The Sims 4: Serial Romantic Aspiration

If you want your sim to live a bit of a messy life in The Sims 4, you should probably choose the serial romantic aspiration. This is a fun one if you want to make your sim have multiple lovers and juggle a lot of different sims all at once.

This hilarious aspiration came with the base game and will have your sim working hard to keep their relationships secret and keep their multiple lovers away from each other.

Traits That Help With This Aspiration


Of course, the romantic trait is a great choice for someone who wants to be a serial romantic. This trait will make your sims feel flirty more often which is helpful for romance interactions, and they will enjoy being romantic more than regular sims.


Outgoing is almost a necessity if you want this to work. Your sim is going to have to kiss 10 different sims which means they are going to need to make friends with all of these people, and will need to always be talking to sims! An outgoing sim will have more fun when speaking to others, so it’s really important.


Alluring is a trait that your sim will get when they choose a romance aspiration when they age up to teen, or are created in CAS. This is an awesome trait that can really help your sim throughout this, because it will make your sim’s romantic interactions have a higher success rate. A lot of romance interactions are going to fail (especially if people are married, so this can really help.

Reward Trait for the Serial Romantic Aspiration

A sim who manages to finish the serial romantic aspiration will be rewarded with the player trait. This trait is going to make it so other sims will no longer get jealous when they are doing romantic interactions.

This is awesome, because you can walk around town kissing all sorts of sims and getting with just about everybody and nobody will care anymore. Awesome for story telling.

Stages of the Aspiration

Level 1: Amore Amateur

  • Have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend
  • Go on 2 Dates

The first part of this aspiration is rather easy, you can spend your first few days of adulthood for your sims building up a relationship with a single sim and going on two dates with them.

I find it easiest to go on dates before starting a second relationship because jealousy is no fun if the other sim happens to be there. You can probably finish these ones before the end of your first or second day.

Level 2: Up to Date

  • Achieve Charisma Level 4
  • Have Had 3 First Kisses

Since you’ll be spending a ton of time working on relationships with other sims, your charisma skill is going to increase on it’s own rather quickly at first. However, you’re going to need to make a conscious effort in getting it increased through the 2nd and 3rd part of this aspiration. You can gain this skill through practicing your speech in the mirror or talking to other sims.

The second part of this is that your sim needs to have had 3 first kisses, meaning they need to kiss 3 different sims. When you increase your sims romance to a certain level, they will have the option for first kiss which will satisfy this requirement.

Level 3: Romance Juggler

  • Achieve Charisma Level 6
  • Kiss 10 Sims
  • Have a Strong Romantic Relationship with 3 Sims at Once

Achieving charisma level 6 shouldn’t be hard since you’re working on spending a lot of time with different sims, but if that ends up being your last milestone in this section, just practice speech in a mirror, gets the job done quick!

Your sim is going to need to have a strong romantic relationship with 3 different sims at once, they’ll need to perform a lot of romantic interactions with these sims to get the job done. This may take a few days, or you may be lucky and your sim is super romantic and it’ll happen in hours, it depends on the other sim as well.

You’ll also need to kiss 10 different sims, so get those sim lips ready and start kissing!

Level 4: Serial Romantic

  • Earn Gold on 3 Dates
  • Have Had 8 Boyfriends or Girlfriends

Your sim is going to need to have had eight boyfriends or girlfriends, this is a lot. They don’t need to have all of them at once, but that is an option. You are allowed to start a relationship, and end a relationship and this should still count toward your sim’s count.

This will probably take a bit of time for your sim to get this many sims to be willing to be in a relationship with you, but you can do it!

You also need to earn gold on at least 3 dates, so you’re going to need to adventure into the world with sims who you have a romantic relationship with. Be careful when going on these dates that you don’t do romantic interactions with other sims who you are one of your boyfriends or girlfriends.

To get gold on a date, you need to closely follow the different goals that pop up in the top left hand corner of the screen when your sim is on a date. It will be simple things, follow them and a gold date isn’t too hard. Just make sure that your sim has a high romantic relationship with the person they’re on a date with to make it easy.

Final Thoughts

This aspiration is one of my favourites if I want to have really dramatic game play, and really mess up my sim’s lives a bit. I love a challenge, so doing this is amazing. You can even add this aspiration with someone who is doing the 100 baby challenge for added struggles.

How do you feel about the serial romantic aspiration? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. For the date thing, I found that just selecting your sim’s home lot as the date venue works just fine, and so there is less of a chance your sim’s other partners will see them!

    Just make sure you go inside first. I had a sim flirt with another prospective partner in front of his home lot, and his girlfriend walked by and saw the whole thing.

    As a bonus, the Tea Magic Personal Brewer can make your sim and their date flirty as one of the date goals super easily!

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