30+ Sims 4 Toddler Mods You Need in Your Game

There are dozens of sims 4 toddler mods out there to make your experience with these little ones in the game so much more fun.

Even though they weren’t in the game at the beginning toddlers have managed to become one of the most fleshed out and interesting life stages in the game, but they could always be better and there are definitely annoying aspects to them.

With these sims 4 toddler mods you’re going to be able to eliminate the annoyances of high chairs, give them more interesting toddler toys and even make it so they have less nightmares. There are so many goodies that you’ll find something for everyone!

The Sims 4 Toddler Mods

1. Better Babies and Toddlers

Our first mod on this list is Better Babies and Toddlers and this is a game changer that will really make your sim’s feel like they’re having a true interaction with both their babies and their toddlers. The way it works is your sims are going to get a Better Babies and Toddlers hidden trait that will open up a whole bunch of new interactions and moodlets.

Some of the interactions you’re going to unlock include things like talk about babies, or talk about returning to work or even complain about feeling exhausted which every new mom deserves to do.

sims 4 toddler mods

My favourite part about this mod is that the parents are going to get adorable moodlets from interacting with their babies and toddlers. For example, a sim who makes funny faces at their toddler will get a playful moodlet from it, or a sim who talks to their baby will get a +2 happy moodlet.

With toddlers specifically your sims are going to be able to ask to say mommy or try and teach them a new word and honestly, you’ll fall even more in love with your families with a mod like this one.

2. Kids Make Less Mess

Why did EA decide that all toddlers and children have an unlimited supply of paint in their pockets at all times? This paint gets everywhere and its so frustrating when you finally have a clean house and your sims just won’t chill.

With the kids make less mess mod you’ll finally be able to keep your home clean because most children won’t make as many messes. This mod actually takes into account the sims traits and character values to decide whether or not these kids are going to make a mess.

toddlers in the sims 4 make less mess with this mod

3. Inherited Aspiration Bonus

When you create your sim for the first time and choose their first aspiration you’re going to get an aspiration bonus trait that sticks with your sim. These are fun traits like domestic or dastardly and can have a profound impact on your sims.

With the inherited aspiration bonus mod you’re actually going to see that reward trait be passed down to the children of that sim when they are toddlers! This is super fun so your toddlers can have more traits than normal and be a more interesting character.

inherited aspiration bonuses

4. Play Peakaboo for All Ages

How do we not already have peak-a-boo as an option in the game? This is a game that all kids play at some point in their children! With the Play Peakaboo for all Ages mod you’ll finally get to see these adorable interactions with not only toddlers but everyone in your household.

The best way to play this is to use the first person camera and really get to experience how cute your sim’s are in first person!

toddler mod to play peekaboo

5. High Chair Lock

Learning how to raise toddlers in this game is a process and all of us have a struggle with high chairs at some point in their parenting journey in this game. When you use them sims are constantly picking up the toddler for absolutely no reason and it can be extremely frustrating.

That’s why sims 4 toddler mods are so amazing because things like high chair lock exist! This mod is extremely simple but a total game changer where you can click disable pick up on a high chair and you’ll be able to avoid sims picking up toddlers for a while.

high chair lock mod

6. More Toddler High Chair Foods

When EA released toddlers in 2017 there weren’t a ton of foods available on the high chairs and now that you have the high chair lock mod, you need to have more toddler high chair foods too!

This mod splits toddler high chair food into different categories where you can have snacks, treats, food, and drinks so you can have cuter experiences with these little cuties and their food. It even works with some custom food too!

This also does a slight adjustment to the functionality of high chairs and makes it so you can drag and drop your sim’s high chairs into the inventory!

sims 4 toddler mods

7. Education System Bundle

Are you ever wishing that your toddlers didn’t just have to hangout at home all day and want them to do something interesting when your sims are off pursuing their careers?

Well, when you install the education system bundle you are going to have the opportunity to send your toddlers to preschool where they’ll actually gain skills and build their character values.

education system bundle for the sims 4

You’ll have the option of having them go to a public or private preschool with the public school being free but the private preschool option will cost you 50 simoleons per day. There are even different speeds that your toddlers will learn their character values depending on which school they go to.

8. Toddlers Have Less Nightmares

There is nothing more annoying than having a sim have a long day who is extremely tired and them being woken up in the middle of the night by their screaming toddler after a nightmare.

With the toddlers have less nightmares mod you’ll have the frequency with which your sims have nightmares will be so much smaller.

The chances of a nightmare are going to change depending on a few things, independent toddlers will have them 1/5 of the amount, toddlers will have 10x less nightmares when they get to thinking level 3. This is so nice because its not the same for every toddler.

toddler getting into a toddler bed

9. Toddler Stuff Mod Pack

Since toddlers haven’t been in the game since launch we don’t have nearly enough stuff for them. The toddler toys we have just aren’t cutting it anymore and I’m constantly looking for new fun items to play with.

In the toddler stuff mod pack you’re going to get a bunch of awesome options to give your sims so many more things to do. The first item you’ll get is a gorgeous rocking horse that can actually be driven by all age groups not just toddlers.

You’ll then be able to have your sims go to sleep on an adorable sleeping mat and sit in a gorgeous swinging chair when your toddlers can play. The final item is a totally functional toddler basketball hoop and the skill they have for this object changes depending on the movement skill they have!

10. Toddler Creativity Pack

If you like the toddler stuff mod pack you’ll love the toddler creativity pack too! This mod pack will add all of the small toddler items that you wish you would’ve had in this game since the start.

There is a rock-a-stack where your sims can sit and stack and unstack all day long, there’s a xylophone for your sims to start learning how to play music! There are cute drawing papers and crayons for your toddlers to lay on the floor. Honestly, you’ll have such cute things for your toddlers to play with!

11. Drink-o-Baby

The next up on our list of sims 4 toddler mods is the Drink-o-Baby which is an electric bottle warmer that will give you so many new drinks for your toddlers to consume.

This is such a creative idea and doesn’t just include milk for your sims to enjoy, but also includes things like apple sauce pouches, sippy cups, and a simple bottle of milk. You’ll love watching your toddlers consume all this adorable stuff!

sims 4 toddler mods

12. Kiddie Pools Give Movement Skill

One really cute item we have in the game is kiddie pools but for whatever reason these are not a toddler skill gaining object. This really bugs me because it feels like a waste of time since I’m a skill oriented parent in the game.

With the kiddie pool gives movement skill mod your sims are going to finally be able to gain their movement skill when hanging out in the kiddie pool.

toddlers gain movement skill from pools

13. Bicycle for Toddlers

Have you ever wanted to have your toddlers ride around their backyard on a bicycle? Well, nows your chance!

With the bicycle for toddlers mod your toddlers can now throw on a helmet and start riding.

Not only does this allow you to have toddlers ride tricycles around but there are also hilariously adorable toddler mini cars that your toddlers can ride around in which are a really popular IRL toy.

toddler driving mini car

14. Little Chef’s Toy Kitchen

My absolute favourite toy as a kid had to be my tiny kitchen because it made me feel so grown up and now your toddlers can have the same experience. With the Little Chef’s Toy Kitchen your sim kids and toddlers can now prepare food all by themselves.

Your toddlers are going to stand on a stack of cook books so they can properly reach and even wear an adorable chef’s hat while they work it’s just so cute I can’t even handle it.

chef toy kitchen for toddlers

15. Off The Grid Tiny Shower

Living off the grid in a tiny home is pretty difficult and there is no option if you have toddlers or pets and need somewhere to clean them. This off the grid tiny shower is an incredible choice that only takes up a single tile and can be used to clean toddlers, bathe pets and shower adults.

off the grid sims 4 toddler mods

16. Wishing Well Wishes for Toddlers

With The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff we got a whole wishing well where your sims can wish for things like life, simoleons, children and more but since the stuff pack was created before toddlers were added to the game there are no toddlers involved in this process.

With the wishing well wishes mod you’ll see that the overwhelmingly positive outcome when you wish for children will now give your sims a toddler instead of a child which is way cuter anyway.

toddler making a wish in the wishing well

17. Toddler Play Tunnel + Makeup Kit

There are so many incredible cc toddler toys that you can add to your game and this kit doesn’t disappoint. The first thing you get in this pack is a toddler play tunnel where your toddlers can hangout, crawl through or even take a nap.

You’ll also get to play around with some makeup with this as your toddlers can now have a small make up kit that they can use on themselves or even do makeovers on adult sims which is just so cute.

18. Toddler Lunchbox Food Spawner

Next up on our wonderful list of sims 4 toddler mods is the toddler lunchbox food spawner which is a game changer for things like The 100 Baby Challenge.

Instead of you having to cook meals for your toddlers to make sure they eat you can just place this in your sim’s home and you’re able to quickly click on it and it will instantly spawn a kid friendly recipe for them to eat.

food spawner to feed toddlers

19. Children Can Care for Toddlers

Toddlers are extremely difficult to care for and annoyingly we can’t have children help us in raising toddlers in the vanilla game. With this awesome mod you’ll now be able to have your children carrying around toddlers and even change their diapers which is a serious game changer.

child carrying toddler up the stairs

20. Solace Baby Swing

If you don’t want a basic toddler high chair you may as well add the Solace Baby Swing to your game so they can spend their food time swinging around. This functional toddler swing will function as a high chair and let your sims have a bit more fun when they’re eating.

toddler eating chips in a swing

21. Nutri-Baby

If you were a fan of the Drink-o-Baby that we discussed earlier you should definitely take a look at the Nutri-Baby food generator. This object is an electric steamer that will create 8 new recipes for your toddlers to eat.

These recipes will come out on adorable toddler trays with different sections which is so realistic or as a small bowl of mashed up something. These meals include things like mashed potatoes and ham, pizza and peas and mashed carrots so they’re totally foods toddlers would eat.

nutri-baby sims 4 toddler mods

22. Dinosaur Slide

Dinosaurs are really cute and deserve even more love in the game and this dinosaur slide will let you have a new version of the basic slides that has eyes and looks like the cutest dinosaur ever. Toddlers have the best time going up and down this slide and will earn their movement skill while on it and it can even be used by children and adults!

dinosaur slide for kids

23. Breastfeed Toddlers

For many families breastfeeding doesn’t stop when the child is a baby and goes into the toddler life stage as well but this isn’t reflected in the game. With the breastfeed toddlers mod you’ll see the cuddle interaction is gone and has now been replaced with a breastfeed option where your toddlers will get fed and bond with their parent.

breastfeed toddlers sims 4

24. Playful Toddler Pack

There are so many amazing creators of sims 4 toddler mods and this Playful Toddler Pack shows that off. There are so many goodies in this one and it all starts off with a functional toddler crib where you’ll finally be able to keep your toddlers stuck somewhere safe.

After the toddler crib you get a toddler car track for them to play with and can be played with by two toddlers at a time so they can hangout together. There is also adorable toddler play dough for them to mold into whatever they want.

The final item has to be my favourite and that’s the toddler food truck where your toddlers are able to act like they own a whole food truck and make items for other sims. Older sims are able to come over and actually order a donut, pizza or a hamburger from this toddler.

25. Keep Tablets in Inventory

Toddlers have this annoying habit of taking their Wabbit Tablet and leaving it in the weirdest spots. You’ll find it on top of half walls, above a fire place, or just on the floor in the most obscure locations.

Thankfully, with the keep tablets in inventory mod your toddlers will not put it down anymore and instead it will pop right into their inventory so you never lose it again.

keep tablets in inventory mod sims 4

26. Toddlers Can Die

Well, we all knew something like this would make the list! Did you know that children, toddlers, babies and pregnant sims are all immune from death? Not anymore when you add this mod to your game!

Instead of having a death mechanic for these age groups if they end up with low hunger they’ll get taken away instead in the vanilla game, but that’s all gonna change now. One thing you will notice is that since the death animations don’t exist for these age groups they can often look a bit spooky during the process as their body stretches.

toddlers can now die sims 4 toddler mods

27. Creative Trait for Toddlers

One of my favourite ways to make more interesting sims is by using custom traits because they can add so much fun gameplay. Toddlers only have a handful of traits to choose from so this creative trait for toddlers is a good one.

The description of this trait says “These toddlers love to be creative. Playing with toys, telling stories, using imagination is something these toddlers enjoy. They can be seen thinking of so many ideas too!”

With this trait your sims are going to get custom moodlets and whims that are represented by this trait.

new trait for toddlers

28. Toddler Playpens

A really popular item from The Sims 3 store was the set of toddler playpens because its just nice to lock those little buggers away once in a while. Thankfully, there’s a toddler playpens mod that you can place your toddlers and some toys inside and not have to worry about them causing mayhem all around the home.

toddlers in a playpen

29. Clean Up Toddler in The Sink (More Hygiene)

Around the release of The Sims 4: Tiny Living we got the ability to clean up toddlers in the sink for a quick solution to a stinky problem. However, this option doesn’t give the sims much of an increase in their hygiene it just does a small amount.

With this mod installed in your game you’ll see a higher amount of hygiene being given to your sims when doing this interaction which is super useful for small homes or when you just don’t want to do a whole bath.

clean up toddler in the sink sims

30. Pampers Cruisers Diapers

There is something really adorable about having a toddler’s diaper pop out of the top of their pants but this isn’t a thing in The Sims 4. When you add the pampers cruisers diapers sims 4 toddler mod you’ll be able to have your sims walk around in just a diaper, or a diaper and shirt or have it pop right out of the top of their pants.

pampers for toddlers

31. Toddler First Birthday Party

The next mod on our list is Toddler First Birthday Party which is such a big deal for many people IRL so why not have it in The Sims 4! In this event your sims will be able to have cake, let kids play on a toddler slide, play with the birthday kid and have such a good time.

One nice thing about this mod is that the creator made it so that your sims don’t need to know toddlers to invite them to the party which can allow your toddler to make friends their age who they can be friendly with forever.

sims 4 toddler mods

32. Toddler Sicknesses and Stacking Symptoms

All of my experience with toddlers in the real world shows me that toddlers are constantly sick and have runny noses every other day, but this doesn’t really exist in the game.

Thankfully, the toddler sicknesses sims 4 toddler mod does exist so we can have them have colds, the flu or an adorable stomachache. These sims can get sick on their own or you can choose to throw a sickness at them on purpose if you’re feeling a little evil.

make toddlers sick

33. Skip Toddler Lifestage

The final mod on this list brings us right back to 2014 and makes it so you babies grow up straight into children for any simmer who wants to avoid the toddler life stage. The skip toddler life stage mod will let you completely avoid having to deal with their messes, the crying, and everything else that comes along with this.

This is a funny one because all players were annoyed with the baby to child system from the game at release and now modders make it so you can do that even now all these years later.

skip toddler stage

Final Thoughts

There are so many amazing sims 4 toddler mods out there that can completely change how you play the game and the relationship you have with this adorable life stage. These toddlers are already so cute and these mods are just going to make them even better. Happy Playing!

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