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The Sims 4: Butler (Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack)

When EA released The Sims 4: Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack we were introduced to the wonderful word of butlers! This addition gives you the ability to hire a butler who will live in your house and do a ton of your housework and other things for you.

How to Hire a Butler

Hiring a butler is just like hiring any other service in The Sims 4, you just need to click on your phone in the bottom left hand corner. Then click on the Household section and click Hire a Service, and click butler.

This will assign a random butler to live in your household. They will have a random appearance and a random set of traits which can actually influence how well they work as a butler (thankfully you can hire them, so this isn’t that big of a problem haha).

Note: If your butler dies, a new one will be automatically sent to replace them.

Cost of a Butler

Your butler will cost you an initial fee of §175 and will cost you §12/hour that you have the butler and will be paid out once a week, so you need to make sure that you have enough money in your household funds to afford the butler. This is going to cost you §288 every day that you have the butler.

Butler’s Quarters

Your butler lives inside your home but you aren’t able to actually control them, but they do still need a bed to sleep in. You need to make sure that they have their own bed and preferably in their own bedroom because they’re stuck with your family all day, they deserve to be alone at night.

After you purchase the bed in build mode you can scoot over to live mode and click on the bed and you’ll see “assign bed to butler…” pop up as an interaction and you can choose your butler in the menu to assign the bed.

Your butler will autonomously go to sleep when they are tired and get their energy need up in their own room. It’s also nice having their own bedroom because that way you can lock all of your household out of their room, since your butler won’t sleep in someone else’s bed but there’s a chance your sim’s may try and sleep in the butler’s bed.

Butler’s Tasks

Your butler will do a few tasks without having to be asked to do it, but there are tons of tasks that can be done by just asking! Here are some of the awesome things your butler can do:

1. Preparing Meals

You can assign your butler to cook your family a meal and you’ll have the option to choose from a single meal, a family meal, or a party meal and each will cost a different amount of money. Butler’s are really great cooks so they usually produce excellent quality meals that your sim will enjoy (this is great if your sim has the refined palate quirk from get famous!).

2. Greeting Guests

Your butler can also answer the door when people show up and even turn them away. However, this needs to be turned on by you and the game’s default setting will be for the butler to just act like no one is knocking.

3. Raising Children

One of the most valuable things your butler can do is take care of your babies and toddlers to free up more of your sim’s time for money making activities and other hobbies. Your butler will go take care of the babies needs and give baths to toddlers when needed.

4. Tending Your Garden

Having a garden is a great way to make some money in The Sims 4, but sometimes taking care of that garden can be a real pain. However, your butler can autonomously weed and water your plants. If you make your garden large enough it will 100% make more money than you’re paying for the butler. However, you’re going to need to plant the seeds as a butler will not be able to do that on their own.

Note: Garden’s need a lot less work ever since the gardening update that came around the time of Seasons, so your butler won’t have that much work to do if you have a huge garden and it can make you a lot of money.

5. Repairing Broken Items

Another awesome thing your butler can do is repair anything that breaks around the house like a broken sink in your kitchen or a busted up computer. This is awesome because it can be a real pain if your sim needs their computer to get some work done and you realize it’s broken, that won’t happen when you have a butler!

6. Cleaning

Your butler will autonomously take care of all the cleaning in the house. This means that any dirty surfaces, plumbing or dirty dishes will be taken care of for you and eliminates the need to hire a maid.

Managing Your Butler

Since you’ve hired the butler and they are now you’re employee you do need to do a bit of management to make sure they are working on what you’d like for them to be working on. You always have the option to praise your butler for a job well done, fire a butler if they are failing to finish the work, or to reprimand a butler for doing subpar work.

You can also assign different responsibilities at different times to your butler. You get them to start or stop doing the following:

  • Gardening
  • Attending to Your Children
  • Cleaning

Final Thoughts

A butler in the sims 4 is definitely not a poor household’s game, but if you make enough money to pay for a butler you can use them to your advantage and seriously get them to make you money through gardening! Have you ever hired a butler in the sims 4? Is it helpful for you? Let me know in the comments!

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