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The Sims 4: Salaryperson Career (Snowy Escape)

The salaryperson career is the only new career that came with The Sims 4: Snowy Escape and is a really fun new addition to the game. A lot of players may think that this career is just another business career, however, this one is more detailed, more interesting and has a bit more character.

The salaryperson career will have your sim working 10 to 12 hour days depending on decisions you make in chance cards, and has a high chance of making your sim have a workaholic lifestyle.

The in-game description for this career option says “dedicating your life to the Farseer Data Corporation and putting its needs above all else is just the first step for a salaryperson. Stability, respect, and endless hours of work are in your future. Advance to be a supervisor or an expert in your field all while enjoying morning commutes and evening karaoke.”

Traits for the Salaryperson Career


Since your sim is going to be working a lot you may want to choose the ambitious trait for your sim. This trait will make it so they enjoy working, and get positive moodlets from good days at work!


Loner may also be a good option for this career choice since the hours are so long. Your sim won’t have a ton of time during the week for fun or for friends, so you loner is a good one. Sims who have this trait will see their social need go down a lot slower and won’t need as much time with others to be happy.

Salaryperson Career Levels

The salaryperson career is a nice one for families because your sims only ever work Monday to Friday, allowing for family time on the weekends. However, your sim will have extremely long work hours so they may never see their family during the week.

This career is going to have your sim gaining the logic and writing which are generally just good skills to have, especially since you can write books and sell them for royalties as a way to earn simoleons on the side to earn the skill.

One thing that was added with this career is the ability to work overtime, which can be found when you click on the small briefcase on your sim while they are at work. This will change your sims work hours from 9-7 to 9-9.

In addition to choosing to work overtime there are a variety of chance cards where you will get to choose one of two options and one will always make your sim work till 9 o’clock. It may be karaoke, or just missing the train home but your sim will have to work later and have less time to themselves.

Your sim’s daily tasks before branching off in the career is to prepare semi-important reports. This can be done on the computer under the career panel. The nice thing about this is that your sims are actually going to get the writing skill as well as the logic skill while they work on this task, which are the two skills you need for this career.

Since this career has such long hours there are two things you should consider for your sims before joining it, the first is that they are not going to have a lot of free time which means their home will get messy so you may want to hire a maid. The second is that you may want to purchase the seldom sleepy or never weary reward traits so that your sims need less sleep and can have a bit of personal time during the night while others are sleeping.

Job TitleNew Hire
Hourly Wage§14/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 9 am to 7 pm
Daily Pay§140
Promotion TasksPrepare Semi-Important Reports
Promotion Rewards§300
Job TitlePencil Pusher
Hourly Wage§21/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 9 am to 7 pm
Daily Pay§210
Promotion TasksPrepare Semi-Important Reports, Logic Level 2, Writing Level 2
Promotion Rewards§430, Out on The Town Suit
Job TitleCompetent Clerk
Hourly Wage§25/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 9 am to 7 pm
Daily Pay§250
Promotion TasksPrepare Semi-Important Reports, Logic Level 3, Writing Level 3
Promotion Rewards§510, Charismatic Crooner
Job TitleOffice Doyen
Hourly Wage§37/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 9 am to 7 pm
Daily Pay§370
Promotion TasksPrepare Semi-Important Reports, Logic Level 4, Writing Level 4
Promotion Rewards§550, Host Phone Conference, Chicken Yakitori Recipe

Salaryperson Unlocks Before Branch

This is an interesting set of unlocks because you will get a variety of things, the first and most interesting is the charismatic crooner reward trait. It is rare that you’ll get a trait and this one is funny, the description says “These sims have mastered charismatic vocal tones that help them get a long better with co-workers. Those tones may even help with their singing ability.”Your sim will also get a brand new suit to wear as another reward.

Supervisor Career Branch

The first branch of the salaryperson career your sim can choose is the supervisor branch in this branch their hours will change a bit, which is really nice. They go from 9-7 to 9-5 and eventually 10-5 allowing you to have a little bit more free time.

Your sims are going to need to gain the charisma skill and the logic skill in this career branch and will need to max out logic and get level 8 of the charisma skill.

Your sim is going to have the daily task of hosting a phone conference. This can be done on your sims phone under the career panel and they will sit on the phone for about an hour. It’s an easy task, but annoying since it takes up so much time.

The in-game description for this branch of the salaryperson career states “the corporate hive mind does not function without endless number of team leads. Join their legion and become a supervisor. Increase productivity by hundredths of a percent through inspirational team exercises.”

Job TitleValued Employee
Hourly Wage§70/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 9 am t o 5 pm
Daily Pay§560
Promotion TasksHost Phone Conference, Logic Level 5, Charisma Level 3
Promotion Rewards§730, Rehearse Company Values
Job TitleTeam Leader
Hourly Wage§120/Hour
ScheduleMT W T F 9 am to 5 pm
Daily Pay§930
Promotion TasksHost Phone Conference, Logic Level 6, Charisma Level 4
Promotion Rewards§910, Ssh! Luxury Shoji Screen
Job TitleSkilled Supervisor
Hourly Wage§155/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 9 am to 5 pm
Daily Pay§1240
Promotion TasksHost Phone Conference, Logic Level 7, Charisma Level 5
Promotion Rewards§1200, Most Loyal Employee Award
Job TitlePrime Planner
Hourly Wage§201/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 10 am to 5 pm
Daily Pay§1407
Promotion TasksHost Phone Conference, Logic Level 8, Charisma Level 6
Promotion Rewards§1550
Job TitleGroup Oracle
Hourly Wage§250/Hour
ScheduleM T W T 10 am to 5 pm
Daily Pay§1750
Promotion TasksHost Phone Conference, Logic Level 9, Charisma Level 7
Promotion Rewards§1760, In The Middle of Things Room, Legendary Stamina
Job TitleHead of the Department
Hourly Wage§355
ScheduleM T W T 10 am to 5 pm
Daily Pay§2485
Promotion TasksHost Phone Conference, Max Logic Skill, Charisma Level 8
Promotion RewardsN/A

Supervisor Branch Unlocks

With every career there are a number of items your sims will unlock as they get higher up in their career. When you work through the supervisor branch you’ll unlock a new ability to rehearse the company values in the mirror, when you finish this your sim may get an inspired moodlet.

In addition to the new ability your sim can unlock a new trait, legendary stamina. This reward trait’s description says “These sims have learned how to keep their energy up when the office coffee pot is empty. Their energy will drain more slowly than other sims.” This is awesome because you’re working so much that it can really come in handy.

Finally, there are a couple physical items your sims will unlock that they can decorate their home with. The first is the Ssh! Luxury Shoji Screen which is a screen you can decorate your home with that has the company logo on it. Next, you’ll get the most loyal employee award that you can put on your sims wall. Finally, there is a styled room that your sims can unlock as they work through the career.

Expert Career Branch

The expert branch wouldn’t be my favourite out of the two because the hours are longer, and you have to work on Saturdays sometimes. Not the best if you have a family and want to save weekends for family.

Your sim is going to have the daily task of optimizing spreadsheet formulas which can be done on the computer. To get promotions your sim is going to need to get two skills, the first one is a continuation on gaining the logic skill and then add in the programming skill.

The in-game description for the expert branch says “Experts are needed in all fields. You don’t limit yourself. You are an expert in everything that your boss needs you to be. You are the first and last call teams make when working on difficult problems.”

Job TitleData Wrangler
Hourly Wage§61
ScheduleM T W F 8 am to 5 pm
Daily Pay§549
Promotion TasksOptimize Spreadsheet Formulas, Logic Level 5, Programming Level 3
Promotion Rewards§620, Ability to Power Nap
Job TitleCalculus Adept
Hourly Wage§112
ScheduleM T W F S 8 am – 5 pm
Daily Pay§1008
Promotion TasksOptimize Spreadsheet Formulas, Level 6 Logic, Level 4 Programming
Promotion Rewards§710, Energy Crush Recipe
Job TitleSpreadsheet Specialist
Hourly Wage§127
ScheduleM T W F S 9 am to 5 pm
Daily Pay§1016
Promotion TasksOptimize Spreadsheet Formulas, Level 7 Logic, Level 5 Programming
Promotion Rewards§900, Busy Night Owl Table Lamp, New Ability: Exercise to Decompress
Job TitleMaster/Mistress of the Cells
Hourly Wage§177
ScheduleS T W T F 8 am to 4 pm
Daily Pay§1416
Promotion TasksOptimize Spreadsheet Formulas, Level 8 Logic, Level 9 Programming
Promotion Rewards§1050, Employee of the Month T-Shirt
Job TitleFormula Virtuoso
Hourly Wage§190
ScheduleM T W F 10 am to 5 pm
Daily Pay§1330
Promotion TasksOptimize Spreadsheet Formulas, Level 9 Logic, Level 7 Programming
Promotion Rewards§1450, New Styled Room: Expert’s Zen, New Trait: Legendary Stamina
Job TitleCloud Data Guru
Hourly Wage§272
ScheduleM T W F 10 am to 5 pm
Daily Pay§1904
Promotion TasksOptimize Spreadsheet Formulas
Promotion RewardsN/A

Expert Branch Unlocks

The best thing thing about this career is some of the amazing unlocks that you’re going to get. The first is a new recipe for omazake that your sims can eat, fun! The next, is the ability to power nap which is done by clicking on a couch and this nap will increase your sims energy quicker than a regular nap.

Next, your sim is going to unlock the energy crush recipe and then get the busy night owl lamp as well as the ability to exercise to decompress which can help decrease your sims stress levels which is awesome!

Next your sim will get a new t-shirt for being employee of the month which can be found in create a sim. Finally, they are going to get a brand new trait that is legendary stamina which is one of the best reward traits in the game (in my opinion) because it has a description that says “These sims have learned how to keep their energy up when the office coffee pot is empty. Their energy will drain more slowly than other sims.” meaning your sim won’t need as much sleep as others!

Final Thoughts

This new salaryperson career is one of my favourites that the sims team has added in all of The Sims 4. It has depth, is interesting, and works well with the workaholic lifestyle that was also added in this pack. Plus, the reward traits are incredible, I wish I had legendary stamina!


Thursday 6th of January 2022

There are a few options of activities your Sim can do during work hours (Work hard, Normal, Leave early, Take it easy, etc.). In this career there is also the option 'Brainstorm with team', but there is no description in the mouse-over what that does, what benefits and disadvantages it gives. Does anybody know?


Saturday 8th of January 2022

after you select an option, mouse over the selector tool and it will show a tool tip explaining the benefit and or loss.


Saturday 14th of November 2020

This is a great guide! Easy to follow.