The Sims 4: Soulmate Aspiration

The soulmate aspiration is one of a handful of love focused aspirations in The Sims 4 and is the most wholesome one in the bunch, unlike the serial romantic aspiration.

This aspiration focuses on having dates with someone, getting married, and eventually getting to the soulmate relationship level when you’re fully in love!

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Traits That Help With The Soulmate Aspiration

Each aspiration in the game has certain traits that are going to go right along with them and make the aspirations easier to complete.


Sims who are romantic are going to have an easier time with romance interactions like flirting and will have an easier time getting flirty.

This can help you grow your pink relationship bar more quickly allowing you to reach the soulmate level sooner.

Family Oriented

The family oriented trait isn’t directly related to this aspiration, but most sims who are going to be focusing on getting a soulmate will also want a family so I feel like they go hand in hand.

Companion Reward Trait

The companion reward trait that you get at the end of the aspiration is… just okay.

Your sims will unlock some new interactions with each other that are not too exciting, they are things like lend emotional support and share burden.

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure this aspiration is worth the time it takes to complete it just to get this boring trait.

Levels of the Aspiration

Level One: Amor Amateur

  • Have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend
  • Go on 2 Dates

To get a boyfriend or girlfriend in the game you need to grow your friendship with someone for a while until they will accept a romance interaction from you. I suggest starting with a flirt.

If this interaction is successful, you can continue with romance interactions until you get the option to ask the other sim to be your boyfriend or girlfriend.

To go on two dates you have two options, you can click on your boyfriend/girlfriend in the relationships panel and there should be an ask on date option, or you can go to your sim’s phone and ask on a date. These dates don’t need to get medals, you just need to attend, so easy!

Level Two: Marriage Material

  • Become an Adult
  • Be Married to BFF

Becoming an adult is self explanatory, but this will be achieved when your sim reaches the young adult life stage.

Your sim also needs to be married to BFF which is easy if you already have a decent friend relationship with your partner. Eventually when you reach a certain level of friendship you’ll have the option to become best friends.

You can do this before or after you get married and it should satisfy the need.

Level Three: Love Handler

  • Earn Silver on 2 Dates with Spouse
  • Achieve Soulmate Relationship with Spouse

For this part of the aspiration, your sims need to become soulmates. To be able to achieve soulmate relationship with a spouse you’ll need to work on your romantic relationship bar a lot.

In the game, the romantic relationship bar has 100 points and as your sim grows their romantic bar they’ll work through it from just good friends, to romantic interest, to lovebirds and when they are in the 75-100 level of romance they are going to get soulmate status.

It is important to note that these sims also need to have at least 60% friendship.

In this you also need to get silver on two dates with your spouse. So, after you get married you need to still work on romance with your sim and go on regular dates.

To get silver you can just follow the tasks that appear in the top left hand corner of the screen throughout the date! However, don’t do these dates on holidays because you are not able to have a holiday running and a goaled date at the same time.

Level Four: Soulmate

  • Perform 50 Romantic Gestures with Spouse as Soulmates
  • Earn Gold on 3 Dates with Spouse

Once your sims are at the soulmate level of their relationship it will be really easy to have successful romantic gestures between the two. You’ll need to do 50 things in the romance social category to satisfy this.

Finally, you’ll need to get gold on 3 dates with your spouse. Getting gold on dates is a bit harder than silver but can be rather easy with a couple who already love each other! Just follow the things the game tells you to do while on a date.

Final Thoughts

Being in love in the sims is a beautiful thing because you can grow a huge family and be in love with each other forever. Working through the soulmate aspiration is pretty easy and super fun but may not be worth the time for the boring reward trait.

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  1. Can you still complete this aspiration if your sim is already married and want to stay in the relationship? Will the game just skip past “get a girlfriend/boyfriend” and “get married” if you have already done that? Because I just want to change the aspiration of my sim without having to get a divorce and whatnot. Thanks!

    1. I’m not 100% sure about the girlfriend/ boyfriend part, but the marriage one works if you’re already married!

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