The Sims 4: Purveyor of Potions Aspiration (Realm of Magic)

The purveyor of potions aspiration is one of two aspirations that came with The Sims 4: Realm of Magic that came out in September of 2019. This pack focuses on being a spellcaster and learning everything you can about spells and brewing potions. This aspiration focuses entirely on brewing potions and gaining your spellcaster rank.

Sims who choose this aspiration are going to get the collector bonus trait that comes with all nature aspirations. This trait is nice because you’ll have an easier time finding decent quality collecetibles!

Stages of the Aspiration

Stage One: First Steps

  • Become a Spellcaster
  • Travel to the Magic Realm
  • Learn a Potion Recipe

To start this aspiration you first need to become a spellcaster. You can do this one of two ways, the first being to create a spellcaster in create a sim, which is the easier way. The second way is to ask a magical sage in the magic realm to give you powers.

To do this you’ll first need to travel to the magic realm which you can do with a glimmerstone if you’re already a spellcaster, or you can go through the glistening portal located in Glimmerbrook on the left side of the world.

Once there, you’ll want to go to Magic HQ where you’ll find one of three magic sages who have symbols above their heads. You’ll need to introduce yourself and become friends with this person before they are going to be willing to share their knowledge with you.

Once they agree they will send you on a mission to find magical motes and when collected and returned you’ll be turned into a spellcaster.

You will then need to learn a magic potion recipe. You can do this by asking a sage to teach you one, or by going to a cauldron located in the magic realm and choosing to experiment.

Stage Two: Bubbling Up

  • Reach Spellcaster Rank 2 (Acolyte)
  • Own a Cauldron
  • Know 3 Different Potion Recipes

In the second stage of this aspiration your sim needs to raise their spellcaster rank. To do this you need to gain spellcaster XP which can be done by experimenting with or brewing potions, practicing magic, getting magic lessons, or dueling other spellcasters. When you earn enough you can level up and gain a spellcaster perk.

The next step is rather easy, you need to own a cauldron in your sim’s home. These take up a decent amount of space but can make it easier for your sim to brew potions at home instead of always travelling to the magic realm. You can find these in the build buy catalog.

Finally, your sim will need to know 3 different potion recipes. You can learn these either from asking the sages in the magical realm, or by experimenting using a cauldron.

Stage Three: Cauldron Concoctions

  • Reach Spellcaster Rank 3 (Adept)
  • Know 5 Different Potion Recipes
  • Brew 5 Potions

Stage 3 of this aspiration starts with your sim needing to rank up as a spellcaster. You can gain your spellcaster XP by brewing potions, experimenting on the cauldron, practicing magic, and so much more. Doing anything magical will gain a bit of spellcaster XP you just need to keep working at it.

Your sim is also going to need to know 5 different potion recipes. These can be learned by having your sim experiment on the cauldron, or by asking the magical sages to teach them to you.

To complete this section your sim is going to need to brew 5 potions. These don’t need to be 5 different potions, just 5 in total. This can be done on a cauldron in your home or at the magical realm.

Stage Four: Potion Pro

  • Reach Spellcaster Rank 5 (Virtuoso)
  • Know 10 Different Potion Recipes

The final stage of this aspiration has your sim needing to get to level 5 of the spellcaster ranking, which can be done by earning spellcaster XP. You can earn XP by dueling with other spellcasters in the magic realm, performing spells, creating potions, and so much more.

To learn the recipe for 10 different potions, your sim will need to either constantly experiment on the cauldron or ask the sages for them to teach you potions. You can only learn a few per spellcaster rank, so this may take some time.

Master Mixer Bonus Trait

When a sim finally finishes this aspiration they are given the master mixer bonus trait. This trait will make it so that any potions that your sim drinks themselves have a lower chance of failure, making them much, much more valuable.

Final Thoughts

The two aspirations from realm of magic are a lot of fun, and really can be done one after the other for maximum satisfaction points. You can learn a ton of cool potions to influence your sim’s life which is a ton of fun. Happy playing!

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  1. Purveyor of Potions is a Nature aspiration and gets the Collector trait if chosen as your Sim’s first aspiration, not the Quick Learner trait.

    Nice guide.

  2. help, it says i needs to learn a potion recipe but ive already learned every recipe while not having the purveyor of potions aspirations active. what can i do to fix this? is there a way i can forget a potion recipe?

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