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The Sims 4: Slice of Life Mod Review

The best way for a frequent sims player to make the game more interesting is to add mods that completely change the game and add a bit more drama. If drama is what you are looking for than the slice of life mod can do just that. This mod adds a ton of new interactions and is a total game changer for any sims player.

One of the best things about this mod is that it is base game compatible. This means you can get all of these features when you only have the base version of The Sims 4, without owning any downloadable content.

This mod was created by a very talented mod creator, KawaiiStacie. Stacie is an awesome member of the sims community and is a great creator that I really respect. If you want to support her and her mod creations you should definitely do so by signing up to support her on patreon. You can get early access to new mods and so much more.

You can also watch our youtube video about the slice of life mod to get more information and see the mod in action.

Features of the Mod

Emotion Changes

One of the biggest selling points for The Sims 4 at launch was this emotion system that was supposed to be interesting and game changing for sims players. However, for a lot of people it kind of fell flat.

This mod makes it better by changing some of the terms used when your sims are feeling a stronger emotion. For example, when a sim is feeling sad they are going to have a dark blue moodlet and this moodlet is the same if they become very sad.

I’ve always found that this isn’t deep enough for my gameplay and this mod will change that very sad to depressed. Or changes very flirty to passionate.

Here’s a list of the changes to the emotions system that the slice of life mod makes:

  • Embarrassed to Humiliated
  • Energized to Pumped
  • Uncomfortable to Miserable
  • Inspired to Imaginative
  • Confident to Fearless
  • Playful to Silly
  • Angry to Furious
  • Sad to Depressed
  • Tense to Stressed
  • Flirty to Passionate
  • Focused to In The Zone

Appearance Changes

Another part of the emotions system that I have never been a fan of in The Sims 4 is how a sim who is feeling very sad and a sim who is feeling energized are going to essentially have the same look on their face if they are doing the same task. I really want that emotion system to be taken farther with visuals and Stacie’s mod really does this.

For example, a sim who is sad is going to get a set of teary looking eyes that make it look like they are crying. It may seem small but it adds such a great sense of realism that you wouldn’t even believe.

There are a whole bunch of these changes that are available including:

  • Blushing when Flirty
  • Blushing when Embarrassed
  • Bruises after a lost fight
  • Red Face when about to vomit
  • Dirty hands when sims have low hygiene
  • Tears in eyes when feeling sad

Getting Drunk

Since The Sims 4 is supposed to be a teen rated game that is a bit more family friendly, they aren’t really able to add stuff about being intoxicated that reflects real life. Thankfully, mods are able to do this and change your game up a bit.

The slice of life mod adds some depth to having your sims go out drinking where after they finish a drink it will take about 30 sim minutes for them to start feeling drunk and they are going to be a different kind of drunk each time.

For example, one sim may be a flirty drunk while another is a sad drunk. They won’t be the same kind of drunk each time they drink and it adds a bit of dimension. They are also going to have a cooling off period where they are starting to become sober and won’t be as likely to throw up.

Acne and Skin Care

A big part of growing up is learning how to take care of your skin and experiencing acne for the firs time. Unfortunately, the only acne available in The Sims 4 is only an option in CAS and needs to be added to your sims by you. You aren’t ever going to see your sims get acne as a result of poor hygiene.

In the slice of life mod, your sims will definitely get acne if they don’t take care of their skin. You have the option of doing different skin care treatments from the Slice of Life menu when you click on your sim.

For example, if you choose the daily treatments there will be a moment each day when your sim is doing a face mask skin treatment.

Doing these treatments is going to help your sims avoid getting acne and small breakouts on their skin. If you don’t do these treatments or if your sim has poor hygiene you will definitely get acne and will get some negative moodlets when your sims have acne.

Losing Teeth

Something that is a big deal for kids as they grow up is losing their teeth. This is something I really wish was a part of the game, especially since it is SO CUTE when kids are missing teeth.

The Slice of Life mod has it happen where at some point when your children are eating food they have a chance of losing their front teeth. It’s only going to work for the front teeth, but it’s the cutest thing and looks hilarious in screenshots.

Personality System

A really big complaint in the sims community is that individual sims don’t really have much of a personality. You can have sims with totally different traits and these traits aren’t going to make much of a difference in the things your sim chooses to do or what they enjoy.

Stacie added a really cool personality system to the game based on the 16 Personalities system that exists in the real world. This system gives each sim a 4 letter personality that will affect the things they autonomously choose to do, and also will give positive or negative moodlets depending on the things they are doing.

For example, a sim who has The Provider or ESFJ personality they are going to be extremely social and love going to different parties and interacting with others. They will also sometimes get a moodlet letting you know that they want to meal prep for the week to ensure that their family has food to eat.

This may not seem like something that is completely necessary in the game but it really makes your sims feel much more alive and will help you differentiate the way you decorate for different sims as well as the things you want them to do on the daily.

Menstrual Cycle

When I first heard that Slice of Life had a period or menstrual cycle system I was skeptical. I thought it would take me out of the game and make it weird, but honestly, as someone who experiences bad periods, it makes the game feel much more real than playing without it.

It’s crazy to me that this is not currently a part of the game since half of the population gets their period at some point in their life, so you’d think it would be in a life simulator. Anyway, that’s not the point.

The menstrual cycle system in this mod is really awesome. Your sims will need to change their pad or tampon every few hours or they will feel uncomfortable. They are going to have headaches, cramps, and mood swings, and even some cravings for food.

There is the ability to take medicine to get rid of some of these symptoms or even an option to turn off periods all together, so no worries if you don’t want this part of the mod.

Sickness System

One of the least thought out parts of The Sims 4 is how no matter what sickness your sims have, they are going to just order some medicine online and feel better. They can’t go to the doctor, they can’t get vaccines, and it just doesn’t feel real.

Slice of Life allows your sims to go to the hospital when they are feeling sick (for a fee of course) or go and get a vaccine to prevent themselves or their kids from getting sick often in the future. They can also take a pill to get rid of some of their symptoms to try and feel better.

Phone Apps

This mod is really cool because it adds so many fun things that should just be in the game. In slice of life you get a ton of phone apps that are actually going to allow your sims to gain skills while they are playing on their phone. There are apps like let’s draw, mama’s kitchen, or fishing simulator. These will give your sims skill as you play them. There’s even homework helper for kids and teens!

New Woohoo Types

This mod adds a few new woohoo types for your sims to enjoy. First off there is a hook up option where your sims don’t need to have a super higher romantic relationship to woohoo with someone, there is even an option for drunk woohoo.

It also adds the ability to self woohoo where your sims will go into the bed alone and have a bit of fun. This gets their fun up really quick if you need help making them less bored and doesn’t require a second person to get it done.

Memory System

Something that The Sims 4 doesn’t do well is remembering events that happened in their past. There are huge life events that are happening like death, divorce, births, and so much more that you really want your sims to think about once in a while.

This mod to the game will change things up and add memories in the form of buffs that will last a few hours. Sims will get sad when thinking about death, or will get flirty if they are thinking about a past good woohoo. It really is the small things in this mod that make everything better and make the game feel more real.

Body Image

This mod also adds a body image system where your sims will get different moods based on how they are feeling about their bodies. You can boost your own confidence using a mirror, or even compliment other people to give them more confidence and make them happy.

You even have the option to ruin another sims body image if they have a negative relationship with another sim, which is mean, but happens often.

How to Download the Slice of Life Mod

To download this mod you are going to want to go head over to Kawaii Stacie’s Website where you’ll see all of the features of this mod explained by the creator and if you scroll down there will be an instal link down toward the bottom of the page for both PC and Mac users. There is also detailed guides to show you how to install it properly.

How to Support the Creator

Of course the first way that you can support the creator of this mod is through monetarily supporting Stacie on patreon. However, I understand that a lot of people can’t afford that so I wanted to add a few more links where you can follow Stacie on various social platforms.

Final Thoughts

Mods are really an amazing way to change up The Sims 4 and make your game more interesting and unique, and the slice of life mod is honestly one of my must have mods in the game. It makes it feel so much more real and makes me want to play more often because the sims are so unique and individual. I would suggest this mod for anyone who is looking into mods for the first time and it’s awesome.

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