The Sims 4: How to Get an A in University

If you really want your sims to struggle, you should send them to University. This is one of the hardest expansion packs we’ve gotten thus far for The Sims 4, and it’s well needed.

Having your sim attend University is simple, just go and hope for the best, however, if you want to get an A in University, you’re going to need to put in some work.

While other students will be at keg parties and attending soccer games, you’re going to be at the library or the commons studying into all hours of the night.

If you want to graduate with honours and have your sim get the best possible grades, you should follow this guide to get the most out of going to school.

In this guide we are going to talk about the importance of choosing your course load, attending your classes, doing homework, and making sure to do your end of term work.

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Choosing Where to Live

It may not seem like choosing where you’re going to live for University matters much, it’s just where you sleep. However, there are certain factors that make living off campus on your own a better option.

First, you’ll spend less time cleaning up after other sims when they are messy, which can waste precious studying time. You also won’t have the annoyance of people in your room, or on your computer, or walking in on you while you’re showing like what happens in a dorm room.

Second, living off campus will give you access to a full kitchen on your lot and you won’t have to travel to the University commons just to get every single meal which will save you tons of time.

Finally, living in your own home means that you can give it the Study Spot lot trait which will help your sims pursue their studies and do better in their classes.

If you want your sim to graduate with honours and get all A’s, you should probably live alone, but it is possible to do in a dorm or shared housing.

Choosing Your Course Load

An important factor to consider if you’re trying to do well in University is how many classes you’re planning on taking.

Your sim has the option to take 4 classes, this can be 4 core classes or 3 core classes and an elective. An elective is just a fun class where they can gain a skill that is unrelated to their major.

You can take an elective every semester if you want, as these courses still count toward your degree and they will just give you some new skills that your sim doesn’t yet have.

You don’t have any say over which core classes you’ll be taking for your major, but you can choose how many you want to take. You can even just take 1 class a semester, however, this means you’ll be in school for most of your sim’s life.

Now, if you want your sim to get an A in University, you need to really think about how much work you want to do. If you take a full course load you’re really going to struggle to get straight A’s and still have your sim’s needs be met.

What is a good number of classes? Well, I recommend taking two regular classes and then one elective for a total of three classes. This means that you’ll be in school for 4 terms, or 20 days. You may want to turn off aging because this will be the entirety of your sim’s young adulthood.

Taking 4 classes is a lot and essentially means your sim can’t join any after school activities, organizations or anything else.

Going to Class

A simple fact of life is that failing to go to your classes each day, is going to make you not do as well at school. You won’t fail just because you never attend class (although it is a huge factor), but you won’t get an A either.

You must attend every single class for your all of the classes you’re taking if you want to get straight A’s. Also, you need to be on time for every class, it’s rather simple for you to be late if you live on campus so make sure that your sim isn’t doing anything that could distract them from leaving on time.

Sometimes when you live on campus, your sim will attend class early which is a great option to make sure that you’re leaving on time. All the sims will wait outside the building with their little homework notebooks and it’s absolutely adorable.

You also want to make sure that your sim is in a decent mood before they go to class so they aren’t distracted or in a bad mood. You can even pack a snack or grab a to-go snack from the coffee cart for a quick pick me up in between classes.

Being Active in Class

Although classes in The Sims 4: Discover University are rabbit holes, you still have the option of changing how your sim is learning in that class.

You can click on the little briefcase on top of your sim while they are in class and you’ll be given the following options:

  • Attend Class Normally
  • Take Notes
  • Chat with Students
  • Actively Listen
  • Sleep in Class
  • Leave Early

Some of these interactions are going to hurt your sim’s grades including: sleep in class, leave early, and chat with students.

If you want your sim to do well, you should choose either actively listen or take notes as these can help. However, this will also decrease your sims fun need quicker than just attending normally.

Doing Homework

Once your sim is enrolled in school they are going to get a black and white homework notebook that you can find in their inventory. This notebook is essential for doing well in University.

You’re going to have homework for every single class that you’re taking that is due before the next time you attend class. This means you need to start your homework before the term actually starts!

Your sim may arrive at University on a Monday, but their term won’t start until the next day, but their homework needs to be done before class. So after your sim has settled, you need to start working on their next day’s homework.

Homework takes a few hours but if your sim has a higher level of the new research and debate skill they will finish their homework quicker which is extremely convenient.

Doing Coursework

Every class that you’re taking will have daily homework, but will also have one larger task that you need to do throughout the course of the term.

There are three different types of coursework your sim may have: presentations, term papers, and final exams.

Preparing Presentations

One of the tasks your sim may need to complete is a presentation. When your term starts you’ll get a presentation board in your sim’s inventory, it’s a giant green board that’s empty when you get it.

You’ll need to drag this item out of your sim’s inventory and place it somewhere on their lot so they can work on it. The first step is to compile all the information on the board, when this task is complete the project will look like a mess.

While you’re working on the project you can hover over it to see the quality, if you want an A we need an excellent or outstanding presentation! At this point, it will probably be poor.

The next step is to organize the board and refine your information until it’s a better qualtiy presentation. You can also ask other sim’s for feedback before you do this to get another perspective and make it even better quality.

Once the project is as good as it’s going to get your sim will get a notification that they are done editing the presentation and continuing to refine won’t do much other than give them more knowledge for the class.

You can still practice your presentation to improve your charisma skill, I suggest you do this at least once if you want to get an A in your class.

Once your sim has practiced their presentation and it is excellent or outstanding quality it’s time to present. You can only present from 8am – 4pm on weekdays, so you need to plan accordingly and it needs to be presented before the last day of classes.

To present, you click on the project and your sim will be sent away into a rabbit hole where they will be gone for around two hours doing their presentation.

Writing Term Papers

The next option your sim may get is to write a term paper, this works pretty similarly to the presentation where you need to complete the paper then edit it and submit it on the computer.

The nice thing about writing papers and doing presentations is that you can get it done right away and don’t need to worry about it every day until the term ends, you can write it in the first day of classes if you want!

A sim who has a really high research and debate skill will finish their term paper much, much quicker which is really helpful. It may even be useful to plan ahead for this and get your teen sims to work on this skill before they age up and attend school.

A term paper is written on the computer under the University > Coursework section. You will spend a few hours writing this paper and it can be done in more than one sitting. There’s also the option to submit a stolen paper, but this is not how you get an A!

Once you finish the first draft of your paper, chances are it’s going to be poor quality. You’ll need to edit the paper at least once, maybe twice until you get a notification letting you know that you aren’t going to be able to make it any better.

At this point, continuing to edit the paper will just give you more knowledge but is really a waste of time since there’s other classes to focus on. At this point you can submit your term paper.

To check the quality of your paper before submitting you can hover over the submit button and it will let you know what level it is so you don’t submit a poor quality paper.

Studying for Exams

When you see that your only coursework for the semester is to take final exam, you may feel excited since all you have to do is write the exam. Well, you’re wrong! You need to study all semester.

If you want your sim to just do okay, you can send them to the exam without any preparation. However, if you want them to get an A, you need to study.

There are a few different ways to study for exams. The first is to click on a computer and under the University section you’ll see university coursework, if you click on that you can see the option to study! You can choose the class where you have a final exam and this will be helpful.

You can also study using the new research machines that are found in the commons or at the library. You’ll see a study for … option.

Finally, you can purchase a textbook for your courses at one of the kiosks located in the quad at the University. This is also where you can buy items to decorate a dorm room! You can also purchase these textbooks from any bookcase, they are going to cost you Β§700 though!

If you really want that A in a class with a final exam, you should study at least twice for it whenever you have a chance.

Getting Your Grades

Once you’ve attend your last day of classes and finally finished all of your coursework, your sim will be given their final grades after a few hours. Hopefully, these grades will be filled with A’s since you’ve now learned how to get an a in University!

Final Thoughts

If you have any other questions about how to get an a in university in the sims 4, let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to add it to the article!

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  1. Do you know if it matters at what point in the “term” you submit the paper or present the presentation? like do you get a better grade the quicker you do it or the closer you do it to the end of the class (like when you have the most knowledge from the class)?

    1. I wondered about this too, but found out it doesn’t matter how early you submit it. Now I try and submit mine all before term starts!

  2. My Sim maxed her Charisma and Logis skills while at High School and she just started her first term in uni and her research and debate skill is at 8. Will this affect her negatively in getting good grades? I ensured she worked hard at High School so that she could get into a distinguished program. But will her maxed out skill levels now be an issue.

    1. No, it will not be an issue. It makes it easier to get excellent-quality papers if the skills you have maxed out are needed for the course.

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