The Sims 4: Comedy Skill Guide

The comedy skill in The Sims 4 is one of the original skills that came with the base game and is absolutely necessary if you want your sim to go down the route of the entertainer career. It can be a great way to make a little bit of side income for your sim family by performing comedy routines, and can just be fun to watch your sim tell better jokes as they improve.

Your sims can even get to the point of writing comedic books that they can sell for royalties, so there are numerous opportunities available for your sim to earn money with their comedy skill.

Ideal Mood For The Comedy Skill

Every skill in The Sims 4 has an ideal mood that goes right along with it and will help your sims gain it quicker. The ideal mood for the comedy skill is playful and having a sim be playful before starting to practice comedy can really grow their skills quicker. You could also watch comedy on TV but I’ve found those moodlets go away rather quickly.

If you need to make your sim playful, you can get them to take a bubble bath which usually works in a pinch. You could also get your sim playful and then cook the Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes in a group serving so when you want to practice comedy you can get your sim to eat them before and they will get a playful moodlet.

Traits That Help The Comedy Skill


Having your sim be outgoing is a pretty basic necessity because in order for them to perform comedy in front of others they can’t really be a loner and they must enjoy being around other sims. This trait can help them gain relationships with other sims quicker as well.


The goofball trait will give you sims random playful moodlets throughout the day which is the ideal mood for gaining the comedy skill.

Gregarious (Joke Star Aspiration)

When doing the joke star aspiration your sim will be given the gregarious bonus trait which can be of big help. A gregarious sim will have better luck with different social interactions and can make it so most of their jokes land.

How to Gain The Comedy Skill

There are a few ways that your sims can start earning the comedy skill. The first of which is to just talk to other sims and do a lot of comedy interactions, this will be the slowest way to earn the skill because it takes time for the other sim to talk and all that, so this can be used in a pinch.

You can also write jokes on your computer to grow the comedy skill and this will happen a bit quicker than just telling jokes to other sims. Finally, you can practice jokes on a microphone and eventually be able to perform an entire routine.

Comedy Skill Levels

Comedy Skill Level 1

When your sim starts earning the comedy skill they will now be able to tell jokes at a microphone or write jokes on a computer. They also have a few joke options to tell your sim’s friends and family.

Comedy Skill Level 2

When your sim reaches level 2 of the comedy skill you’ll be able to now tell knock knock jokes to other sims.

Comedy Skill Level 3

Now that your sim has reached level 3 of the comedy skill they can now start composing routines on their computer and once they have written a comedy routine they can also perform a short routine on the microphone after they have written it.

Comedy Skill Level 4

At level 4 of the comedy skill your sim can now joke with others about fashion which can make for fun conversations.

Comedy Skill Level 5

At level 5 of the comedy skill your sim can now practice comedy on the microphone and even start refining their routines using the computer.

Comedy Skill Level 6

Your sim can now start performing medium length routines at the computer and also perform these routines after they’ve written them.

Comedy Skill Level 7

At level 7 of the comedy skill your sim can now start writing comedy books on the computer and can sell them and earn royalties each day at 10 am.

Comedy Skill Level 8

Now that your sim has hit level 8 of the comedy skill you can now start composing long routines at the computer and also start performing these routines on a microphone after you’ve written them.

Comedy Skill Level 9

Your sim is almost done growing their comedy skill and they can now tell a crowd pleasing joke to other sims.

Comedy Skill Level 10

Now that your sim has maxed out the comedy skill they can move start to improvise a routine at a microphone which can help them make more tips from performing routines.

If you want your sim to be extra funny and gain the comedy skill a lot faster, you can always use cheat codes. You just hit ctrl + alt + C and type in testingcheats true into the dialogue box. This allows for all cheat codes to start working. Then you need to type stats.set_skill_level major_comedy X into the cheats box and fill the X with the level of skill you want your sim to have.

Charisma & Comedy

Since your sim is working on a social skill that involves talking to others and telling good jokes, the charisma skill is something that will only help them do better. Having a higher charisma skill will result in less boring conversations and keeping the attention of the people on the other end for longer which can help your sim gain the comedy skill more quickly.

Composing Routines

As your sim grows the comedy skill they will be able to write longer and longer comedy routines that can be performed for tips to help your sim make decent money. Each routine takes an hour or two to write on the computer and once you reach level 5 of the comedy skill you can also start refining your routines which will help you increase their quality.

Your comedy routines can differ in length depending on how far you are in your comedy skill, they can be short, medium, or long. In terms of quality, your comedy routines can either be okay, good or excellent and each level will earn you a different amount of money.

You can perform your routines at bars around the world and make a good amount of money if you perform an excellent quality, long routine which should make you around $300!

Note: Ever since The Sims 4: Get Famous came out, it’s actually a bit harder to make money with the comedy skill by performing routines because sometimes super famous people will appear and every single person who was watching you will be no longer interested which means that you lose out. Hopefully, this may be fixed someday!

Writing Comedy Books

If your sim reaches level 7 of the comedy skill they unlock the ability to start writing comedy books on their computer. This is one of the best ways to make money using the comedy skill because you can write a ton of comedy books and earn daily royalties from publishing them.

If you can finish the renaissance sim aspiration, and gain the professorial trait you can even write comedy skill manuals that can help you write different kinds of comedy books and make even more money doing so! If you’re able to write a few comedy books you can make a few hundred dollars a day which can get your sim a ton of money in the bank.

Reward Traits That Help With The Comedy Skill


Shameless is a really awesome trait at the beginning of the comedy skill because it can help you to never feel embarrassed which can help when your sim’s jokes aren’t that funny.


Savant is a reward trait that will help your sim gain skills 25% faster than before and can increase the rate at which you gain the comedy skill in the sims 4.

Morning Sim/Night Owl

I seem to talk about these reward traits in every guide because they are super valuable and don’t cost a ton of satisfaction points. The morning sim/night owl reward traits will make your sim gain skills 25% faster in these time periods than before which can be extremely helpful in gaining skills quickly. It also stacks on top of Savant so you could be looking at a 50% gain.

Final Thoughts

The comedy skill in the Sims 4 is a great option for any sim who wishes to pursue the entertainer career (the comedian track) and can really be a great choice for goofball sims. Have you ever mastered the comedy skill? Do you like making your sims a comedian? Let me know in the comments!

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