The body builder aspiration in The Sims 4 is a fun one to complete, and can be done easily by all sims that are teens or older. This is one of few aspirations that do not need any career levels to be hit for you to complete them which makes this one a great choice to do alongside a career that is unrelated, or in conjunction with the athlete career.

Traits That Will Help With The Body Builder Aspiration


This one is a bit of a no-brainer! Sims with the active trait get energized more often which is the ideal mood for gaining the fitness skill. They are also more likely to have fitness related whims so they will gain even more satisfaction points from working out.


Sims that have the bro trait have the ability to get energized from watching sports on TV this is helpful because the ideal mood for gaining the fitness skill is energized!

Loves the Outdoors

A great way to get your sim to enjoy jogging outdoors even more is to give them the loves the outdoors trait! This means that your sim will gain a happiness moodlet while jogging outside which will boost their energized mood as well.

Gym Rat Reward Store Trait

In order to finish this aspiration you’re going to need to do a lot of working out which means that you should definitely spend 500 satisfaction points to purchase the Gym Rat trait from the rewards store. This trait will make it so your sim doesn’t decrease their hygiene while working out and it also helps to increase their fun while they’re doing it as well!

Reward Trait for the Body Builder Aspiration

When you are finally able to completely the body builder aspiration your sim will be rewarded with the long lived trait. This means that your sim will do just that, live longer! However, this does not save your sim from any accidents that may happen in their lifetime.

I’ve found that doing the body builder aspiration is a great first aspiration if you want to have a really successful sim that will live a longer life and have more time to finish aspirations and raise their children.

Stages of the Body Builder Aspiration

Level One: Basic Trainer

  • Work Out for 8 Hours
  • Work Out at any Gym Venue

There is a gym in most worlds in the sims 4, so it should be easy for you to go in and workout at a gym. Most gyms also have the Bracing Breezes lot trait which will help you gain skill faster anda . lot of them have personal trainers who can mentor you while you workout.

Level Two: Exercise Demon

  • Achieve Level 4 Fitness Skill
  • Push The Limits for One Hour While Energized
  • Own 2 Pieces of Workout Equipment

The best way to get done the push the limits part is to do an entire workout, take a brisk shower to get energized, and then you should be able to do a push the limits workout on any type of workout equipment or go jogging to push the limits.

Level Three: Fit to a T

  • Achieve Level 6 Fitness Skill
  • Go Jogging for 2 Hours
  • Spend 10 Hours Exercising

Level Four: Body Builder

  • Achieve Level 10 Fitness Skill
  • Reach a Sim’s Maximum Body Potential

Getting your sim to their maximum body potential will usually take longer than completing the fitness skill. I’ve learned that it’s important for you to do varying types of workouts (i.e., weight lifting, cardio, boxing, etc) in order to reach your maximum body potential.

Final Thoughts

The body builder aspiration is a really fun one to complete since it can be done without needing to get to a certain career level! Have you ever completed the body builder aspiration? How long did it take? Let me know in the comments!