A really fun way to add to your sim’s university experience is to get them to join an organization and get involved in school. This will help them make friends, gain skills, and have a more fun time in school.

There are 3 organizations at each University, and your sim is free to join any of them. These are different than the two after school activities, however, which are soccer team and e-sports gamer.

In this guide we are going to discuss how to join the organizations on campus, and all the aspects of each individual organization so you can make an informed decision before getting your sim to join one.

How to Join an Organization

There is only one way to join an organization, and that is to ask a member to let you join!

To do this, you should go to an event for the organization which you wish to be a part of, and find a member of that organization and introduce yourself. Then, a social interaction should appear that lets you ask them to let you join.

You’ll immediately be part of the organization and will have it’s events and tasks in your organizations panel.

It is possible for a single sim to be in more than one organization at a time, however, they are going to take a huge part out of your sim’s week, so along with classes, you may run out of time to juggle it all.

We suggest you stick to one organization at a time if you want to do well in school.

University of Britechester Organizations

Art Society

“Are you consumed by the insatiable need to create? You’re not alone! Share that passion with your comrades in the Art Society. Earn organization progress in your spare time by doing creative tasks.”

The Art Society is one of three student organizations at UBrite and is focused on painting, especially figure painting. When you become a member, you’ll be given a t-shirt and a posted to show your pride.

The Art Society at the University of Britechester has two types of events that your sim can attend to grow their membership level and make new friends:

  • Art Society Bar Night
    • Bar night is a great place to make friends with fellow members and get to know them for long lasting relationships
    • Tuesday Night from 8pm to 12am at the Local Bar
  • Figure Painting
    • Figure painting is where the art society will get together and paint images of a model who has volunteered, you’ll be able to visually see how good of a painter your sim really is
    • Tuesday and Thursdays from 3 to 7 pm and Sunday from 10am – 2pm at the Canal behind the UBrite Commons

How to Level Up in The Art Society

The easiest way to gain membership levels in any of the organizations is to become friends and socialize with other members, so attending the bar nights is a great way to just spend time together without having a task to complete.

You should also be working on creative skills (i.e., painting) in your off time to also gain more membership points when you aren’t at events.

Membership Levels

Each organization has three levels that your sim must work through to get to their full potential and unlock all the bonuses:

  • New Member
    • A brand new member will be able to attend organization events, and will be given a t-shirt and a poster to show their pride in being a member
  • Seasoned Member
    • When your sim is a seasoned member, they will gain extra credit when they are at Art Society events if they are in the Fine Art or Art History program.
  • Senior Member
    • Senior members are going to be able to gain creative skills (i.e., painting, writing, instruments) at a faster rate, and they will also be awarded with the Rob Russ Happy Little Easel.

Debate Guild

“Use your power of convincing to raise in the ranks of the unabashedly outspoken debate guild. Think that was a mouthful? There’s more to come. Drop some serious schooling to fellow debate guild members at debate practice or leverage the debate showdown to tell the world whats up.”

The Debate Guild is one of the best organizations at the University of Britechester where you’ll develop your ability to public speak, and can even earn some money if you’re good at it!

There are 3 types of events for your sims to attend if they are a member of the Debate Guild:

  • Debate Guild Bar Night
    • The bar night is the best way to make friends with your fellow members because there’s no other task to distract them from talking to you the whole time!
    • Takes place on Thursday nights from 8pm to 12 am
  • Debate Practice
    • Debate practice is a good place to get better at debating and gain the research and debate skill, as well as work on charisma and spend time with other members
    • Takes place at the UBrite commons from 4 to 8pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Debate Showdown
    • The debate showdown is the best event to attend because your sim can be paid money if they are successful in winning a debate!
    • Takes place at the Ubrite Quad on Saturday from 8am to 2pm

How to Level Up in the Debate Guild

The simplest way to work on your level in the debate guild is to become friends with other members of the organization, and work on these relationships. This is easily done at their bar night.

You should also work on your research and debate skill, and go to the debate practice and debate showdown and try to win a debate!

Membership Levels

  • New Member
    • A new member will be able to attend events and will be given a t-shirts and a poster to show their debate guild pride
  • Seasoned Member
    • As a seasoned member if your sim is attending an event your sim will get extra credit for classes in the following degrees: history, language and literature, psychology, and economics.
  • Senior Member
    • A senior member of the debate guild gets some new abilities, like convince professors to increase your grade, giving study tips, and the ability to give others homework help. They will also get a new debate guild jacket and will unlock the gold research machine.

Spirit Corps

“The Britechester spirit corps has a mission to spread the joy of school cheer in everything they do. They help to make Britechester shine just a bit brighter every day with wholesome high fives, pepping up other sims and taunting that loathed Foxbury lobster.”

Spirit Corps is the school spirit organization at Britechester! This is focused on showing your school spirit, going to parties before events and spending time with fellow members.

There are three types of events that your spirit corps member can attend:

  • Spirt Corps Bar Night
    • Bar Night is the best place to make friends and grow your relationships
    • Takes place on Saturdays from 10pm to 2am
  • Britechester Game Day Party
    • There are two games a week at the Britechester arena, one for soccer and one for esports, these events take place leading up to those events
    • Takes place on Friday and Saturday from 3 to 7 pm
  • Creativity Celebration
    • One of the party types that will happen outside in the quad
    • Takes place on Sundays from 3 to 9 pm

How to Level Up in the Spirit Corps

Your sim can level up in the spirit corps by becoming friends with other members, doing cheers with other students, and wearing face paint.

You just need to do anything that shows your school spirit, maybe even being mean to Larry the Lobster!

Membership Levels

There are three levels to each of the organizations your sim can join in university, they are as follows:

  • New Member
    • A new member of the spirit corps will be able to attend events and will get a t-shirt and poster awarded to them
  • Seasoned Member
    • A seasoned member of the spirit corps is going to unlock the new UBrite Greeting
  • Senior Member
    • A senior member will unlock the Darby the Dragon mascot outfit so they can walk around campus looking cool, and can also unlock dragon pong

Foxbury Institute Organizations

The Brainiacs

“The growing brain needs food. And that’s no exception for the braniacs. This knowledge hungry and over achieving organization meets up for regular study sessions at the library.”

The Brainiacs is one of three organizations at the Foxbury Institute that your sims can join. It’s focused on doing homework, and doing well in school!

There are two types of events for your sim to attend as a member of the Brainiacs:

  • Brainiacs Bar Night
    • The bar night is the best time to meet your fellow members without having a task to focus on so you can make friends!
    • Takes Place at the Local Bar on Friday from 8 pm – 12 am
  • Study Session
    • You should take advantage of these study sessions to get your daily homework done throughout the week, since there will be bonuses to working together.
    • Takes Place at the Library Monday – Thursday from 3 to 7 pm

How to Level Up in the Brainiacs

The first way to level up in any organization is to make friends with other members of the organization. You can do this at the Brainiacs bar night where you guys can all hangout.

You can also gain some membership points when your sim is doing homework and studying.

Membership Levels

Each of the organizations on campus have three levels for your sim to work their way through.

  • New Member
    • New members of each organization will gain access to events and will get a new t-shirt and a poster
  • Seasoned Member
    • A seasoned member of the brainiacs will be able to earn extra credit for ANY class they are taking while they are at a brainiacs event
  • Senior Member
    • A senior member of the brainiacs is going to get a brainiacs plaque to show their accomplishment, and they will also now gain mental skills more quickly

Bot Savants

“Tinker alone or tinker with friends! Bot savants have regular meetups to build robots together or celebrate their latest creations.”

The Bot Savants organization is one of three organizations in Foxbury, that is focused on the robotics skill and creating awesome robots. When you join, you’ll be given a Bot Savants t-shirt and a cool poster for your dorm!

There are 3 events that the Bot Savants participate in each week, attending them isn’t mandatory like going to class, but it will help you make friends and gain membership levels.

  • Bot Savants Bar Night
    • A great night to make friends with other members and this can help you gain membership levels
    • Monday nights at the Local Bar from 8pm to 12 am
  • Robot Building Meetup
    • Members of the Bot Savants will come together and build robots together
    • Tuesday and Thursday at the Foxbury Commons from 7 to 11pm
  • Utili-Bot Contest
    • Members will bring their utili-bots to the quad and figure out who has made the best one, hopefully you!
    • Takes place on Sunday from 12 to 6pm in the Foxbury Outdoor Quad

How to Level Up in Bot Savants

Like all the other organizations at the University, a simple way to level up is to continue making friends with the people who are in the organization.

Attending events and socializing with the other members is the easiest way to fill up your membership bar.

For the Bot Savants organization specifically, you should be doing the tasks that appear in your organization menu. This will include a ton of robotics tasks, so the robotics skill is a must for any sim joining the bot savants.

Membership Levels

There are 3 levels to the Bot Savants organization that your sim will go through as they work on their membership bar:

  • New Member
    • A new member will receive a new t-shirt to wear at organization events, as well as a cute poster to hang in their dorm room.
  • Seasoned Member
    • A seasoned member of the Bot Savants will start gaining extra credit when they are at Bot Savant events for three degrees: science, physics, and villainy.
  • Senior Member
    • When your sim is a senior member of the Bot Savants they will have to spend less money for upgrades on their robots, they will also gain the robotics skill faster, and will unlock the gold party bot.

Spirit Squad

“Party lightly with school spirit day or party hard with the game day party! Expect your school’s Lobster mascot or the juice keg to make an appearance at one or both of these gatherings.”

The spirit squad is the final of the three organizations at the Foxbury campus. It’s focused on showing your showing your school spirit.

There are three events for your sims to attend as they hangout with their spirit squad friends:

  • Game Day Party
    • The game day party occurs before the game each week where there will be a juice keg, and a mascot having some fun!
    • Takes place in the Foxbury Quad on Friday from 3 to 7 pm
  • School Spirit Day
    • Everybody at Foxbury will be ready for school spirit with painted faces and showing their spirit with their clothing this day!
    • Takes place on Saturday from 11am to 5pm
  • Spirit Squad Bar Night
    • The bar night is the best day to get to know the other members of your organization and have a bit of fun
    • Takes place on Wednesday and Sunday Nights at the Local Bar

How to Level Up in the Spirit Squad

Levelling up in the spirit squad is done through doing cheers, dressing up for spirit days and becoming friends with people who are in your squad.

Membership Levels

There are three levels to each organization in University for your sim to work their way through, for the spirit squad they are:

  • New Member
    • When your sim joins the spirit squad your sim will get the spirit t-shirt and a poster
  • Seasoned Member
    • A seasoned member of the spirit squad will be able to do the Foxbury greeting
  • Senior Member
    • A senior member will unlock the ability to wear the mascot outfit for Foxbury

Final Thoughts

That’s all folks! Those are the 6 organizations at both University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute! If you have any questions, be sure to ask them in the comments!

You may also be interested in joining the secret society on campus, this is a fun one as well but isn’t listed as an official organization, so it got it’s own article!