The Sims 4: Guitar Skill Guide

Playing guitar is a very fun hobby IRL and can be a fun hobby in your sim’s lives too. The guitar skill is a really great choice if you want your sims to have a fun hobby that they can do after work which actually raises your sims fun need and they even have the opportunity to earn income through playing for tips if they play their cards right.

This is an amazing skill to gain for your sims if they are in the entertainer career as well so they can become a famous musician and really bring their life to the next level. Just beware, when sims are starting to gain the guitar skill they are going to be playing awful music so you may want to turn down your volume.

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How to Gain The Guitar Skill

With most skills in The Sims 4 there are multiple ways for your sim to earn them and that applies for guitar too. The first thing is for your sims to go ahead and click on a bookshelf and purchase a skill book and read it. However, the skill books don’t earn your sims nearly as much skill as you would get from actually performing the skill and will take you twice as much time.

The best (and easiest) way for you to get your sims to gain the guitar skill is to just go ahead and play any of the guitars in the game. You can practice until you get to a high enough level to unlock things like playing for tips or writing songs which you can do to earn the skill later on.

How to Cheat The Guitar Skill

We all love to use cheat codes in The Sims 4 and sometimes you just want to quickly cheat the guitar skill to get a promotion or unlock abilities. Before you can use the cheat you need to first enable cheats which you can do by opening the cheat box which you can do with the following:

  • PC: Ctrl + Shift + C
  • Mac: Command + Shift + C
  • Console: All 4 Triggers

Then when the cheat box is open you want to type in testingcheats true and hit enter and then you can use the guitar cheat. For this cheat you’ll type in stats.set_skill_level major_guitar X and change the X for whatever level of the skill you wish to have.

Hacking Your Skill Gains

There are certain things you can do to get your sims to gain their guitar skill more quickly and this involves hacking the game by using ideal moods and specific traits that will be extremely helpful for your sim.

Ideal Mood

The biggest feature of The Sims 4 at launch was the emotions system where your sims are constantly feeling different ways and these emotions and really impact how your sims gain skills. Each of the skills in the game have an ideal mood that will help your sim gain the skill more quickly which is definitely useful.

The best mood for you to be in to gain the guitar skill is the inspired mood which makes sense because you want your sims to be inspired to create beautiful music.

To get your sims to feel inspired you should put in the effort by getting them to go over to the shower and take a thoughtful shower which is the easiest way to do it but you can also get them to admire art or listen deeply on a stereo.


Traits are an easy way to change how your sims operate and often the types of mood they are going to be in. There are two traits that are good options for a sim who wants to be playing the guitar and earning this skill quite often.

The first of the traits is the creative trait which is a great choice because it will make this sim feel inspired more often. Why is this good? Well, as we just discussed having your sim be in the inspired mood will help them gain creative skills more quickly and that applies to guitar!

The other trait that is really awesome is music lover because these sims are going to want to listen to music and create music as much as they like. Positive moodlets are really great and these sims will get positive moodlets anytime there is music playing or they are actively playing guitar or piano.

Reward Traits

When your sims are gaining satisfaction points through finishing aspirations or completing whims they can purchase reward traits in the satisfaction points store. You can use some of the reward traits to make your sim’s better at skills like guitar and there are a few that can be super helpful.

The first one is savant because this is a trait that will help your sims gain their skills up to 25% faster so you can easily gain the guitar skill more quick. In addition to that you can get either the night owl or morning sim reward trait so you can gain skills more quickly during the designated times.

Guitar Skill Levels

There are ten levels of the skill that your sims are able to earn and as you improve your skill you are going to start unlocking different abilities when it comes to guitar like being able to license your songs or play for tips.

Guitar Skill Level 1

At the first level of the guitar skill you don’t have many options other than to play the guitar or read the guitar skill book. But it can bring a lot of fun into your sims life!

Guitar Skill Level 2

At level 2 of the guitar skill you can now research the guitar at your computer, and enthuse about guitar solos to other sims. You can also get your sim feeling playful and strum for fun.

Guitar Skill Level 3

When your sim reaches level 3 of the guitar skill you can now start playing a brand new music type: blues!

Guitar Skill Level 4

When you reach the 4th level of the guitar skill you can now jam on the guitar which can increase your skill a bit faster than just practicing. You can also start playing a brand new type of music: rock!

Guitar Skill Level 5

At the 5th level of the guitar skill your sim can now play a new type of music: country!

Guitar Skill Level 6

When your sim hits level 6 of the guitar skill you can now serenade other sims with your new found talents and you’ve also unlocked a new type of music: ballads!

Guitar Skill Level 7

At guitar level 7 you can now lull sims to sleep and you’re also now able to play a new type of music: latin!

Guitar Skill Level 8

When your sim hits guitar level 8 they can now start writing songs, and can also scrap their songs and change the song’s name. They can also now play a new type of music: classical!

Guitar Skill Level 9

Now that your sim has reached level 9 of the guitar skill they can now license their songs to make money off their guitar skill. You also unlocked a new type of music to play: jazz!

Guitar Skill Level 10

Now that your sim has managed to max out the guitar skill, they can now mentor other sims in the guitar skill.

Playing Guitar for Tips

There are a few decent ways for your sims to earn money through their guitar skill. Of course you have the option to take it traditional and go through the entertainer career but you can be more of a freelancer by playing for tips in public where sims will just give you money.

This is something that is opened up for you when you reach level 3 of the skill and is an option when you drag your guitar into your sim’s personal inventory and head to a public area in any world. Your sim will just start playing for a few in-game hours and sims will walk up and give you money based on how good of a performance you are giving.

The performance is impacted by your sim’s skill level as well as the kind of mood they are in. A sim who is feeling inspired will have a better chance at earning money through tips than a sim who is feeling uncomfortable or angry so you want to make sure that your sim is having a good day.

Licensing Songs With The Guitar

When your guitar player hits level 8 of the skill they can start to write songs and when they hit level 9 they can start to license these songs to make a little bit of money. This is really the only way to make decent money with the guitar, as playing for tips can be inconsistent, unless of course you jump into the entertainer career.

Unfortunately, you can only license one song at a time so your earnings are limited compared to things like writing books or making online videos. Just like other forms of income, your royalties will be paid every single day at 10 AM and after a week you’ll be able to license a new song, but still only one at a time.

The only real way to license more than one song is to write songs on different instruments so you can have one piano, one violin, and one guitar song licensed at a time. You can earn anywhere from §100 to §500 a day.

Different Guitar Types Available

Pied Piper Acoustic Guitar

This is the classic sims 4 guitar and costs §600. It’s a basic acoustic guitar look and can be awesome decor in any home. It has a fun level 3 so your sims will love to play.

Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar

This guitar is only available if you sign up for the Sims 4 email newsletter, but you can easily unsubscribe once you get access to the guitar. It costs §740 and has a fun level 3!

Freezer Bunny Blues Guitar

This iconic sims guitar is our friend the freezer bunny! It costs §1,315 and is worth every penny for its adorable fun look. This guitar has a fun level 3 and environment level 2.

Rock Legend Signed Guitar

This guitar is only available for unlock if you reach level 10 of the entertainer career in the musician branch. This guitar costs §2,400 and has a fun level 3 and inspiring decor level 6!

StickiMo Travel Acoustic Guitar

This guitar came in The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat and is an adorable acoustic guitar with a sticker on the front that looks exactly like you’d expect a camping acoustic guitar to look! This guitar costs §740 and can be found in build/buy mode and this guitar gives you a fun level 3!

Final Thoughts

The guitar skill is really wonderful and lets your sims make so many gorgeous songs that they can license to earn an income. This is also definitely one of the best hobby skills in the base game which can let your teen sims and older be so talented! Happy playing!

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