The acting skill was introduced to the sims 4 when the new get famous expansion pack game out in late 2018. It is an essential skill for the acting career and is important for children who have joined the drama club as an after school activity. You can even use this skill to perform for tips and make a little bit of extra money.

How to Gain The Acting Skill

The simplest ways to gain the acting skill include practicing acting in a mirror or using the microphone to do the same. At acting level 4 you can unlock the Trouper’s Looking Glass which is a special mirror type that can increase your acting skill more quickly.

You can also read acting books which you can easily purchase from the bookshelves. You can even perform scenes out in the world to gain the skill as well as earn a bit of money from tips.

Traits That Help The Acting Skill

Self Assured

Sims who have the self assured trait are way more likely to be randomly confident which is the best mood to have to gain the acting skill!

Master Actor (Aspiration)

The master actor aspiration gives you the world renowned actor/actress bonus trait. This trait gives your sim the confidence to never fail an acting attempt which will help them gain the skill successfully.

Ideal Mood for Acting Skill

The best mood for increasing your acting skill is confident which is also true of acting in the real world. Confidence is key if you’re going to play a role! If you want to make your sim confident you can do something as simple as clicking on the sink and brushing your teeth.

Acting Skill Levels

Acting Skill Level 1

At the first level of the acting skill you unlock the ability to practice acting using a mirror or a microphone.

Acting Skill Level 2

The second level of the acting skill unlocks your ability to practice your acting skill with another sim. You are also now able to cry on demand when you click your sim and this will give you a sadness moodlet for a short period of time.

Acting Skill Level 3

When you reach the third level of the acting skill you can now you acting to completely save an awkward conversation your sim may have entered. You can now perform a romance scene with another sim, which can also be done for tips to earn some side income.

Acting Skill Level 4

At level 4 of the acting skill you’ll unlocked the Trouper’s Looking Glass which is a (very cute) mirror that will help you gain the acting skill quicker. *Note: the mirror is not automatically in your inventory.

Acting Skill Level 5

When you reach level 5 of the acting skill you can now perform a musical scene which can also be done for tips.

Acting Skill Level 6

At the 6th level of the acting skill you can officially perform acting scenes which can also be done for tips. You can now “Act Not Bored” when you’re not quite enjoying a conversation and also save a boring conversation.

Acting Skill Level 7

When you reach level 7 of the acting skill you can now perform an action scene which can also be done for tips. You can also now save an unpleasant conversation when your sim or another sim makes a conversation not so awesome.

Acting Skill Level 8

At this level of the acting skill you can now unlock the Basic Microphone Stand which will help you gain the acting skill quicker than the regular base game microphone. You can also start doing sci-fi scenes for performances which you can earn tips from.

Acting Skill Level 9

You can now perform a comedy scene which can be done for tips as well, and you can also use “act not embarrassed” to get rid of an embarrassed moodlet and hide the embarrassment from other sims.

Acting Skill Level 10

At level 10 you’ve reached the top of the acting skill and can now perform drama scenes which can also be done for tips. You have also now unlocked a jacket and pants in create a sim!

Performing Acting for Tips

Performing for tips is an awesome little side hustle for your sim if you’re waiting for a new acting gig or if you’re a stay at home mom who just needs a bit of money for their family.

If your sim is able to get enough people to gather around you can make a decent amount of money from performing different scenes in front of sims. You can also bring a friend or use another sim to perform together and make more money.

Final Thoughts

The acting skill is a seriously fun skill to develop and the acting career can be really cool too if you decide to go down that road! Have you tried the sims 4 acting skill? Do you like it? Let me know!