The Sims 4: World Famous Celebrity Aspiration

Becoming a celebrity in The Sims 4: Get Famous is a fun type of game play for most players and can add some new crazy characters to your sim’s life.

Your sim will be constantly bombarded by paparazzi and have dozens of adoring fans following them when they go out in public.

Traits That Help With the World Famous Celebrity Aspiration


Outgoing is a great option for future celebrities because they are going to spend lots of time around people at meet and greets, and will be followed around by paparazzi and fans.

Reward Trait for the Aspiration

When your sim finishes the aspiration they are going to be given the unstoppable fame reward trait.

These sims will no longer have their fame go down and they will be a celebrity forever. They are also given an extra fame perk point to spend as well as no longer being bothered when there are paparazzi around.

Stages of the World Famous Celebrity Aspiration

Level One: Aspiring Star

  • Become a 2 Star Celebrity
  • Purchase a Fame Perk

The first part of this aspiration is pretty simple but may take a bit of time, first you need to work on your celebrity ranking and become a 2 star celebrity.

To raise your celebrity ranking you can do things like selling paintings to collectors, selling books to publishers, licensing songs, ranking up in the acting career, live streaming, gaining followers on social media, and many more.

You can check the current status of your celebrity level in the simology panel in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. As you gain celebrity levels you’ll start unlocking celebrity perk points.

With these points you can buy fake perks for different things like corporate partnerships, potions, and much more.

To finish this part of the aspiration you’ll need to spend at least one of your fame perks!

Beware though because celebrities can gain quirks that are negative aspects of being famous that are things like being obsessed with looking at yourself in the mirror to having a refined palette and not enjoying anything below excellent quality.

Level Two: Somebody

  • Become a 3 Star Celebrity
  • Host a Meet and Greet
  • Visit a Celebrity Hot Spot

The first part of this is to continue to raise your star level, you can just continue to do whatever tasks you’ve been doing up to this point.

You can also get your sims to use the new drones to live stream everything they do which will gain them followers fast, improving their star level.

To host a meet and greet you must go to the host a social event on your sim’s phone and schedule where you’d like to go to host, a bunch of fans will show up and follow your sim around while it’s happening.

You also need to visit a celebrity hot spot in Del Sol Valley. When scrolling over the community lots it will tell you if it’s up and coming or a hot spot.

Hot spots are interesting because sims under a certain level of celebrity are not allowed in, so you have to wait until this point to visit anyway!

Level 3: Rising Star

  • Be Asked 3 Times for a Selfie
  • Become a 4 Star Celebrity
  • Deal with the Paparazzi 3 Times

In this part of the aspiration you’ll need to reach level 4 of the celebrity system, this is going to be harder because progress starts to slow down quite a bit after 3.

This is going to be hard to do as an artist, or a writer unless you’re constantly pushing out content so maybe go into acting for this!

Once your sim hit level 3 of celebrity they’ll start having paparazzi following them around in public and being outside their home occasionally, so you need to interact with them 3 times.

This can be telling them to leave, bribing them, and more.

Finally, you’ll need to be asked for a selfie 3 times by fans. This one sucks because you have no control over how often people ask you.

The best way to get working through this is to spend a lot of your time in public at community lots so you aren’t just in your home where fans can’t enter.

Level 4: World Famous Celebrity

  • Become a 5 Star Celebrity
  • Sign 3 Autographs
  • Receive 25 Positive Responses from Inciting Cheers

To finish off this aspiration your sim is going to need to finish off their celebrity rankings and make it to the five star level.

You should definitely be in the acting career and also be working on a side hustle like making videos or creating paintings to continue to grow your fame on the side.

Your sim also has to sign 3 autographs, this is a fun one because you can go up to any sim you haven’t yet met and sign an autograph for them, however, they are able to reject your autograph which can cause your sim to become embarrassed.

If you wish to avoid being rejected you may want to wait until you’re at least at rank 4 before starting this part.

Finally, your sim will need to incite cheers and get some positive responses. This can be done by clicking on your sim while there are fans around and choose incite cheers.

Sims may not respond which wouldn’t count, or can even boo if they don’t care. You should wait until you’re a global superstar to start inciting cheers to ensure you can get those 25 positive interactions.

Final Thoughts

The celebrity system from The Sims 4: Get Famous can be a really fun one to work through and this aspiration is a great one for the pack.

How do you feel about the world famous celebrity aspiration?

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  1. I went with the entertainer career as a musician and so far so good but I just got to 4 stars and I’ve noticed it’s getting harder…..stuck at 2/3 be asked for selfie 😬

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