The Sims 4: Secret Society (Discover University)

The Sims 4: Discover University introduces a new type of organization for your sim to join, The Order of Enchantment, a secret society for students attending University in Britechester.

They were first introduced to sim’s players in the Discover University trailer and most players were very excited to see how they worked. However, joining the secret society isn’t as straightforward as some may hope, making the process a bit confusing so we’re going to dig into all the steps you need.

This article is going to be littered with spoilers, so please, if you want to figure out any parts of the secret society on your own, maybe don’t read this? It’s up to you!

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Where to Find The Secret Society

The secret society has meetings every week in the neighbourhood of Gibbs Hill, the area in between Foxbury Institute and The University of Britechester.

You’ll find them next to the ruins that are located at the bottom left hand corner of the Gibbs Hill map. They will meet after midnight in the area where the rocks are in a weird circle formation.

However, going to this meetings when you aren’t a member of the secret society will not lead you anywhere. They will not answer your questions and will scatter when you arrive, so you need to go through other methods to join their society.

How to Join The Secret Society

Becoming a member of the secret society is actually quite easy in The Sims 4: Discover University. You don’t even need to become friends with anyone, you just need to make an offering to the statue on your school’s campus.

The offering you make is important, you can’t just bring anything to the statue or you won’t join their ranks. An offering that works will give your sim a focused moodlet called surreal focus that lasts a few hours, this is how you know it’s working.

The surreal focus moodlet says “X has a mysteriously good feeling about that offering. Almost as if he has somehow made someone, somewhere very happy. The world feels a little more sparkly.”

If it doesn’t work, you may see something like a focused moodlet saying academic success? and that’s a good sign that you should try again. There is also laser focus, I see this one as meaning “you’re getting closer, but try again”

We’ve found that a high quality baked good will work, which can be hard to find on campus since you don’t have access to any ovens. If you’re living in a dorm, you can grab one of the baked goods that your roommates will eventually leave around and try and use that.

You can also give a high quality collectible or harvestable, but they have to be really valuable and high quality for you to enter the society.

If your sim offers something of poor quality, they will get a tense moodlet and that’s never fun, so make sure the items are high quality.

Being Accepted to the Secret Society

Once you’ve made your offering and gotten the necessary moodlet, you’ll have to wait a little while. The secret society will come to your sim’s home (or dorm) at night, usually that night or the next night. The following pop-up will appear:

You’ll have the option to either accept by clicking ok or decline the offer to join their ranks by choosing no thanks. You’ll now be able to see all of their information, including when they meet in the organizations panel in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

An image of the secret society panel

Researching The Secret Society

If you want to join the secret society, you are going to need to find information to be able to discover what you need to do. This information can be found with the research machines that are in the libraries and commons in the University.

If you jump right in and try to research the local secret society straight out the gate, you may get this message:

Error 404. Something went wrong with your search 🙁 Please try again or revise your query.

You won’t be able to actually find out information on the research machine about the secret society until you’ve actually joined yourself.

After you’ve made your offering and been taken by the society, you can research information about the society so you can feel more knowledgable about the things you’re doing and who you’re associating with.

You’ll get to read stories like this one:

The End of an Era

In The Order of Enchantment’s second year, their founder Ester Mudget was speaking at a charity auction about the importance of using all natural ingredients for baking. Why she chose that discussion topic in the first place for this particular event is a separate mystery.

Midway through this infamous speech, Ms Mudget abruptly and dramatically ran off into the woods, leaving the auction goes baffled. It was later revealed internally among the society that she had overused and betrayed the Sprites, seemingly ignoring their pleas for entertainment and starving them of the survey they so craved.

And all the while had been reaping the academic and social benefits they had bestowed on her. It was her greed and ignorance that ultimately led to her tragic downfall. As legend has it, she’s still out there, forever lost, chasing after errant darts of light, hair in a tangled mess. No combs in sight.

Ester Mudget’s fate serves as a reminded to revere and respect the Sprites lest you incur their wrath.

Or this gem of a story:

The Order’s Origin

The Sprites on which the origin of enchantment’s existence is based had been virtually undiscovered by humans until the turn of the century. A chance encounter with an energetic young scientist by the name of Esther Mudget changed the face of history forever.

Esther had been studying the pollination patterns of wild mushrooms and her research brought her to Gibbs Hill. This is where she encountered the most fascinating spiral configuration of fungi behind the castle ruins. Intrigued, she began to spend increasingly more of her time there to study.

One afternoon, thanks for her polite new neighbours, she brought a slice of fresh fruitcake to the mushroom site. She set the cake on a nearby rock while she went about her work. Before long, she started to hear a peculiar whistling sound. She knew this sound was not human, so her instincts told her to crack a corny joke in hopes of diffusing a bad situation.

Apparently the sprites had liked her joke, and they really liked her fruitcake.

The disarmed Sprites came out of hiding and allowed Esther to see them in their true twinkly form. They whispered wisecracks and the mysteries of the universe in her ears. Little did she know, this would be the start of a tender, though ill-fated relationship.”

Secret Society Meetings

Each week the Secret Society has two meetings that you should attend. Why would you not? You’re a member of an elite group now.

The secret society meeting near the ritual altar

Your sim will have a few meetings a week that happen from 10pm to 2am, on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. These events are a Sprite Celebration Ritual.

Benefits of the Secret Society

When you become a member of the secret society, your sim is now able to see Sprites around campus. These Sprites need you to make them happy, and can give you some serious benefits.


Once you’re a member of the Secret Society, you’re going to be visited by a Sprite Visitor. These sprites are very needy and can ruin your day if you ignore them, but will give you great moodlet rewards if you make them happy.

When a sprite visitor appears, you’ll see the following notification:

“X is being visited by a Sprite! Sprites love a good show, so make sure to entertain them with Mischievous, Funny, or Romantic socials with other Sims. A happy Sprite is a generous Sprite, and he certainly wouldn’t want to be a bore”

When the sprite first appears, it will be silver and appear above your sim’s head and fly around waiting to be entertained. If you do enough romance, funny, or mischief socials in a short period of time, you’ll be awarded with a 12 hour moodlet.

An example of some moodlets a Sprite can give you is Loved By Sprites, Flirty +3. This moodlet will last 12 hours and says:

“X has been making the Sprites so happy, they’ve given him/her a temporary boost in romantic prowess. Now might just be a good time for him to finally talk to that classmate he’s been crushing on”

You can also get an inspired moodlet that says Loved by Sprites, Flirty +3. This moodlet will last 12 hours and says:

“The Sprites are loving the attention X has been given them so much, they’ve graced him/her with a temporary gift of inspiration. For the time being he/she will make higher quality art and music as well the ability to gain creative skills faster.”

When this moodlet is happening, the colour of the Sprites will change to minimic the colour of the moodlet. When flirty, they’ll be pink. When inspired, they’ll be blue.

However, if you fail to entertain the sprites, you’ll see less desireable effects. If the sprites are angry with you, they’ll give you a tense moodlet and make it hard for your sim to do anything for a few hours.

They even attacked my sim, Blaine, for hours when he was trying to sleep, waking him up numerous times.

New Interactions

When you attend a meeting of The Order of Enchantment, you’ll be surrounded by other member’s of the secret society. You’ll be able to do some new interactions with these members, including:

  • Ask Reason for Joining The Order of Enchantment
  • Ask About The Order of Enchantment’s Mission
  • Ask How to Make the Sprite’s Happy

Doing these interactions will give you interesting information about the society, but also show you that some members don’t know if they should stay.

Levels of the Secret Society

Just joining the secret society isn’t really enough, you need to do things to make the Sprites happy and spend time at meetings with your fellow members.

To level up within the society there are a number of tasks that you can complete, these include things like:

  • Offer a Metal at the Ritual Altar
  • Offer a Harvestable at the Ritual Altar
  • Offer Food at the Ritual Altar
  • Tend to Sprites’ Garden
  • Offer a Crystal at the Ritual Altar

You should also attend meetings and talk to your other members so you can level up a little quicker. It will take a bit of time, so be patient. It’s worth it.

Rank 1: New Member

When you enter in the society, you’ll be a new member. You’ll be given rank 1 order robes and order masks and will have the ability to offer things to the Sprites at the ritual altar and be visited by Sprites throughout your days.

Rank 2: Seasoned Member

When your sim is a seasoned member of the order of enchantment they will get brand new robes to wear, as well as be able to perform a new interaction where they can do a sprite attack on other sims.

An image of a male sim using the sprite attack on a female sim who is scared

A sprite attack will make the target sim feel tense and probably make them dislike you a bit.

Rank 3: Senior Member

When you’re a senior member of the secret society your sim will get the rank 3 robes which are pretty! You’ll also be given a new ability to summon powerful sprites for your own use.

Leaving The Secret Society

If your sim decides to leave the secret society, you can do so easily in the clubs/organization panel. However, when I had a sim with a busy schedule leave the society, I was still visited by the Sprites.

I think this may be a once a member, forever a member situation.

Final Thoughts

Joining The Order of Enchantment is a really great addition to any student’s journey through The Sims 4: Discover University. We’re really excited to have a secret society back in the game! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Hi I joined the society and am at my first meeting and have put on my robe but I can’t find the mask anywhere in cas. How do I make my sims wear the mask?

    1. Hi, I enjoy playing with the secret society but after graduating from university I am still visited by the spirits. I would love a way to leave the society permanently

  2. Hi I left the Secret Society but the Sprites are still after me and it’s getting really annoying, how do I get rid of them?

  3. I am trying to make an offering at the ritual grounds but there is already a crystal on the altar. When I try to make an offering text pops up that says items must be removed from Altar before another offering can be made. Will the crystal ever go away? My sim cannot move it because she does not own it.

      1. I’m having this issue too. Tried debugging both objects and restarting and its still there. Are there any new solutions I haven’t seen yet?

  4. Love the sprites.

    Still, I think twice before I join with another sim.

    This is a lifelong commitment of sprites showing up at any time and starting to pester if demands are not met.

    In addition and sadly though all organization memberships and benefits are canceled after finishing the degree and leaving the University.

    This includes also the benefits of the secret organization to communicate with sprites and to stop being pestered with offerings.

  5. I’m trying to “level up” in the society and it won’t allow me to even choose to leave an offering of a harvestable. I think the only harvestable i don’t have in my inventory is a deathflower or anything from the Outdoors expansion…i even have the forbidden fruit if the plantsim! It keeps saying that i have nothing the sprites want. This is frustrating…

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