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100+ Adorable Sims 4 CC Clutter Items You Need

The key to making beautiful homes in The Sims 4 is custom content furniture but specifically using sims 4 cc clutter objects that will just make the house look so much more lived in. You want your sims to have a really unique and loving home to live inside of that shows off their personality and that can really only be done by using custom content.

These sims 4 cc clutter items are so wonderful because they cover all sorts of items from decorative bowls to toilet brushes to vinyl records. All of these items have such an effect on the vibes of your sim’s homes and make the game so much more fun.

Quality clutter items are a very important piece of the custom content puzzle and rank up there with custom hairstyles on my list of important cc types.

Kitchen Items for Sims 4 CC Clutter

Heirloom Kitchen

These heirloom kitchen items are honestly so beautiful and they feel like something you’d see at your grandparents house. They come in gorgeous bright colours with floral patterns that just make them feel so beautiful and cozy.

In this set you’ll get a bread box, a few Pyrex inspired bowls, some serving dishes and even small containers that you can imagine are filled with cookies. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful container filled with cookies?

sims 4 cc clutter

Vanessa Dining Sims 4 CC Clutter

These mugs and juice container on this adorable tray can really spice up your dining room and kitchen and really make it seem like your sim is having some friends over for drinks.

This is a really cute item that comes in a variety of great colours and you can decorate it in tons of areas including putting it on a bed as if your sim was getting breakfast in bed.

tray and mug clutter

Wine Bottle

A lot of people have a wine bottle (or two) in their home at all times and using them as clutter in The Sims is extremely realistic. These wine bottles come in different variants with different logos for you to choose from.

You could even use these to decorate a very cute wine bar in your sim’s kitchen or dining room that they can constantly grab drinks from on the weekend.

wine bottle clutter sims 4

The Crystal Glass Set

If you’re trying to decorate the perfect bar cart or pantry, these crystal glasses are so beautiful and will totally finish the look. This set comes with a decanter with different colours so you can imagine there are different types of liquid inside and the design on it is so beautiful.

This set also comes with four gorgeous types of glasses including a regular drinking glass, a wine glass, and a martini glass in all sorts of coloured glass options.

sims 4 cc clutter glasses

Hanging Pots and Pans

A great way to decorate empty wall space in your sim’s home is to add some hanging pots and pans. These start with a gorgeous metal rack with tiny hooks that keeps the pots hung up.

On this you’ll see a pot, two pans and a wok hanging down that really make your sim’s home feel lived in.

pots and pans for the wall

Grocery Bags

A simple way to make your sim’s home feel lived in and clutter filled is to add grocery bags. These sims 4 cc clutter grocery bags are gorgeous with options that you’ll see everyday and one even looking like a Walmart bag.

There are paper bags, boxes, baskets and reusable bags that are all filled with items. Some of these are even functional objects where you can purchase groceries, drinks and veggies if you want.

sims 4 grocery clutter

Pantry Foods

One of the best things you can use to decorate a kitchen or a home pantry is some of these adorable pantry jars that fit so nicely on shelves. These feature some beans, some noodles and what looks to be some Oreo cookies.

These are awesome for filling in gaps in kitchen storage on shelves or placing them on the kitchen counter. It’s also nice because the lids come in both black and white so they can fit nicely into any kitchen.

clutter foods

Cute Pots

This next item may be the cutest set of pots that I’ve ever seen and those colour options are absolutely beautiful. We don’t ever get to see the pots our sims are using to cook unless they are actively cooking in that moment.

With these gorgeous pots you are able to put one on your sim’s stove as a decorative piece or have a shelving unit in a pantry or just in the kitchen to decorate with.

gorgeous pots

Kitchen Scale

Something that is in a lot of people’s kitchen is a kitchen scale and this is an item that we don’t have at all in The Sims 4. This Naturalis kitchen scale is a great clutter item to place on a shelf in your sim’s kitchen.

This would look great and make sense with some baking bowls and spoons around it because these are often used in baking so these items all go well in clutter together.

kitchen scale for the sims 4 cc


How are you going to tell us that we don’t have a toaster in The Sims 4? Even a non-functional one. As someone who uses a toaster each and every morning to make breakfast, I absolutely need a toaster in the game.

These toasters come in a variety of colours so you can match them nicely to your sim’s kitchen and even though they aren’t functional you can act like your sim is actually using a toaster to make eggs and toast.

sims 4 cc clutter toaster

Mega Food + Pantry Clutter Set

If you’re trying to make the perfect messy pantry you need this pantry clutter set. This has just about every item you could possibly imagine that you’d need to clutter up your sim’s kitchen.

There are multiple sauces, jars, food containers for pizza or Chinese, sandwiches and so much more. You’ll be able to decorate counters but also decorate a gorgeous set of pantry shelves.

pantry clutter

Chopping Boards

When your sims are cooking they are constantly bringing out different cutting boards but is has always bothered me that we don’t have many decent options for cutting board clutter. The only cutting board we ever got was the one from Cool Kitchen and it on the wall, which isn’t how I store my cutting boards.

This storage system is a much more realistic way for your sim’s to store their cutting boards and is exactly how mine are done at home so this piece of cc clutter is a must have for my game.

sims 4 chopping boards cc

Breakfast Sims 4 CC Clutter

We really don’t have many breakfast related items in the game, we don’t even have toasters! This set of sims 4 cc clutter for breakfast is genuinely so much fun and has everything you’d need. Some of the objects you’ll find in this set include:

  • Cereal Boxes
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Jam
  • Toaster
  • Bread
  • Milk
  • and more

These are so awesome for decorating beautiful breakfast tables and pantry closets for a really lived in and adorable home for your sims.

breakfast clutter

Vintage Crockery

Adding some vintage flair to you sim’s kitchen clutter objects is the best way to make it so much more interesting. If everything is modern, the room looks cold, but adding a few vintage items really brings in some joy.

In this set you’ll find plates and bowls, cutting boards, mugs, and even vintage milk jugs. One of the cutest items definitely has to be the tea pot with a plant inside because that’s the cutest thing ever.

vintage clutter

Vanessa Spices

Although they look more like sprinkles than spices, these spice jars are really adorable as a clutter item on a shelf or on the counter of your sim’s kitchen.

You are able to place a single spice jar as the only item or place a few in a clump to make it a bit more cluttered and fun.


Sliced Bread

Something that has always been on my counter in real life is at least one loaf of bread, so decorating kitchens with a loaf of adorable virtual bread is a must have for me.

This would look great in a sim’s pantry in their home or just hanging out on their counter as a grab and go food item. These are just so cute, like how adorable are those bows?

pantry clutter sliced bread sims 4

Dog Food Containers

Ever since we got The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs I’ve always wondered where my sims are getting their dog food from. They just walk over to the pet bowls and start pouring and this item at least tries to convince me that there is a bin of food somewhere near.

This is a great item to put near the dog food bowls beside a counter or in some type of pantry in your sim’s home that you’ve built and comes in a few fun lid colours.

dog food container

Kitchen Sims 4 CC Clutter

If you’re decorating a pantry you’re going to need tons of containers and jars to make it look super full and interesting. These clutter objects are going to allow you to make the most well organized areas to keep all of your sim’s food stored nicely.

containers for sims 4

Living Room Items for Sims 4 CC Clutter

Basket with Cushions

Living rooms are pretty difficult to decorate without making them feel like there’s just stuff for the sake of having stuff. This little basket is a perfect addition because it feels like there is a purpose to having it as a place to store your extra cushions.

The colours that this item comes in are absolutely gorgeous with those pillows having cute texture and colours and those baskets are just what I want in my living room right now!

basket cushion sims 4 cc clutter

Pillow Talk

These pillow talk pillows are going to allow you to add a little decoration to any chair or couch in your sim’s homes. Pillows have this weird ability to really make your sim’s home feel lived in and really beautiful without making it too cluttered overall.

pillow clutter

Feel The Burn Mantels

Having clutter above a fireplace is a great way to take your living room to the next level and these ones are great. It has tons of clutter swatches (unlike the EA fireplaces) so you can add so much decoration. The creator even has functional stockings and garland that you can add to hang on the front!

mantel with stockings sims 4 cc clutter

Bathroom Items for Sims 4 CC Clutter

Plumbum Soap

Another thing I’d love to see more of in The Sims 4 is more cute soap dispensers and dishes to place on bathroom and kitchen sinks. This plumbum soap dish is super gorgeous and the bar of soap looks like something you’d purchase at a farmer’s market.

The texture detailing on both the soap bar and the soap dispenser is absolutely beautiful and all of the colours are fun while still being able to match all sorts of homes.

plumbum hand soap clutter

Akron Toilet Paper Stand

Our first item is a brand new toilet paper stand since the only option we have in the game currently is one that goes on the wall but so many people have toilet paper stands instead of one screwed into the wall.

This clutter toilet paper stand features some gorgeous metal structures as well as a cute platform up top that you can imagine your sim’s are putting their phones on while they are going number 2. One thing that is nice about this is that there is extra toilet paper on the bottom which is fun because you can imagine your sims changing the toilet paper roll instead of it just being endless and never used.

toilet paper stand cc

Hot Sim Disguise Sims 4 CC Clutter Set

If you’re going to download one thing for your bathrooms, this should be the one. It covers literally every piece of sims 4 cc clutter you’d want for your bathroom all at once.

In this set you’ll find lotion bottles, hair tools, make up palettes and brushes and everything in between. These come in really fun colours that’ll keep you excited about using them and can make the cutest areas for your sims to get ready too!

perfect bathroom clutter items for the sims 4

The Ordinary Skin Care

The Ordinary is a popular skin care brand that has a very clean and simple aesthetic and with this you can bring that into your game. This creator took the look of the regular ordinary bottles and changed them up in one simple way, changing the language to simlish instead of english for that added sims look.

sims 4 cc clutter

Regal Tray

If you want to make any of your items in life feel fancier, add them to a fancy tray. This adorable tray comes in a bunch of fun colours in a marble design and has gorgeous gold handles.

These are awesome to put small food items on as a charcuterie board or a nice bath tray in your bathroom. It has so many different uses for decorating your sim’s home and is so much fun to use!

regal tray

Limoges Bathroom Accessories

The key to making a cute bathroom in The Sims 4 is to mix it up with your different clutter objects so it feels more lived in. This set is great because it has a few decor objects but also things your sims would need like soaps and lotions that really make your homes look lived in.

sims 4 cc clutter for the bathroom

Tiny Living Bathroom Sims 4 CC Clutter

The hanging shelves from The Sims 4: Tiny Living are really gorgeous and feature a bunch of beautiful clutter objects that are stuck to the shelf. This tiny living bathroom clutter set takes those objects off the shelf and allows your sims to have these on different shelves and counters in your home instead.

sims 4 cc bathroom items

Upland Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Any time that a sim is cleaning their toilet I’m grossed out because they never clean the toilet bowl properly. Adding a toilet bowl brush to your sim’s bathroom may not actually get them to clean their house better, but it can convince you that they do it when you aren’t looking.

This toilet brush is a great option for bathroom cc clutter because you can place it right by the toilet and make the bathroom look more lived in.

toilet bowl sims 4

Bedroom Items for Sims 4 CC Clutter

Decorate on a Dime Clutter

When we’re decorating dorm rooms (after using the free built cheat of course) we can struggle to make them have the right vibe. This decorate on a dime clutter set is perfect for making them feel super youthful and fun. You’re going to get things like milk crates, traffic cones, and a record player so you’ll definitely love to use these items.

bedroom clutter

Fashion Sims 4 CC Clutter

A simple way to add design to your sim’s bedroom is to add clothing racks because they take up space and add personality. These fashion clutter clothing racks are awesome because they have more trendy and fun patterned clothing than the ones we get from EA.

sims 4 clothing cc clutter

Skaddy Luggage

Any time that I go to decorate a walk in closet, I always wish we had a bunch of luggage and bags to decorate with. This Skaddy luggage has very Louis Vuitton vibes and is a long circular design.

This looks awesome hanging out by your sim’s front door, under a bed with move objects, or in a closet in your sim’s home.


Yodern Decor Set

This decor set is perfect for decorating a bedroom because it covers so many parts of decoration. There is a beautiful mirror with a shelf at the bottom, a really gorgeous plant both big and small, and so many small items like headphones, books and wall decor.

decor with mirrors, rugs and more

Clothes Call

A fun way to show off some of your sim’s clothing is to have it hanging in clothing racks and closets that we got with The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator. The clothes we got with that pack to hang aren’t the most trendy, but these clothes can replace those and let you hang things individually.

sims 4 clothing clutter

Brie Bedroom Decor Set

This next set of sims 4 cc clutter is perfect for decorating your sim’s bedroom. There are so many little items that you’d see in a bedroom including art work, flowers, a square clock and book decor. They really make your sim’s bedroom feel dynamic and lived in.

bedroom decorations

Kid’s Room Items for Sims 4 CC Clutter


There isn’t much that makes me smile as much as a good Squishmallow. I’ve got my favourite Squish Ruby sitting right beside me right now, so these mean a lot to me. Squishmallows are great for decorating because you can have them in kids rooms, on couches if you use build cheats to raise them and just put them on the floor. These are even able to be played with by kids!


Turtle Basket

Okay, if you download anything on this list it has to be this turtle basket. I have never seen a piece of custom content that is cuter than this clutter item. This turtle basket has such great detailing and is just one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

This turtle is absolutely perfect as an item to decorate a toddler or kid’s room as a fake toy box or could even be used at the end of a chair as a fake ottoman. So versatile and adorable!

turtle basket

Heart Plushies

Once again we have a cute plush that your sim can have as their little buddy or just have it hang out on the bed or couch as a cute decor item. These come in some really fun colours too, that blue and pink one are definitely my favourites.

I can totally imagine having my sim’s kids have a bunch of these plush hearts with each kid having a different colour as a way for your sim’s parents to show them they love them.

heart shaped pillows

Catas-trophy Deco Awards

A really popular way to decorate for kids is to display all of their accomplishments in their bedrooms so these are must-haves in my game. They give you the option to have trophies on your sim’s shelves, and even allow you to hang medals on walls or on peg boards. These look so great and let you make it feel like your child went ahead and won some events.


Cubes & Clutter

A very popular decorative shelf that tons of people have are those iconic IKEA cubes that you’ll find in just about every home at some point. This storage and organization clutter system allows you to have these shelves, add cubes and boxes, and decorate them with whatever you want. They are great for kid’s rooms because you can put toys and stuffed animals all over them.

storage and organization set

Fox Pillows

These pillow pals are extremely adorable to place on a chair or bed in your sim’s home and remind me very much of a Squishmallow but for The Sims 4. They come in a few different versions but this one is an adorable fox.

I very much enjoy the different swatches that are available for this with the orange fox being the most realistic and the others just being absolutely adorable and can work in so many different homes in the game.

fox pillow for sims 4 clutter

Bernadette Bedroom

This set has so many cute stuffed animals for you to decorate with that will just make your sim’s bedrooms feel so cute. It even comes with a small quilt that you can place at the bottom of a sim’s bed to make it feel more realistic.

bernadette bedroom

Books & Boxes

These decor boxes, books and movies are a great way to fill up space in a family home either in the living room or a kids bedroom or play room. They are so cute and come in all sorts of colours, patterns and items on the side.

One of my favourite aspects of this is that there are awesome real life images on some of these items like Snow White, Winnie the Pooh and more and that makes me feel like this is something I would’ve had in my bedroom in the early 2000s.

storage boxes with books for clutter

Amigurumi Cat

If you are looking for cute clutter for a kids’ bedroom, a playroom or even from an older sim to have as a buddy this cat is absolutely adorable. This crochet cat has an adorable smile and even more adorable whiskers.

Any type of plush you can add to The Sims 4 just makes a sim’s home so much more cozy and cuddly and helps you to imagine how much they love specific plush toys. I just love adding items like this to my game.

crochet cat

Office Items for Sims 4 CC Clutter

Cute Desk Sims 4 CC Clutter

This is the type of item that would be awesome to use to decorate a sim kid’s homework station or a young adult who is working their way through University in the game.

It comes in nice, neutral colours so you can add it to any desk without having an issue. This could also look nice in any attempt at making an office space or classroom.

desk clutter with pencils and sharpener

Document Tray

Another nice item to decorate your sim’s desk is a nice file tray because these items are a game changer for trying to keep a home office organized. This feels like something someone in the education career really needs to have in their home office when they are working on their lesson plan.

This is a really great item for any sim to have on a shelf near their desk, or in an office in their home and can really just be a great simple item for decorating.

sims 4 cc clutter

Luster Supplies

These luster desk supplies are so cute and come with a roll of tape and a stapler and definitely look well loved and well used. They come in those same gorgeous colours as the previous clock with bright colours as the options.

These are really great for any kid’s desk while they do their homework, or for a young professional who is using these as they work from home.

luster supplies

Stream ON Streamer Set

Streaming and gaming is extremely popular, so why not have an entire streamer set for your sims? This set has an iconic gaming chair, a ring light, a web cam, a microphone and panel lights that will really bring the streaming vibe to the game.

pink streamer set of sims 4 cc clutter

Study Aesthetic Sims 4 CC Clutter

This collection of stuff really reminds me of my college days and looks exactly how my tables looked when I was studying. These are great for decorating dorm rooms, high school student’s desks or just random tables or bar counters in your sim’s homes.

sims 4 clutter cc

Pen Holder Sims 4 CC Clutter

The pen holders that we currently have in The Sims 4 are either really boring or really ugly, so I’m always looking for a cute and simple one with fun colours. These pen holders definitely get the job done for me.

These pen cups come in black, white, grey and these adorable blue and pink colours with fun colours on the pens and pencils. These would look great on any desk for kids or adults to use as they do work.

pen holder cc

Office Set

This office set hits just about every piece of sims 4 cc clutter you’d need to decorate the perfect office. There’s a gorgeous flat screen monitor with rounded keyboard and mouse, a coffee mug filled with liquid, a bunch of small clutter objects and one of those iconic three-tier carts that everyone wants. These items are so cute and come in so many beautiful colours too!

office set

Desk Organizer

Something that we are really missing in the EA build catalog is some cute office decor that is modern and adorable. Most of the items we get are very boring and don’t fit a modern and minimalist aesthetic like the ones below.

This desk organizer is great for a sim who works from home and has a cute home office or even works well for a teen or young adult who is in high school or university and just needs a place to put a few of their items.

metal desk organizer

Stannum Storage Box

A great way to fill empty spaces on shelves is to use small storage boxes and act like there are a bunch of small items inside. These can be used in communal areas or you can use one of them in a child’s room and act like it is a box where they keep all of their secrets and memories.

These come in such cute colours and that black and white patterned box is absolutely adorable and would look great in your home.

storage box

Earth Globe

Any time I am trying to build a classroom in The Sims 4, I am always disappointed that we don’t have a simple globe that looks like all of the globes I’ve seen in my childhood classrooms. This one really fits that perfectly.

This globe is really fun and simple and can work well in a home office, on a shelf in a living room, or perfect for a classroom if you are trying to build a school in the game.

sims 4 cc clutter

Decorative Headphones

Unfortunately, the only headphones we have in the game are the ones from The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff and they just appear in your sim’s inventory and can’t be displayed as an item on a sim’s desk or table.

These are a great item for your sims to have on a shelf in their room or office or place them on a desk so they look ready to use at a moment’s notice.

sims 4 cc clutter

Alberta Decor

The Alberta decor set comes with so many items to decorate a desk with that make it feel so real. This is a great set for sims who work from home or are maybe in the freelancer career because it all feels very mature and organized so it feels like it belongs to an organized adult.

sims 4 cc clutter

Outdoor Sims 4 CC Clutter

Gardening Sims 4 CC Clutter

Gardening in The Sims 4 is an incredible way to have your sims earn money, spend more time outside and learn a great skill. This clutter set is so incredible for decorating green houses or small outdoor gardens and is so perfect. There are small signs you can add to your sim’s garden pots, little pots you can have sitting around and even small painted pots!

gardening clutter

Picnic Sims 4 CC Clutter

Having a picnic is an amazing way to spend time outside and can be a great option for a date or engagement. This picnic clutter is so beautiful and covers just about everything. There’s cake, cheese, fruits and even wine glasses to have some delicious beverages.

picnic clutter

Cottage Living Gardening Clutter

This separated gardening clutter is so great for decorating some greenhouses or mud rooms that you can have small gardening sections in. They really make it feel like your sims are dedicated to gardening and want to show that off in their home.

gardening clutter separated

Animal Lawn Ornaments

These animal themed lawn ornaments are so cute and look like they’re made of straw. They make for great decorations inside of a flower bed or near your sim’s back doors as a protector.

lawn ornaments sims 4 cc clutter

Holiday Themed Sims 4 CC Clutter

Christmas Touch

This set of festive themed decor is so perfect for decorating your sim’s homes for Winterfest. There are so many cute pieces including Santa hat cupcakes, snow globes, wooden homes and trees and more. They make your sim’s homes look so happy!

festive winter fest decor

Thanksgiving Sims 4 CC Clutter

Celebrating Harvest Fest in The Sims 4 is fun and there is decent decor to decorate for it, but this stuff will just bring it to the next level. There are gorgeous candles, fun pumpkins and so much you can decorate a table with you’ll struggle to decide which ones you can’t use.

thanksgiving decor

Bats & Ghost Banner

A great way to decorate for holidays is just to have a simple banner around your home and this one is perfect for Spooky Day. It starts off with a silly looking bat and his silly looking ghost friend who are just hanging around!

bat and ghost banner

Winter Village Sims 4 CC Clutter

A very classy and minimalist way to decorate for the holidays is to have a winter village in your home and now your sims can do this too. This winter village is very minimal, unlike many that are out there with tons of colour, so you can use it in so many different homes without it being too busy.

winter village with candles

Halloween Table Sims 4 CC Clutter

If you’re trying your best to celebrate Spooky Day in style you need this set. There are so many fun objects to use as decor, I just can’t get over it. There are some gorgeous candles, especially the skull candle that you can use all over your sim’s house. There is a giant soup container shaped like a pumpkin but a smaller bowl that looks like a spider web. These are just so spooky and cute.

halloween dining

Winter Wonderland Festive Sims 4 CC Clutter

The holidays are such a fun time of the year and we just don’t have enough good objects to decorate for this. This set comes with pillows, candy canes, stars and banners to decorate with.

My favourite piece is definitely the flat holiday tree that you can use when you don’t have a lot of real estate to have a large tree and you can use build cheats to move objects onto the tree to decorate it with.

sims 4 festive clutter

General Sims 4 CC Clutter

There are so many categories of custom content especially when it comes to sims 4 cc clutter. You can have dozens of categories and types of clutter so we tried our best to organize this in a cohesive and easily digestible way.

Candle Sims 4 CC Clutter

Novelty Candles Sims 4 CC Clutter

These novelty candles are definitely my favourites on the list because of all the fun shapes that you can get. There are candles that are shaped like flowers, stars, cacti and even a teddy bear. They come in fun colours and really let you show off a sim’s personality.

sims 4 cc clutter candles

Walton Candleholder

I’m always looking for ways to decorate with candles in the game because candles add such a cozy and fun vibe to any kind of home. These candle holders are awesome because they come in all sorts of colours.

It’s fun to have candle sticks because you can put candles on top or even use them as a funny display for weird items like plushies or toys.

simple candle holders sims 4

Candle With Tulips

Flowers are really gorgeous for decorating your sim’s home and adding a candle next to them makes it even more beautiful. These look really cute together and can make it feel like your sim just got back from a date where they got gorgeous flowers and they’re just enjoying them.

candle with tulips

Sonic Candle

It’s always fun when creators decide to add items together in a set to give off a specific vibe. This candle isn’t just a candle, there’s flower petals and a bunch of rocks too! These are perfect for decorating a spa or an extremely relaxing bathroom for your sims.

sonic candle sims 4 cc clutter

Avis Candle

These Avis candles are an extremely trendy look right now, especially for wedding centrepieces. They start with a simple tea light candle in the middle being held up in a rounded section. They’re then surrounded by a fun geometric metal bar design that looks super fun and comes in four different metal tones.

avis candle

Zone Patio Candle Sims 4 CC Clutter

If you want something more interesting than a plain candle, this one is perfect. These candles start with a beautiful round pillar candle with fun bamboo leaf designs on them, these candles come in different colours too! The candle is inside of a gorgeous metal bar with a handle that would look awesome in a backyard.

cute candle with designs

Vase with Candle

These candles are so simple but so effective and would look awesome in your sim’s home. They start with a rounded candle holder and inside there is a short pillar candle for a very classic and beautiful look.

small candles with vase sims 4 cc clutter

Book Sims 4 CC Clutter

Walton Books Sims 4 CC Clutter

This may be the single best item to decorate a large library or fancy office. These feel like first edition books that someone bought years ago and has kept for decades.

These books would look so incredible in a more traditional home but may not work great in a more fun or modern home.

antique looking books

Pauline Magazines

One really simple thing to decorate a sim’s home with is some stacked magazines and these look great on a coffee table or a table beside a nice chair. These have really adorable covers that are more neutral so they can fit in nicely to the house.

You can even use the move objects cheat so you can place these on top of each other to create a stack of magazines in someone’s home which is really cute.

pauline magazines

Dark Academia Study Material

These study materials are so cute there are two pieces to this, first a book with papers on top and underneath and a set of papers with a pencil. Placing these on bar counters in front of a stool or on a desk in your sim’s home is so gorgeous and makes it seem like a sim just got up from studying.

dark academic study material

Book and Glasses

As someone who is really getting into reading this year, this book and glasses makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I often leave a book on random tables in my home with things on top of them like glasses, book marks, and book lights so this is a good one for my sims too.

This is a cute item to place on a coffee table, on a cc bath tray, or on any shelf in your sim’s home. This is perfect for any sim with the book worm trait because they must love to read.

glasses sitting on a book

Antique Stacks Sims 4 CC Clutter

Antique books are so beautiful and add so much to your sim’s homes. This set comes with two types, an open book with 20 swatches that looks awesome on a table or shelf and a bunch of books that come in all sorts of colours and styles. These look awesome on shelves in a sim’s home office or on top of a fireplace.

antique book stacks

Tuomo Bookcase Clutter

This bookcase clutter is such a cute vibe to add to literally any shelf in your sim’s home and can look so chic. It starts with a set of four books with a bowl on them and to the side there are a bunch more books standing up. It’s just a cute look!

bookcase clutter

Hobby Sims 4 CC Clutter

Watercolour Paint Tubes

We talked earlier about some really beautiful paint brushes in a holder and they would look really great right next to these buckets of paint tubes. These come in different coloured buckets which is nice to match different homes.

These would work great in any artists space and the different coloured paint tubes. are so fun and really make it feel like your sim is a true artist.

paint tubes in a basket

Paint Brush Organizer

If you have a sim who is in the painter career or paints as a hobby, these paint brushes are a great option for clutter to place near their easel. This is super cute because there are so many different sizes and colours in these brushes for a cute vibe.

You can definitely pair this with some cc paint tubes or paint palettes and create an entire area for your sim’s painting supplies to hangout.

sims 4 cc clutter

Procraftination Crafting Clutter

There was so much good crafting clutter in The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting but many of these objects were stuck to shelves or peg boards but now we can have them separated as individual objects that look so beautiful. There are individual cross-stitches, measuring tapes, yarn, and so much more that you’re just going to want to have all around your sim’s home.

gorgeous crafting clutter

Make Up Sims 4 CC Clutter

Olia Beauty Palette

For a lot of people the first thing you are going to clutter up your bathroom or vanity with is some make up and this decorative make up palette is so extremely cute.

You could use this to decorate a shelf in your sim’s bathroom or just leave it straight on the counter, or decorate a small desk or vanity with these make up items.

make up clutter cc

Beauty Guru Make Up Clutter

There are many iconic products in the makeup industry and so many brands with gorgeous packaging. This set of make up clutter brings in so many iconic items that you’d see in your favourite make up stores and you can really decorate with trendy items.

beauty guru make up clutter, huda beauty, nars and more sims 4 cc clutter

pqSims4 Make Up

This makeup clutter is so great because it has a bunch of stuff that is in storage containers so you can decorate shelving and bathroom counters in a way that feels cluttered but organized. There are makeup brush jars, jars with sponges, and drawers and containers willed with all other items in the cutest way.

make up clutter

Mug Sims 4 CC Clutter

Vintage Coffee Set

There is just something so much fun and so beautiful about mid-century decorations and this vintage coffee set just hits all the spots for me. The colours, the florals, the shapes, just everything about this is perfect and can help you decorate the best kitchens and coffee bars you’ve ever seen.

coffee pot and mugs

Kalium Tea Cup

One of my favourite items to use as decor and clutter in The Sims 4 is coffee and tea cups because they can be placed in so many different spots. These tea cups come in a variety of cute colours and have some delicious looking tea inside.

These can be placed on coffee tables, beside a pool, on the side of a bath tub, and so much more just depending on where you think your sim would been drinking tea.

sims 4 cc clutter

Zoe Mug

The next item on this list is so adorable and is a set of polka dot mugs. These are filled with either tea or coffee and is a great item to decorate with because everyone loves a good mug.

These can look adorable on a bed side table, a coffee table, a kitchen counter and. so much more. Plus, the polka dot design is so adorable.

polka dot zoe mug

Frosted Grove Tea Set

The next one is amazing for any sim who you just think loves tea. Place this next to the tea brewer in the game for a perfect tea zone with mugs and all. This is honestly so cute and would look great at a tea or coffee station.

These types of items are great for clutter in The Sims 4 because they are things that people in the real world would have and add a bit of personality to your sims without doing too much.

tea set

Picture Frame Sims 4 CC Clutter

Islip Painting Frames

Once again we have some adorable frames for your sims to decorate their homes with. These feature a frame standing vertically and another standing horizontally for a bit of contrast and interest.

These frames contain some really cute painted images that are very minimal so they can operate well in all sorts of homes.

picture frames

Picture Frame Trio

These frames are really adorable with that gold frame with an inner frame made of wood. They are really cute and simple paintings on the inside that can look awesome on a side board, a shelving unit, or a small table in a hallway.

These are so cute for a minimalist home and would look so cute. They feel very young and fresh and better than any table frames we have in the game currently.

sims 4 cc clutter picture frames

Hunker Dining Room Frames

A really fun way for you to decorate your sim’s homes including shelves and tables is to grab yourself some cute frames. These hunker frames are really fun and come in different swatches for the frames and the images.

These are fun because each set of frames are going to give off a different vibe and add so much to your sim’s home as a cute decor piece. These would work so well in a sim’s first home because they definitely give off IKEA print vibes.

large set of picture frames

Botanic Boudoir

The frames in this set are honestly so gorgeous and make me so happy. There is a large antique looking shelf frame that you can decorate with whatever you want inside and a gorgeous rounded frame with fun swatches to decorate with. We don’t just get the fancy frames in this set either, there are perfume bottles, candles, and a gorgeous patterned curtain for a clawfoot bathtub which adds so much flair to your sim’s bathrooms.

botanic boudoir frames and decor objects

Other Sims 4 CC Clutter

Calendar Clutter

Calendars are a very realistic item to decorate your sim’s homes with and are a much have for my kitchen decorating. This set comes with a small desk calendar that you can use to decorate a home office and three different wall calendars with fun swatches. You can even change the swatch every few in-game days to make it feel like the months are actually passing.

sims 4 cc clutter calendars

Funko Pops

Funko pops are a very fun thing to decorate with in the real world and there are people who decorate entire walls with these characters, so why not add them to The Sims 4? There are so many to choose from and they can really look cute sitting on your sim’s shelves.

funko pop decor for the sims 4

Sabrina Decor

Playing with spellcasters is a really fun experience but decorating with witchy objects is even more fun. These objects are so adorable with cauldrons, books, potion bottles and even a magic wand to use as decor. These can really add a vibe to your sim’s home which is so spooky and cool.

witchy decor

Light Switches

This may seem like a weird item to want in your game, but light switches and wall outlets completely change your sim’s homes and make them feel so much more realistic. It helps to fill weird spots on the walls right beside doors and just make your sims feel more alive.

light switches

Vesta Vinyl

I have always wanted to have a record collection and these are a really great item to use as clutter. You can throw these on all sorts of shelves together to have a collection as large as you’d like it to be.

These come in different swatches too so you aren’t just placing the exact same records over and over again, but can have different covers.

vinyl records for the sims 4

Hello Table Decor

These types of wooden word signs are something that so many millennials have in their farm houses and it definitely gives off a specific vibe. This sign says hello to your sims each time they walk by and its absolutely adorable.

This could be really cute on top of your sim’s kitchen cabinets, on a hallway table or even as an item in your sim’s kids’ bedroom on a shelf beside that cute heart plushie.

hello sims 4

Terra Room Bowl

Over the years I’ve been to numerous houses where there is a decor item that is a cute bowl with some kind of weird balls inside. This is a cute version of that with some bright green moss balls inside.

These look great on any dining or coffee table as a simple decor item and don’t you just want to pick up one of those green balls and throw it around? That sounds fun.

decorative bowl

Decorative Dice

There is just something about dice that are so darn cute and these decorative dice can be awesome for you to place on a variety of spots like a shelf, a cabinet or even just on the floor of a kids’ room as a fake toy that looks super cute.

These are awesome because they are totally neutral with colours like grey, black and brown so they can be paired with any other decor items for a full shelving unit.

wood dice sims 4 cc clutter

High Society Pumps

Decorative shoes are such a great way to make your home feel much more lived in and cozy and using these heels makes your sims personality shine. They come in all sorts of colours and are just beautiful on their own!

decorative shoes

Plant Mom Clutter

Plants are the key to making a home in The Sims 4 feel extra cozy and honestly it works that way IRL too. This plant mom set is great because it adds so many beautiful options for smaller plants. The star is definitely the set of flowers living inside of a boot with tons of colours and swatches to choose from. The small plants are great too because you can decorate with them literally everywhere.

sims 4 cc clutter

Mini-Office Clock

Clocks are a really fun way to decorate in the real world, but there just aren’t many cute options for you to decorate with clocks in the game. This luster clock is such a fun concept with a cute base and all of those colours.

This would look awesome on a fireplace mantel, on a small hallway table or on a shelf in a kid’s room while they are learning how to tell time. This is just such a fun distressed concept is so cute!

sims 4 cc clock

Animal Crossing Inspired Clutter

There was so much crossover with players of The Sims 4 and players of Animal Crossing so of course, we have a bunch of items from ACNH that you can add to The Sims 4. These clutter items are fun with things like cutting boards, wall decor with keys, wash baskets and more.

animal crossing items

Starlight Crystals

If you’re really into playing with witchy sims, you need this set of clutter. This set comes with a bunch of decorative crystals, fun pendant wall hangings with different zodiac signs as the swatches, some gorgeous ivy plants and more.

The only item I’m not a fan of is the creepy wall eyes, they just stare at you… all the time… it’s rather unsettling… but I guess that’s the point.

crystals and other objects for the sims 4

Cute Clutter Sets

If you’re looking for really adorable sims 4 cc clutter items, this set will cover everything you need. There are objects that go across som any different types of styles and items. There are mugs, vases, baskets filled with bread, a mirror surrounded by flowers, and so much more. All of it fits really well into the game and is perfect for decorating homes!

clutter paint and flowers

Retro Days Clutter

There is something really fun about decorating with retro items that we just don’t see in the game or IRL anymore. Some of the items that are in this set of retro clutter include a rotary phone, a set of Casette tapes, an alarm clock and more things that you’ll never see in the game without EA releasing a throwback pack.

retro sims 4 cc clutter

Sole Mates Shoe Clutter

Decorating your sim’s homes with shoes and shoe boxes is such a simple and effective way to add clutter. It seems so silly but a pair of shoes by the front door or a couple pairs stored in your sim’s bedroom really makes your home feel lived in.

This set of shoes has so many options so you can find great shoes for literally every type of sim to match their style in whatever way you want!

clutter shoes

Decorative Vases

Any time that I don’t have any idea what to decorate a specific spot with, I just shoot a decorative vase in that location to get the job done. This hunker vase is super adorable with it starting with a medium base, getting fatter in the middle and going up tot he top in a skinny way.

The stripes on this are really cute and can match with all sorts of decor since they come in a variety of colours that you can choose depending on your sim’s home. A really great option, especially if you take some flowers and move objects them into this vase for an even cozier look.

sims 4 cc clutter

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Clutter

Having these beautiful sims 4 cc clutter objects in your game is the key to making sure that your sim’s homes are beautiful and look extremely lived in. These clutter pieces are so great and really make you want to spend more time decorating your sim’s homes and make the building experience so much more enjoyable. Happy Playing!

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