The Sims 4: Freelance Botanist Aspiration

One really fun aspect of The Sims 4 is being able to make money from home in various ways, and one of my favourite ways to earn money in the game is through gardening.

Gardening is a really complicated system but runs extremely well in The Sims 4 and finishing the freelance botanist is actually rather easy. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your sims yard or in a greenhouse doing tons of gardening, so get your gardening gloves on and let’s go.

Traits That Can Help

With every aspiration in The Sims 4 there are some traits that are going to seriously help your sims finish it more quickly and there are two really awesome ones for the freelance botanist aspiration.


A sim who is going to do a lot of gardening will spend most of their time alone and a sim who has the loner trait is going to have a better time being alone. They won’t get tense and their social need will go down more slowly.

Loves the Outdoors

Of course, the loves the outdoors trait is going to be an awesome option because gardening mostly happens outside! Your sim will get a positive moodlet from spending time outdoors, so they won’t mind spending endless hours in the great outdoors.

Naturalist Reward Trait

This reward trait may actually be one of the most valuable in the game. The naturalist trait will actually protect your sim from fire making it almost impossible for a fire to kill them, and giving them the ability to extinguish a fire more quickly.

Speeding Things Up With Tiny Living

Mixing and matching packs can often make things so much easier for you, and the Tiny Living stuff pack can actually make this aspiration happen more quickly. If you are living in a micro home from Tiny Living you’ll actually have your plants grow twice as quickly, allowing you to evolve plants quicker and harvest more often to earn more money.

Stages of the Aspiration

Level One: Naturewalker

  • Plant 3 Seeds
  • Weed or Water Plants 10 Times

Before you are able to plant seeds, you need to get some in your inventory. You have two options for doing this. First, you can go out into the world and look for plants to harvest, and then plant those on your sim’s yard.

If you don’t feel like doing that, you have the option of going on your computer and purchasing seed packets that you can open and plant that way instead. Both options are valid. Once you have seeds in your inventory you can drag them onto the ground where you want them, then click on them and choose plant.

After you plant these you’ll need to water them, you can do this by clicking on the plant spot on the ground and choosing to water. You’ll need to water them every other day or so, unless you have seasons and it rains.

Weeding plants is necessary less often, but you’ll sometimes see green and yellow weeds around your plant. You click on the plant and choose weed, and your sim will go remove them.

Level Two: Garden Variety

  • Achieve Level 4 Gardening Skill
  • Evolve 5 Different Plants

To get your sim to level 4 of the gardening skill you’ll need to devote quite a bit of time to planting, weeding, watering and tending to your garden. This will happen after a lot of work.

However, you also have the option to read gardening skill books that you purchase from a bookcase, but this is a slow method to gain the skill. However, if you have no gardening to do, this is a good option to gain it while you wait.

Evolving plants is easy as pie. After a few days of a plant being grown you’ll see the plant kind of sparkle and this means that it is able to be evolved. This increases the quality of the plant. You’ll need to click on it and choose evolve. However, you can’t do this with a super lower gardening skill so you may need to increase the skill before evolving.

Level Three: Nature Nurturer

  • Achieve Level 6 Gardening Skill
  • Graft onto 2 Plants
  • Fertilize 5 Plants

As we talked about in the last part, you can increase your gardening skill through watering, weeding, planting, fertilizing, and more. You also have the option to read gardening books to gain the skill, but this is the slowest way to increase your skill.

To fertilize a plant you’ll need to have a harvestable in your inventory to fertilize with. You will click on the chosen plant and choose fertilize then choose the harvestable that you want to use as fertilizer.

To graft plants is a bit more complicated. You’ll need to click on a fully grown plant and choose take a cutting and the cutting of this will appear in your sims inventory. Then, you’ll want to click on a different type of plant and choose graft and then choose the cutting that you already took.

This will actually have a chance to create a different fruit, for example, an orchid and a pomegranate that are grafted together will create a death flower.

Level Four: Freelance Botanist

  • Achieve Level 10 Gardening Skill
  • Grow a Cowplant
  • Evolve 10 Excellent Quality Plants

To be able to finish this aspiration you’ll need to finish off your gardening skill. This may take a bit of time, but you’ll be able to get there by just working on your garden each and every day. You can also gain the skill by reading gardening skill books.

Next, you’ll need to evolve 10 excellent quality plants. This will take a while since you’ll need to evolve a few levels to get to excellent quality. When your plants are glistening you’ll want to click on them and choose evolve.

Finally, you are going to need to grow a cowplant. Cowplants are a staple of the sims 4 and are a crazy animal plant hybrid that you can have in your home.

You’ll need to find a cowplant berry and grow it in your garden, and be sure to feed it. I don’t want to talk through all details of cowplants in this article, but you can check out the below article.

You can learn more about a cowplant here.

Final Thoughts

The freelance botanist aspiration can really be a good one because it has one of the best reward traits in the game so your sim will be protected from fire. If you love gardening in the sims 4, you can do this! Happy Playing!

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