingFinds That Sim
Push Down Mouse Wheel Adjusts the angle of the camera
Scroll Mouse Wheel Zooms in and out
EscCloses Menus
SpaceSelects Next Sim in Household
Ctrl + Shift + COpens Cheat Box
F1Enters Live Mode
F2Enters Build Mode

Simology Panel PC Controls

One place you’re going to spend a lot of time in when playing The Sims 4 is all of the menus at the bottom right side of the screen. You can easily press letter keys on the keyboard when in live mode to shuffle between these menus.

Hot KeyResult
GOpens Aspiration Panel
IOpens Inventory Panel
JOpens Career/School Panel
LOpens Skills Panel
ROpens Relationship Panel
YOpens Simology Panel
OOpens Needs Panel

Speed Controls

Every person plays The Sims 4 in a different way and some people are normal speeders and others are 3x speeders. You can easily uses these hot keys to control how quickly your game is moving!

Hot KeyResult
1Changes to Normal Speed
2Changes to 2x Speed
3Changes to 3x Speed
PPauses the game

First Person Mode

With an update we got the addition of the first person camera that lets you see exactly what your sims are seeing. This will make you dizzy if you look at it too long though, so user beware!

Hot KeyResult
Shift + TabPuts you in or out of First Person
Holding Shift DownLets you click on things without moving the camera
Mouse WheelAdjusts how much you can see

Build Mode Sims 4 PC Controls

My absolute favourite types of controls are always going to be the build mode controls. These make building so much quicker and let you just breeze through becoming a master builder.

Hot KeyResult
EEnables Eyedropper Tool
K Enables Sledgehammer Tool
REnables Design Tool
Ctrl + ZUndo
GTurns Grid On/Off
BEnables Wall Tool
Holding Ctrl While Using Wall ToolLets You Delete Walls
Backspace While Holding ObjectMoves Item to Household Inventory
.Rotates Selected Item to the Right
,Rotates Selected Item to the Left
Ctrl + F Lets You Do 1/4 Floor Tiles
Holding Alt While Holding ObjectLets You Place Items Without Grid Limitation
L Switches Lighting to Next Stage (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night)
Delete While Holding ObjectDeletes Whatever Object You’re Holding
[ When Painting Terrain Makes Brush Smaller
[ When Painting Terrain Makes Brush Larger
; When Painting TerrainMakes Brush Softer
When Painting Terrain Makes Brush Harder

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 PC Controls

Learning these incredible Sims 4 PC Controls is going to completely change how you play the game. It’ll make your experience so much easier and have you loving playing this game even more. Happy Playing!

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