The Sims 4: Violin Skill Guide

Violin is just one of many instruments that you can play in the sims 4 (like guitar, piano, and organ!) and the violin skill is a fun one to earn. The Sims 4 violin skill is really great because the music your sims will eventually be able to play is beautiful and your sims look super cool when playing it.

Your sims even have the opportunity to make money with their violin by playing for tips, or licensing songs with their new found violin skill.

Ideal Mood For The Violin Skill

The ideal mood for the violin, just like other instruments like the guitar and piano, is inspired. Your sim will gain the skill quicker when they are feeling inspired.

If you’re struggling to get your sim inspired, you can take a thoughtful shower and gain a moodlet. You can also research violin on the computer when you hit level 2 of the skill and that will also get your sim inspired.

Traits That Help The Violin Skill

Music Lover

This trait seems like an absolute no-brainer when doing the violin skill because a sim who is a music lover will gain a lot of fun when listening to music and get extremely happy when playing instruments, so there really is no downside!


The creative skill is really great for any sim who likes to play instruments. The ideal mood for playing any instrument is inspired and any sim with the creative skill gets inspired much more often than other sims.

Musical Genius (Aspiration)

If you give your sim the musical genius aspiration when you create them or when they age up to a teen, you’ll be given the reward trait muser which will help your sim gain skill faster when they’re feeling inspired.

How to Gain The Violin Skill

The violin skill is able to gained, of course, by playing the violin. However, you can also read books about the violin that are available for purchase on the computer or the bookshelf. It is important to note that reading books about skills do not increase the skill as quickly as actually doing the activity.

You can also click on a sim who has a higher violin skill than your sim, and get them to listen and learn and they will grow their violin skill by just watching.

Violin Skill Levels

Violin Skill Level 1

When your sim first starts working on their violin skill, they’ll only have one interaction and that is to practice violin which will gain their skill and give them a bit of fun too!

Violin Skill Level 2

When your sim reaches violin level 2, they can now discuss the best violinist with other sims, appreciate classical music on the stereo, and research the violin on the computer.

Violin Skill Level 3

At the 3rd level of the violin skill your sim can now play traditional songs on the violin as well as bow for inspiration.

Violin Skill Level 4

Now that your sim reached the 4th level of the violin skill, they can now play both rock songs and concerto on the violin.

Violin Skill Level 5

At level 5 of the violin skill your sim can now listen and learn to someone else who is playing the violin and has a higher skill than your sim. They can also play country songs on the violin.

Violin Skill Level 6

The 6th level of the violin skill is all about love. Your sim can now play romantic songs on the violin, as well as serenade other sims with their violin.

Violin Skill Level 7

When your sim hits level 7 of the violin skill they can now promise to dedicated song to another sim, and also bring a sim to tears with their beautiful violin playing. They are also now able to play eastern songs.

Violin Skill Level 8

At level 8 of the violin skill your sim can now start writing songs! They can write, scrap, and name the songs they have written. They can also now play swing songs.

Violin Skill Level 9

When your sim hits level 9 of the violin skill they can now start playing classical music on their violin, and they can also now license the songs they write!

Violin Skill Level 10

When your sim reaches level 10 of the violin skill they can start mentoring sims in the violin skill, and they can also now play avant-garde songs.

If you don’t feel like waiting to gain the violin skill on your own, you can always cheat the skill gains! You just need to hit ctrl + alt + C and then type testingcheats true into the cheat dialogue box and hit enter. This cheat allows for all other cheats to work properly. Then type stats.set_skill_level major_violin X and fill the x with whatever skill level you want your sim to have in the violin skill.

Playing Violin for Tips

As you gain the violin skill your sim will be able to start playing for tips in public. This is an awesome way to make a bit of side income while working, or even using this as their main source of income if they so choose.

Since the invention of fame with The Sims 4: Get Famous, I’ve found it harder to get sims to pay attention to your sim’s playing instruments, so you may want to invite sims to meet you at a public lot so they are at least there to watch you. If a celebrity comes by, everyone will pretty much bail on watching you and will start swooning over the famous person.

Writing Songs With The Violin

When your sim reaches level 8 of the violin skill, they can finally start writing songs as well as scraping and naming their songs.

There are 5 types of songs that your sim will be able to write on the violin and possibly license for money:

  • A Folksy Tune
  • A Jaunty Strain
  • A Sentimental Piece
  • An Old World Piece
  • A Haunting Melody

You can either choose to license your songs or just have them to play whenever you choose, it’s up to you!

Licensing Songs With The Violin

Licensing music with the violin is an awesome way to make a little bit of extra money with your instrument. You can earn anywhere from §1-500 each day from song royalties and they will be paid each day at 10 am.

Unfortunately, you can only license one song per week and when the week is over you will no longer earn money from an old song. The best way to make money licensing music is to have more than one type of instrument that your sim can write songs for (i.e., guitar, or piano)

Reward Traits to Help With the Guitar Skill

Reward traits are a really great way to give your sims more opportunity to get things done and be better at just about everything. The first reward trait that you can get to help you build the violin skill is Savant, which will help you build your skills 25% faster than regular.

You can also grab either the morning sim or night owl reward traits because they can give yourself another 25% increase in skill building, which will actually stack on top of the savant 25% and make it 50%!

Mentoring The Violin Skill

If you want to get your sim to mentor another sim in the violin skill you must find a sim who is already playing the violin. This can be kind-of difficult unless you have someone in your household who would like to learn the violin skill. Mentoring allows the sim who you’re mentoring to gain the violin skill much quicker and can really give them a boost.

Types of Violins Available

Stringvarius Violin

This violin is only §425 and is a great starter violin for any sim who wishes to learn the skill. It will raise your sim’s fun by 3 and is adorable and very classic looking.

The Virtuoso Violin

The virtuoso violin is one of the most expensive items in the game and costs §15,000. It has an environmental bonus of 8, and raises your fun by 3.

Amateur Hour Child’s Violin

This children’s violin is only §185 but is essentially the same as the more expensive children’s violin. They both have a fun of level 3, and gain the skill at the same speed. This violin comes in green, white, and pink.

True Prodigy Child Violin

This violin is the nicer version of the children’s violin, and costs §320. It will bring your children’s fun up by 3 and comes in red wood, yellow wood, or faded brown wood.

Final Thoughts

The violin skill in the sims 4 is a really great option for your sim to have an awesome hobby or a way to make extra income on the side. They can even become a full on musical entertainer if they want! Are you a fan of playing the violin in the sims 4? Have you ever become a level 10 in the entertainer career? Let me know in the comments!

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