The Sims 4: Dueling (Realm of Magic)

Having your spellcasters duel each other is an awesome way to gain magic experience or get really awesome ingredients or artifacts from other sims. Dueling has some really fun animations with colourful beams of light coming from each sim until one eventually loses.

They can duel any sim who is a spellcaster in the magic realm and no one will bat an eye, however, if you start dueling another sim in another world you may get some looks.

Types of Duels

There are 5 types of duels that your sims can choose to participate in, either where they are currently, or at the dueling grounds.

  • A Heated Duel is an emotional duel that will leave the two sims with some negative feelings toward each other. They are going to lose some of their relationship if they know each other or start becoming enemies if they don’t.
  • A Friendly Duel is just a nice duel between two sims where they won’t lose any relationship or gain anything in the process, however, they will learn and gain some spellcaster XP.
  • A Duel for Knowledge is best when done with a sim who is at a higher spellcaster level than you (I always do mine with Sages) and has a chance of teaching your sim a new spell or a new potion recipe.
  • A Duel for Artificats can get your sim to win some magical artifacts that you could purchase at Caster’s Alley, you may get a familiar or a wand or broomstick.
  • A Duel for Ingredients will have your sim gifted with some ingredients for some potions if they are lucky enough to win the duel.

The Dueling Grounds

When you go into the magical realm there are a few little floating island type sections that your sim can use the portals to experience. In addition to casters alley and the garden area, there is the dueling grounds where your sims can have epic battles.

To duel another sim at the dueling grounds you can click on them and i the magic menu choose duel at the dueling grounds and both sims will meet each other at the dueling grounds and start their battle.

Final Thoughts

Dueling is an amazing way to get your sim to earn new things and be given some awesome magical tools. Also, dueling is some of my favourite animations added with The Sims 4: Realm of Magic. What’s your favourite part about dueling? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. There’s definitely factors that can cause you to lose against someone who is a lower level spellcaster, like how full your spellcaster charge is, whether or not you have any curses against you, and so on.

  1. So the player doesn’t DO anything during the duel? I remember in Makin’ Magic from The Sims 1, the player had to choose which spell to use when. That seemed like more fun to me; the game has been dumbed down an awful lot since the TS1 days.

  2. I can’t duel. The game won’t let me. It doesn’t come up as an option. I have some game mods, but I doubt that’s the problem since it used to let me duel… Does anyone have a solution?

  3. ok so my sim is at the Virtuoso level ok im trying to duel people but its not show the opition so i did it with another sim but a lower level they can duel other spell casters but not me (their in the same house hold ) and my sim dosen’t get the option to duel anyone any more whys that is it just my level!?!?

    1. I thought it was only me this happen to. Am I to high a level to duel? I am trying to start a magic dynasty.

  4. Maxed out trees’s (all of them) forgotten wand and dragon familiar…. Lost to a literal fucking nobody with no wand or familiar and only an acophtye….. Sims…….. You need to fix this horse shit bullshit now… A seasoned veteran with every spell minus ult mischief and lost to a guy who’s name isn’t important. Killed him with command codes.

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