Sims 4 Bodybuilder Aspiration Walkthrough

There are so many aspirations for your to play through in the game and the sims 4 bodybuilder aspiration is a really fun one for sims who work on their fitness skill. This aspiration is nice because it can be completed when your sims are teenagers and does not require your sims to have a career like many other aspirations do.

Since it doesn’t require you to have your sims working through a career you are able to work through this one while working through a completely unrelated career or while they’re attending University.

sims 4 bodybuilder aspiration

Best Traits for Sims 4 Bodybuilder Aspiration

There are so many traits for your sims to play with and each of them is going to have benefits and also have some negatives to it. When you’re working with aspirations you’re going to need to think about which traits you’re going to give your sims to give you the best opportunity to get the aspiration completed more quickly.

There are three traits that can be extremely helpful to working through this aspiration and each have their own benefits. The first is the active trait that is going to get your sims energized more often which is the ideal emotion for gaining the fitness skill. These sims are going to get more fitness related whims which can be helpful because you’ll earn more satisfaction points.

The next trait you may want to choose is the bro trait because these sims are able to be manipulated into being energized more quickly by doing things like watching sports on TV. Using these ideal emotions to your sims advantage is the key to making sure that you can gain skills quickly.

The final trait you can choose in create a sim is loves the outdoors which is a good one to choose because your sims can do a lot of their exercise like jogging outdoors, so you want to make sure they enjoy being outside.

A Must-Have Reward Store Trait

There is also one reward store trait that will be extremely beneficial to your sims and that is the gym rat trait. This trait is great because it only costs 500 satisfaction points (you can use this cheat to get these points easily).

The gym rat trait is going to make it so your sims don’t lose any of their hygiene need while they’re working out which is AMAZING when sims are working out consistently. It also helps by increasing their fun a bit when they’re working out too!

Sims 4 Bodybuilder Aspiration Reward Trait

Whenever you complete an aspiration you’re going to be given an aspiration reward trait and these are unlimited so you can gain tons of traits from different aspirations over time. When you finish the sims 4 bodybuilder aspiration your sims are going to be given the long lived trait.

The long lived trait means that your sims are going to live longer than other sims but this doesn’t save your sims from any fatal accidents they may experience in their lifetime. This reward trait doesn’t actually impact your sim’s lives until they are an elder, it doesn’t add any extra days to your sims life stages before being an elder but they will live more days in their final stage of life.

Since this reward trait lets your sims live longer during their elder stage this is a really great aspiration to do at some point in your sim’s life just so you can get more time with your grandchildren.

Stages of the Sims 4 Bodybuilder Aspiration

Every aspiration that you can play through in The Sims 4 has many stages that you need to work through. You are going to need to completely finish a stage before being able to move on to the next one and you’re going to get satisfaction points every time you finish a task. For the sims 4 bodybuilder aspiration there are four levels of the aspiration to work through.

Level One: Basic Trainer

  • Work Out for 8 Hours
  • Work Out at any Gym Venue
sims 4 bodybuilder aspiration stage one basic trainer

The first thing you need to do with this aspiration is to workout for 8 hours which you can do in many different ways. You’re going to want to first make sure that your sim is feeling energized so they can earn the fitness skill more quickly.

Once your sim is feeling energized you’ll want to either purchase a workout machine like a treadmill or a punching bag for your home, visit a gym and workout there or go ahead and have your sim do pushups or go jogging by clicking on your sim.

To finish the work out at any gym venue part of this stage you’re going to want to have your sims travel to a world that has a gym like Willow Creek or Oasis Springs. You’ll just need to do a short workout from start to finish to get this done, you can also use the personal trainers to help you gain the fitness skill more quickly.

Pro Tip: Use the free build cheat to add the bracing breezes lot trait to the gym lot which will help you gain the fitness skill more quickly!

Level Two: Exercise Demon

  • Achieve Level 4 Fitness Skill
  • Push The Limits for One Hour While Energized
  • Own 2 Pieces of Workout Equipment
exercise demon stage

The first step of this part of the aspiration is to reach level four of the fitness skill which is extremely easy. You’re just going to need to be as consistent as possible with your workouts and workout once a day until you reach this.

Pushing the limits happens after your sims have completed an entire workout and are a little tired, then you can click on workout equipment and it will say something like Go Jogging (Push the Limits). You’ll want to first get your sims energized by watching sports on TV if your sim is a bro, or taking a brisk shower.

The final part of this stage is to own two pieces of workout equipment which is going to be expensive, so you may want to use money cheats to get this done. You’ll want to purchase two different pieces and you can use treadmills, punching bags or weight machines to get this done.

Level Three: Fit to a T

  • Achieve Level 6 Fitness Skill
  • Go Jogging for 2 Hours
  • Spend 10 Hours Exercising
fit to a T level of the sims 4 bodybuilder aspiration

The third part of the sims 4 bodybuilder aspiration is called Fit to a T and has your sims needing to get to level 6 of their fitness skill. This is really easy and will just take a few more days of exercise after you finish the level 4 from the previous part.

The next part is to have your sims go jogging for two hours, which is pretty much no time in the game so you can do this quickly. You will want to either click on the ground outside or click on your sim and choose go jogging and have them run for two hours. You don’t have to do this all at once, so you can make them jog whenever you have time.

Finally, you’ll need to spend ten hours exercising and this is a total time. You don’t need to exercise for ten hours straight all at once, that wouldn’t go well. So spend some time in the gym, get some home workout equipment or go jogging and you’ll get this done in no time.

Level Four: Body Builder

  • Achieve Level 10 Fitness Skill
  • Reach a Sim’s Maximum Body Potential
sims 4 bodybuilder aspiration stage four

The final stage of this aspiration is called Body Builder and has your sims needing to get in peak physical shape. You’ll start off by needing to max out your sim’s fitness skill which may take a while but can be done through working out on treadmills, punching bags, or going jogging.

Reaching your maximum body potential is the hard part which is where your sims need to keep working out to gain their muscle mass. This means that you’ll want to have them using the workout weight machines more than running because this has an impact, this may take a while but it will be worth it when you get that amazing long lived trait.

Pro Tip: If you don’t want to wait until your sim reaches their maximum body potential you can cheat it. Go into create-a-sim with the CAS full edit mode cheat and drag the dumbbell muscle slider all the way up and your sims will have to wait less time to get this done.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Bodybuilder Aspiration

The sims 4 bodybuilder aspiration is a really fun base game aspiration to play through that you can really have a fun time with. It will have your sims playing with different workout equipment and wanting to get to their peak physical fitness.

My favourite way to work through the sims 4 bodybuilder aspiration is to get my hands on The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff so that there are more interesting workout machines, and you get those amazing headphones that’ll make your sims have a better time when working out. Happy Playing!

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